FRINGE: 5.09 Black Blotter Ratings


The preliminary ratings are in for “Black Blotter” — but how do the numbers stack up?

Fringe 5.09 jumped two tenths of a ratings point to a 1.1 adults 18-49, attracting 3,131,000 observers.

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  1. James says


    The cold of winter is surely helping too.

    More people are staying indoors so will be inclined to watch TV.

    Funny that the “weird” episode of the season has such high ratings!

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  2. TFT says

    New viewers who are just interested in the Observer dystopian storyline didn’t understand this episode. (Carla Warren etc.) So I expect the ratings to be dropping again next ep.

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  3. SissySiri says

    I’m sure it must be people who have watched Fringe on the Science Channel coming over to Fox to see what is going on and they have to see this ridiculous episode! Good God!!!! I hope they don’t tune out.

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  4. David says

    You know who cares how the numbers were up, just take it as it comes, anyway how lucky is Walter having two beautiful ladies (Olivia and Astrid) on either side of him holding on to him in case of him falling.
    Gee, some men get all the luck.

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  5. starg8fans says

    It may have helped too that the Haven episode was preempted. I think it appeals to a similar audience, so maybe some of them decided to watch Fringe live this week.

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  6. says

    It just blows my mind how many people I know that have never watched or even heard of Fringe. I do my best to educate them, and then their minds are blown open like Walter on some black blotter.

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  7. Ian S. says

    This is great! The science channel is really helping. Fringe is going on Netflix this’s a shame it couldn’t go on in Season 4, I think it would really have helped the viewership (like it did to the walking dead)

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  8. SissySiri says

    Fringe is going to be a money-making machine. Good!

    Too bad all these Johnny-come-lately’s were not here sooner we may have gotten a couple more seasons. :-(

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