FRINGE: 5.09 Black Blotter Promotional Photos [FULL SET]


Fox has issued the full set of photos for 5.09 “Black Blotter”.

Fox | Sandy


  1. Sam says

    I really love that 6th pic with all of them standing in front of Mr. Shotgun for some reason. Olivia looks fierce!

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  2. Sajib says

    That second picture where they are holding onto each other just epitomizes the Fringe family we’ve come to know and love.

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  3. says

    Badass Olivia is definitely back . . . ! It’s great to see them all together. On a less serious note: Astrid in that hat, looks soooooooooo corny. :)

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  4. Cortexiphan Kid says

    It’s interesting, that in the previous set (in the one for The Human Kind), Peter (alone) was in the focus, and in this set, they come to face whatever lies ahead of them toghether, and the focus is on the entire team.

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  5. ML says

    Yeah agree wit the comments that these pics are great because they highlight the Fringe 3 back together. They look so fierce, Olivia especially.

    btw, Peter’s ring is back on :)
    Wonder if we’ll ever find out about Olivia’s.

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    • Rae says

      Yeah, I don’t know why I’m finding that so hot right now….

      I think it’s because my favorite episode that features a particular relationship dynamic between Polivia has always been “The Day We Died”, and now, they’re marriage is for real, in the same we’re-going-to-face-what-comes-together promise.

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  6. Red Balloon says

    Is that a mistake on pic 5?… you can see like the top corner of a white tent right? lol

    I loved Olivia’s gloves, it makes me want to see her ride a motorcycle. And what’s up with Astrid’s position on pic 6?, she rarely looks like an agent but in this one she takes that to a full level shrinking shoulders like a little girl lol

    And at the end there’s two gun Petah

    I loved pic 3, 4 and 6…feels like old times

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  7. chantal says

    I’m excited to see the residual effects of the tech in Peter and also (fingers-crossed) the return of cortexiphan Olivia. Hail the anomalous couple!

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        • Rick Terry says

          It is based on David Fury’s twitter feed. I posted a link to the specific tweet, but it is awaiting moderation

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          • Ian S. says

            That bothers me. I don’t want answers via tweets from writers. The show itself should be able to satisfy the right answers. Yuck, ever since Wyman took the lead as show runner Fringe has been more of a social gathering for fans rather than a solid, satisfying story. I miss Seasons 1-3 where we actually got answers from the characters and not from the writers themselves. Walter could have easily said September’s fate in Letters of Transit instead of saying “something unexpected happened to him”, which made me think they had to with hold that information for the sake of the story in S5, which doesn’t appear to be true. What a stupid way to end his story, if this is the case, and I surely hope not.

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            • says

              He could be lying, and it is still possible that we get an explanation if he isn’t. I saw another tweet that had one of the directors posing with Michael Cerveris, it was quickly taken down, but it was P.J. Pesce. He directed “An Origin Story” and will/has directed episode 5×12 as well. so expect to see him in some capacity.

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              • Ian S. says

                Okay good, that puts some of my worries at rest. I know that a lot of the things they tweet to fans haves stayed true, it really pushed the show down for me, it just makes them seem lazy, as if they can’t work the answers into the show so they can just tell fans on social media. That’s not how it works and is a very embarrassing way to own a show in my opinion. Here’s hoping September’s full story is told, because he definitely is one of the most interesting characters (he’s also my favourite character).

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  8. chantal says

    I have a question about Peter and Nina. She already ask him the favor he had promised to return to S01E05??

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  9. Ambered says

    I want to know who Donald is, and what’s his role in all these. I hope the episode does stop with them just finding where the transmission is coming from. Lol. I just want more, more, more. :)

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