FRINGE: 5.08 The Human Kind Sneak Peeks


Fox has released sneak peeks from “The Human Kind”


  1. _lost_stef_ says

    Oh it seems like forever ago that we were watching ‘Five-Twenty-Ten’ & now finally we have SNEEK PEEKS for ‘The Human Kind’ and i am very very happy about it :) 3 weeks without new Fringe is just way too long (I am in for a rude awakening after the series finale )

    Its good to see Olivia taking some action and finally becoming more proactive and not just a back seat driver. It is going to be a very interesting episode & i cant wait to see how she is going to deal with the fact Peter is turning into an Observer because the end of last episode she didn’t take it very well & it seems like she is going to do everything that she can to save Peter. Like Anna said in her interview with ‘Give me my remote’ Olivia has to buck up!!! and buck up fast

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    • jade86 says

      And then….surprise surprise….Olivia and Walter find out they can’t save Peter because something very unexpected and very “fringey” happened to the tech in Peter’s head. I can expect a twist like that 😀

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        • James says

          She is smiling and said that she was expecting Olivia.

          Olivia was right to look cautious. No one can be trusted in this future.

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          • says

            Simone said she has been waiting many years for “someone ” to come for that magnet.
            She is an oracle, with knowledge of future events, and Olivia is that someone.

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            • ~Blu~Phinx~ says

              I wonder if she’ll offer her chocolate chip cookies or candy… ; ) She didn’t seem sketchy from this short clip. I doubt she’s working with the Observers.

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              • Sam says

                Just got a strange vibe from her. The way she was looking at Olivia…maybe just her oracle-y powers at work 😛

                But I’m sure she’s a nice lady who will help out :)

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                • _lost_stef_ says

                  I think the lady is just surprised because she has been waiting so many years for someone to come for the magnet maybe she thinks Olivia is sketchy (sorry Olive u could never be sketchy)

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  2. Todd says

    Ha! I live in Fitchburg, MA! Nice to see my home town represented in Fringe. Wish I knew Walter was coming, I would have helped him look for it, lol.

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  3. Dennis T says

    Simone is wearing a necklace with the symbol that the Shapeshifter’s head had in Season 2. The upside down U shape.

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  4. Red Balloon says

    Phew!, when I first saw the photos for this episode I thought it was going to be all 40 minutes about the Windmark vs Peter fight, which I’m not really that invested in because Windmark isn’t very well shaped at this point as the ultimate bad guy… at least not for me. It would be different if it was a Broyles vs Windmark because we’ve seen more interaction from them or Walter because he tortured him, but since I’m against the whole revenge thing about Etta, I really don’t wanna see him dead yet, I don’t consider him THE THREAT, maybe that’s why…Is he really the one to beat in the future?, I just don’t buy that. But this sneaks peaks with Olivia and the Oracle and Anil have my full attention 😀

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    • Cortexiphan Kid says

      Yeah, I’m glad that it seems like Olivia gets some action too :)
      And I’m pretty sure, that they will eventually have a Peter vs Captain Glanzkopf fight, I hope that they wait for an episode or two :)

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      • says

        It’s my understanding from interviews that the ass-kicking Olivia is definitely back! I love the quiet, emotionally available Olivia, however giving her, her bad-ass-ness back is awesome.

        Fringe Friday rules!!!!

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          • Cortexiphan Kid says

            Well, yeah, it’s Captain Windmark. I kind of decided to start calling him that way (it turned out that General Glanzkopf was already taken).
            As you probably know, ”glanz” means ‘gloss’ and ”kopf” means ‘head’ :)

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            • says

              Thanks Kid. That makes me laugh. But yeah, I get it.
              I just realized that my brother’s German ex-girlfriend, who would sometimes call him dummkopf, was actually insulting him. Lol !

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      • Red Balloon says

        I miss her soooo much!!!… I hope everybody is right and they brought her back this episode, which I’m gonna see until tomorrow :(

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