FRINGE: 5.07 Five-Twenty-Ten Review

FRINGE: 5.07 Five-Twenty-Ten Review

Our Fringe 5.07 Five-Twenty-Ten review is now live over at our partner site You can find it here.


  1. Jacko says

    Hey Fringies. I had decided to do a Fringe rewatch after seeing ep. 4, cause I had some time on my hands. I just got to Making Angels and I realized, did the guy use September’s device (Have they explained what it is anyway?) in order to make an equation that would eventually cause the device’s creation in the future? How did September lose the tech if he didn’t go in and save Peter? Did he still save Walter? Also, wondering, any explanation on the 47s that appear throughout the show? Last question, was The End of All Things the last chronological appearance of September, or was A Short Story About Love the last time we saw him in his own personal “timeline”.

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  2. Frobz says

    The real question is, why is Peter doing Observerish things the other Observers should be doing? If he can see what’s happening and manipulate timelines, why can’t the Observers do it and squash their rebellion before it starts?

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    • Rick Terry says

      They think they are all powerful. It is hubris, they think no one can touch them, or stop them. This will ultimately be their undoing.

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    • Fringeyeahbaby! says

      prty sure they cant change anything as the observers have already come and anythin they do now is because of the observers coming


      thats a paradox, right?

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