FRINGE: 5.07 Five-Twenty-Ten Ratings [UPDATED]


The preliminary ratings are in for “Five-Twenty-Ten” — but how do the numbers stack up?

Fringe 5.07 drew level with last week’s 0.9 adults 18-49 demo rating and was up to  2,697,000 observers.

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  1. James says

    I hope for the finale we can cross the 3 million + again.

    End on a high.

    The two episodes back-to-back should help.

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  2. hellrasinbrasin says

    What about the back-back new episodes running for 3 weeks in december surely the ratings will be just as high as that of a 2 hour series finale in January… lol.

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  3. Scott42444 says

    So, is the 2 hour Series Finale episodes 12 & 13 or is it just episode 13? I don’t remember? If that is the case, there are only 5 more happy Fringe Fridays for us all.

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  4. trancefreak says

    I will take it but it is a shame it isn’t 1 2hour EP to send our cast off.

    I just hope I don’t hear Marshall, Will and holly at the end. In the Land of the Lost!!

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  5. Fringeyeahbaby! says

    Its sad to think that because of the reset thing that broyles and nina and others never ended up being developed as characters…

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  6. chifounette says

    I can only see that once again, the producers do the opposite of what they say. How many times Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman they said no, Peter would never be an Observer? I do not have enough fingers to count. Even if it makes me fear an end to LOST (and yes, I’m still stuck on it)

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  7. fading-dream says

    I, for one, am loving the fifth season to pieces. Heck, it even beats out season 3 for me. Makes you think that maybe they should have just done 13 episodes every season and cut the filler.

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