FRINGE: 5.07 Five-Twenty-Ten Promo Photos [FULL SET]


Fox has released the full set of promotional photos for 5.07 “Five-Twenty-Ten”.

Fox | Al


  1. _lost_stef_ says

    Image 5 & 6 :'( in one it seems as though Olivia may be confronting Peter about his changes and in the other so much POLIVIA LOVE <3 awww

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  2. _lost_stef_ says

    Ive got this theory stuck in my head the Donald is William Bell.

    Now all of a sudden in the episode where the kid observer pops up and they have to find him is Bell’s hand important.

    Bell moved the child from the pocket universe and moved him to a secure location that maybe only his finger prints can open. Walter at the time of taking his hand because he still had his memories knew this and is why he took it. & why else would Bell have been trapped in the Amber with the fringe team especially after what he nearly did to our Polivia fan base and not to mention baby etta

    And now because he can’t remember who better to go to then Nina Sharp for advise on where Belly might have moved him.

    Yes this has some pro’s and con’s but i really dont think they will be introducing new characters and people we have never met before

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    • Cortexiphan Kid says

      It’s an interesting theory, but I personaly don’t believe that Bell is Donald. Because after what Bellie did to Olivia, Walter probably doesn’t really trust him (also, he’s probably convinced that Bell is crazy).

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  3. DeepRunner says

    Image Five6 is how I think shippers would like to see P/O. Looking happily at each other.

    Let’s see if this is the BEFORE shot. Or an AFTER shot.

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  4. Ambered says

    I was imagining they’ll be kissing on the street, lol. I hope they do. <3 Then again, NeoPeter is lying to Olivia, oh man.

    Bell's hand!

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      • Ambered says

        Yeah me too, he is not getting my sympathy. He is not a better man than his father. I mean in the highly emotional moment where he killed the observer and put the tech in his head, I totally buy that. But continuously lying about it is just so deliberate.

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  5. _lost_stef_ says

    I dont know why Roco hasn’t posted it yet but you guys should check it out on you tube the new Fringe Vid Nina Returns, damn i was in tears just watching that for 2 mins. How will i be able to handle the episode… im in big trouble

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