FRINGE: 5.06 Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There Sneak Peeks 2 & 3


Watch sneak peek clips 2 and 3 from “Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There” below.



  1. _lost_stef_ says

    Man you have got to love Walter!!! That second sneak peek is so funny Walter cracks me up everytime, especially when he starts banging on the shop window!! Classic Walter!

    Love the whole pocket universe can’t wait to see the episode entirely.


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  2. 134sc says

    Im assuming the episode will explain it but, how can a pocket universe exist in between the 2 universes? That means that when Olivia crossed over all those times she had to go through the pocket universe? Or how bout when they bridged the universes, did the pocket universe no longer apply? Im probably getting ahead of myself, but…

    Guess I just gotta wait for the episode

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