FRINGE: 5.06 ‘Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There’ Sneak Peek


Here’s a sneak peek from “Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There”.


    • _lost_stef_ says

      And of course I’m crying… When doesn’t my BAMF and her lover bring tears to my eyes lol

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  1. Goodday says

    This reminds me of the episode “Peter”, when Walter and Elisabeth were watching Peter from the other side through after blue Peter died.

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  2. Sam says

    Walter needs to have the conversation he had with Olivia about grieving together with Peter now.

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  3. ML says

    I love them

    Here we have Olivia trying to reach out to Peter. She just wants to be with him and mourn their daughter together.
    But Peter didn’t come home.

    So sad

    I love this show

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    • _lost_stef_ says

      Breaks my freaking heart into a million fragments! Ahhh Polivia make out sweetly already so much sexual tension between them

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      • FringeAgentAmanda says

        LOL yes too much of that tension going on!! Although, I think Polivia practically make out with their eyes 😀

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  4. Sam says

    I just realised how the beginning of this scene almost played out like the one in 2×02 when Olivia nearly shoots Peter. I swear one day these two will end up shooting each other…

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  5. says

    Did anyone else feel slightly wiered-out byPeter looking longingly at this grown woman? I know she’s his daughter and he’s looking at her from that perspective, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to my initial reaction.

    With that said, I loved the part where Olivia goes to sit between Peter’s legs and tells him to play it . . . I just love Polivia. I sure hope Wyman gives them a happy ending. They so deserve it.

    Looking forward to Friday.

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    • _lost_stef_ says

      Yeah I got that vibe to but I was like hell no it’s not happening, thank god Olivia walked in lol

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    • shidey17 says

      lol yeah I know people have been saying that since 501 and I didn’t really pick up on it a lot, but yeah, I think it’s definitely there in that clip

      To me, the way it’s being played is like he’s ashamed or getting caught or something…rather than feeling guilty/sad from the loss…so yeah….coming off kind of creepy there

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      • says

        lol . . . I didn’t feel this way about 501 or any of the other episodes, but this scene . . . In all fairness, Josh is doing a pretty good job of conveying a non-sexual vibe, but I think it’s hard from a viewers perspective not to feel wiered out because she’s only 10 or so years younger than her daddy. :) Okay, that’s it from me on the subject. :)

        Can’t wait til Friday @ 9pm!

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