FRINGE: 5.06 Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There — Ratings [UPDATED]

FRINGE: 5.06 Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There -- Ratings

The preliminary ratings are in for “Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There” — but how do the numbers stack up?

“Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There” equalled last week’s 0.9 adults 18-49 rating and was down from 2,606,000 to 2,437,000 observers

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  1. starg8fans says

    I can’t believe those numbers are dropping. The last few episodes were nothing short of epic as far as I’m concerned. That’s the only upside about this being the final season, we don’t have to worry about ratings anymore. But I was really hoping the show would go out on a big audience.

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  2. DeepRunner says

    As many negative comments as I have seen on this site and others, I am disappointed but not necessarily surprised that the overall numbers are dropping. I think folks may be bailing. :(

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      • starg8fans says

        ‘The Recordist’ was a bit of a letdown, but since then the show has really delivered for me. I’m definitely on board for the final stretch, and I’m psyched to see the outcome of the recent developments.

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  3. hellrasinbrasin says

    I think people are avoiding shows that have multiple layers to them these days… Its sad but true intelligent Audiences are fading away faster than you can say 4D Tv.

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  4. Fringeyeahbaby! says

    makes sence as this is different from seasins 1, 2 and 3. its not like lost that was the same story all along

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  5. David says

    My take on these numbers, isn’t so much as people are bailing out or are leaving because the show has got too dark.
    I believe its because since Fox gave the show a 13 episode arc to finish, irrespective of the ratings, a good deal of the fringe fans have decided that since the ratings don’t mean anything now, that they can relax and just enjoy the show until its finale, even if that means they don’t watch the show on the night it airs, they can still DVR it for watching later on.
    Yes it’s not an ideal situation, because I would have hoped for higher numbers, so as to prove to that antiquated system called Neilson that while the show had only a small audience, we are loyal and dedicated to seeing the show play out to its ultimate conclusion.
    But still with only seven episodes left of this magnificent Sci-fi series, I say to us all lets not get get to worked up over these number and just enjoy the rest of what we’ve got.
    For goodness knows how long we will see another show like this

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    • DeepRunner says

      Agreed. For as long as I have studied media, the ratings are not necessarily representative of how things really are. they try to factor in live+7, but…

      Anyway, we really do need to enjoy the ride while it lasts. The most important people for shows are the audience. Let’s enjoy our long goodbye to one of the best shows ever.

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      • says

        Now that brings a tear to my my eye … the Long Good-Bye.

        But, salute to all the Fringees who stayed tune. The show is so much better than what is recorded, first time around.
        Damn those Neilson ratings.

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  6. Cortexiphan Kid says

    Ok, I’m not exactly happy with those ratings, but I have to addmit, that this number is still bigger than entire population in my country.

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