FRINGE: 5.05 An Origin Story Sneak Peeks


Fox has released sneak peeks for 5.05 “An Origin Story”. Memories surface, emotions boil..


    • Rick Terry says

      What I got from this is that there is a door being opened from wherever/whenever the Observers are from, and they are utilizing it to ship things to 2036. Perhaps tech, or other Observers maybe. In the 2nd promo a few posts down we see a portal of sorts open up for two waiting Observers.

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  1. Rick Terry says

    From the looks of these two sneak peeks, Olivia is not too happy with anyone right now. If looks could kill (and judging from her track record they might could) then Peter and walter would be toast right about now. On another note: Peter will not be swayed. He is on a revenge mission. This looks so interesting. I wonder if the team can work together or not in their grief? It looks like not, well at least for now.

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    • _lost_stef_ says

      ‘if looks could kill, you’d be the death of me girl’ ohhh those lyrics just popped in my head hehe

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    • Red Balloon says

      I’ve watched these 3 times and I see no angry Olivia anywhere… not sure what you’ve seen that makes you think she’s mad at anyone Rick. I see that she’s distracted and maybe impatient when she touches her hair… I guess Walter’s and Astrid’s jokes won’t work for either Peter or Olivia this time around.

      Stubborn Peter will set things on fire today!, and scared Olivia hopefully will awake her abilities. For me the most interesting part of this is that maybe Peter’s recklessness will start a chain reaction that will make September to show up to try to get his plan on track again with Walter.

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  2. _lost_stef_ says

    Its easy to assume from this sneek peek Peter aka Baby Face is pretty pissed!! And Olivia is giving off death stares (oh but even her death stares are beautiful)

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