FRINGE: 5.05 An Origin Story – New Promotional Photos


Fox has now released the full set of photos for Friday’s continuation, “An Origin Story”. How will the team respond?..

Fox | Mavis


  1. Goodday says

    I hope there’s a Walter/Peter scene like the old days for I’m willing to see the “Be a better person than your father” play out somehow, especially now that Peter’s experiencing the loss Walter had experienced before.

    Ahhhh…. Can’t wait for the next episode!!!! !

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  2. shidey17 says

    Looks like Astrid has been hard at word unambering the lab. Deambering?

    And every time Peter goes to open a briefcase, since that promo for 418 I think something crazy is going to happen.

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  3. TFT says

    Is the lab deambered or is it a flashback to 2015? The episode is called “An origin story”… But I guess not because they also have an Observer captured.

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