FRINGE: 5.03 The Recordist Review


Update for those looking for my Fringe 5.03 “The Recordist” review — you can check it out at Seriable by clicking here.


  1. Sanj says

    A very poor episode. I agree that we’ve got a candidate for Molebaby #2 here.

    I still do not get the whole face fungus thing. Carbon Monoxide, really? Why was it worse at the bottom of an abandoned mine? Why is it no one in the cities is afflicted? It’s so stupid it’s laughable. They could have at least said “it’s caused by the special rocks”.

    We’ve only got 15 episodes and we really can’t afford these lemons.

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    • Cortexiphan Kid says

      I agree about the poor episode thing, and that The Recordist sucked.
      But it was carbon dioxide and we’ve got only 13, not 15 episodes left.

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    • Conner says

      Actually Walter did say it was caused by something in the mine. The carbon monoxide and decreased air quality was triggering an overactive immune response in the people living near the mine, causing their pores to seal themselves off.

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  2. Danny B says

    Am I the only person who does not understand why walter used f-ing tapes? Why not disks , flash drives anything but old vhs tapes. This season started well but this is just retarded.

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