FRINGE: 5.03 The Recordist Ratings


The early ratings are in for “The Recordist” — but how do the numbers stack up?

“The Recordist” levelled the previous week’s 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demo, but was down to 2,713,000 observers.

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    • Lincess says

      Have there ever been less than 2.7 million viewers?
      I do remember a 2.8 million for a Season 4 episode, but 2.7 million?

      I don’t what to image what “The Recordist” will do to ratings….

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      • Starman says

        The previous low was 2.73 million viewers for “Brave New World, Part 1,” so they have set a new record. The good news is they are still above their all-time low in the 18-49 demo, which was only a 0.9 rating in at least a couple of Season 4 episodes.

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    • says

      The momentum of the show leaves much to be desired, but I’m in for the long haul no matter how many obstacles FOX throws our way

      And lets get down to the nitty gritty in the next 10 episodes.

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      • Surun Tunne says

        the more obstacles there are in your way, the better you feel when you’ve left them behind you! 😀

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    • Sam says

      Though I also think Seasons 4-5 don’t quite have the magic Seasons 1-3 had, the ratings have been down for some time now. Shockingly even during the show’s heydays. Very frustrating.

      I still want our show to finish strong. Doesn’t matter if I’m satisfied with the end or not.

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  1. Mancha says

    Again, no comment. I’m enjoying this season, I’m not even worrying about the ratings anymore… I thought this episode was really good. But I hope the rest of this season picks up! I want to see our team win!

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    • Scott42444 says

      Yes, I agree. Who cares about the ratings at this point? They will not go up, unless the showrunners have a dramatic shift in how the show is presented. That won’t happen, since we are now on the classic 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown until it’s done forever. Remember guys, it’s put into a time slot that won’t really allow for a huge ratings spike anyways. Fox should be commended for sticking with this show. I really am pleased that we got 4 and 1/2 seasons to enjoy. Especially since most of us would agree that Season 4 left quite a bit to be desired. Also, this wouldn’t be the first television program (Hell, it would be the 10th on Fox alone) that gained popularity once it went off the air and was left to the DVD, BD, Netflix, syndication crowd (Family Guy, Firefly, Arrested Development are just 3 well known examples). I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some more Fringe in years to come, even after Season 5 is long gone off the airwaves. It just has SO MUCH story potential, which I don’t think is at the top of it’s game anyway.

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  2. LastManInSpace says

    Game 1 of the World Series (I know, who cares) was last night. They were always going to take a hit. Remember, this week last year was the World Series and the opening of Hunger Games.

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  3. LastManInSpace says

    Holy crap. Scratch my last comment. Havent had my coffee yet and thought last night was Friday somehow. Wow.

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  4. Mr. Wizard says

    Moving. Way. Too. Slow.

    I think JJ Abrams has A.D.D. Fringe was his pet project early on, but now look at all the other shows on other networks under his byline … Fringe is nothing but an afterthought now. It is moving way too slow and there is nothing to keep the viewer engaged and thats really too bad….Fringe is going out with a wimper.

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  5. Fading-Dream says

    I’ve really enjoyed the season, but I feel like the main cast is really getting sidelined by all of these side characters. We haven’t even seen Broyles or Nina this season, despite there being a really good reason for them to be in it (Broyles working as a mole and Nina… Well, they could find something).

    I’m still a bit bitter over last season and how Olivia is STILL the only one who remembered her past life. I know a lot of people share the sentiment that seasons 1-3 became kind of pointless because of season 4.

    Maybe I’m just a little upset because this show has now done what LOST did. It starts out as this show grounded in reality with elements of the fantastical (the ‘smoke monster’ for LOST and the alternate universe for FRINGE). Then, they go on to become completely science-fiction.

    I really do enjoy this season, but it is missing what made the first three so great. Here’s hoping that they increase the importance of the original team (stop making it about side characters) and they make it a bit more like the old Fringe.

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  6. epoh says

    The final ratinga are in, while it didn’t drop in the demo (maintain a 1.0) total veiwers dropped to 2.64 million.

    I agree with what Fading-Dream said, season four was such a let down after the first three seasons. And at a time when the series really needed to cement its fan base, they completely threw everyone by rewriting the entire Fringe ‘history’, basically erasing the characters we had grown to love. It was a bold move but it didn’t work and they never really justified why they did it.

    Having said that, i’m so far really enjoying this season, hopefully we get a satisfying conclusion.

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  7. u87000 says

    Jeff T.Thomas should stick with advertisements and music videos. He’s just too poor for tv shows, what we experienced after 5.03. Also I sending my cold words to Graham Roland, obviously he can’t write a good episode alone without help. Thanks to this two misters, we got worst Fringe episode in respect of ratings. Personally for my is also the worst episode of Fringe.

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  8. SissySiri says

    I’m sorry the ratings are not better, but I am happy we got this gift of 13 episodes and a proper ending to a fantastic show. There is so much going on right now to distract people, a lot of new shows starting up, and then there is baseball.

    IMO the show seems to be moving at a v e r y s l o w p a c e, I don’t know what to make of that, I am sure the writers, etc., know what they are doing. Anyway I hope we see the Altverse, and that Etta gets revenge for what they did to Simon. I hope for lots more but I don’t want to appear greedy.

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