FRINGE: 5.03 The Recordist Promo 2


Fox has released a second promo for Friday’s episode “The Recordist”, which you can watch below.


  1. James says

    Hmm. Looks to be very case-of-the-week so far.

    For all their talk about a 13-episode movie, they seem to be dragging this out too much.

    I know we can’t have BOOM-revelation, BOOM-revelation every episode but so far the episodes seem to be follow the same predictable pattern: Fringe team enters a secure, hostile place, gets caught, they escape, brief cliffhanger, end.

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  2. Amber says

    Wow, what are those things on those people’s skins?? I’m quite intrigued by this. How would they explain where they would start searching for those tapes? I hope we they are not infiltrating a *super-secure* Observer lair again this time.

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