FRINGE: 5.03 The Recordist Behind The Scenes Photo Reveals Connections


Fox has released a new behind the scenes photo from “The Recordist” which provides more hints for the episode and seemingly adds context to the recent Humanity’s Only Hope teaser. Check it out below.

Pictured in the photo is “a young actor who portrays a boy from a strange subculture of people devoted to recording human history.”:

You can watch the Humanity’s Only Hope teaser here, and if you missed the official photos for this episode check them out here.

Source: Fox


  1. Cortexiphan Kid says

    Of course! That’s why that promo is animated and a bit incorect – it’s from a comic book (book/animated movie)! It’s also why those tree people were so impressed by fringe team – it’s their equivalent of meeting Superman.

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    • TW says

      Awesome idea !

      “It’s a myth, ‘Etta. The original Fringe team didn’t vanish. They aren’t missing. They died twenty years ago. They aren’t coming back to save us from the Observers. They aren’t in a desert or, Peru, or immortal.”

      Perhaps these people carried the myth, and believed it in some way, keeping history alive via “tales of old”. Mythology, based on fact.

      I.E. HOW WE UNDERSTOOD HISTORY IN ANCIENT TIMES, and how indigenous people’s and various other subcultures which exist in “pockets” keep history today.

      Meeting the Fringe Team will be as you say perhaps, like meeting superheroes, or angels, or ancient aliens, or Hercules, etc …

      Interesting !!!

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      • Cortexiphan Kid says

        Yeah, and the graphic looks identical too.
        The “humanity’s only hope teaser” doesn’t show us what happened – it shows us what people thought happened.
        I think it’s a comic book (based on a cover and title: “Tentacles of doom”).

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        • TW says

          And yeah … it def. looks like a comic book with embellished “accounts” (i.e. tentacles of doom, also no doubt a Lovecraft shout-out).

          But what I’m wondering, is if these comics exist elsewhere, like in the rest of the world … but if these people actually *take them seriously*. They could perhaps produce them, as a sort of graphic-novel/comic-book way to record history (again, mythology). But I wonder if it’s the equivalent to a group of people seeing the Matrix, and going, “Hmm … I wonder if the Matrix is true somehow ? I wonder if X-Files is actually based on truth?” and they go off and believe it and form their own group/cult/religion/etc, trying to find the truth behind the tales. Not unlike the current trends on the History Channel, with Ancient Aliens, and UFO investigations, and Clash of the Gods, Atlantis, etc and so forth.

          I’m also reminded of an obscure reference early in Season 1, between George Morales and Olivia in “Dreamscape” I believe. Morales mentions several things which he groups together: ZFT, flight 627, the Pattern, Massive Dynamic, John Scott, and the Northwoods Group …

          I always wondered what the “Northwoods Group” was going to be, and I don’t see where we ever found out. I had thought it might be linked to Rogue (Mosely) or “Rogue Observers”, etc and so forth. When I first saw the promo for this epi, though, and the forest people … I thought, “Hmm … Northwoods Group ….” lol

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          • Cortexiphan Kid says

            Yeah, but I don’t think that the tree people are there to investigate myth of fringe team, I think that their mission is to document history, by keeping stuff like books, movies, music, art (paintings), photographies etc. That probably includes comic books.
            And I doubt that the Nortwood group has anything to do with tree people, but nice catch anyway. :)

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  2. James says

    I just can’t get excited over this episode.

    I hope my opinion changes when watching it, but so far it seems really filler.

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