FRINGE: 5.02 In Absentia Ratings


The early ratings are in for “In Absentia” — but how do the numbers stack up?

Fringe 5.02 “In Absentia” was down a tenth of a ratings point to a 1.0 in the 18-49 demo, attracting  3,034,000 viewers.

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  1. Cortexiphan Kid says

    If this wouldn’t be the last season for sure, I’d probably get a mental breakdown looking at those horrible ratings.

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  2. says

    Why, whyyy??
    anyway, those ratings can go suck a fυck, because we’ve got our final season. I will not let these ratings ruin the joy I’ve got from this final season, uh buh, stupid ratings!
    So people, I’d suggest to not pay too much attention to the ratings, because it wouldn’t change anything any more though.

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  3. Scott42444 says

    You know, I always click on these ratings reports out of habit since we all have been doing it with fear the last few years (plus, it is usually the first new article I see the day after a new episode airs). I don’t know if I should hope the ratings go DOWN, since I would relish the fact that they could be in the friggin’ toilet and I wouldn’t have to give two shits because there are only 11 left. I think it would be worse if the ratings spike and start to go UP, because then I will have a 0.001% chance of hope creep into my brain that we will get a Serenity type movie or Netflix type renewal. BTW, that hope does exist in my brain. Personally, I can’t stand the networks (free tv) anymore since this is a new television season and I can’t pick out new shows amongst the RIDICULOUS dancing, singing, dance-singing, sitting around doing nothing (big brother), reality crap that gets 2 hour prime time slots and REPEATS DURING THE DAMN WEEK! Case in point, a rerun of the X-Factor right before Fringe last night. Sci Fi (ScyFy?) Channel or Netflix should be jumping like a rabid dog at a program like Fringe that will most likely get 3,000,000 people in the target demo watching it live and triple that via download, DVD, or streaming services. It’s target audience like me avoid the live network broadcasts now like the plague (except for Fringe and Walking Dead, because even though I am not a Neilsen family I feel obligated to watch them for whatever reason live). Rant over……….for now.

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  4. James says

    Nice to see the core 3 million are still watching.

    So far ratings haven’t declined at all from Season Four.

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  5. trancefreak says

    There’s a lot more people than that watching, its just that dinosaur age nelson system. There should be a better control group system to monitoring shows.

    But it is what it is and believe if it wasn’t for the lame ratings we could of got some great more seasons at least 6 but I am grateful that we got the 5th.

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  6. hellrasinbrasin says

    Since when have ratings ever stopped us from enjoying Fringe. This is the last run… so I look at it like this the ratings are no higher nor are they any lower than they have with the 4 seasons that preceeded this final season.

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  7. beckstar78 says

    so far season 5 is crazy good and ratings schmatings at this point. just enjoy the ride people! 11 to go ahhhh

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