FRINGE: 5.02 In Absentia



The fifth and final season continues when the Fringe team revisits the Harvard lab, now under Observer control, to try to find the information they need as the team fights on in their mission to save the world in the all-new “In Absentia” episode of FRINGE airing Friday, Oct. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-502) (TV-14 V)

Cast: Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham; Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop; John Noble as Walter Bishop; Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles; Blair Brown as Nina Sharp; Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth

Guest Cast: Georgina Haig as Henrietta/Etta

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  1. DeepRunner says

    Nice. Etta has Prince Humperdink’s life-stealer, emptying the loyalist’s life of years. “and remember, we’re recording this for posterity…”

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    • OtherBen says

      Ooh, you caught the Princess Bride resemblance too! Yeah, he’s not a little bit dead, but he is a lot beat up.

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      • DeepRunner says

        Sorta makes sense that Wyman would tip his hat to The Princess Bride, which is 25 now. A swashbuckling movie being paid homage in a (very dark) swashbuckling episode. And you could see Etta being a little like Inigo Montoya in the Science Building when she saw Simon being experimented on:
        “Hello. My name is Etta Bishop. You’re killing my partner. Prepare to die.”

        In fact, if they had had an episode 19 this year, it would have been great for The Bishop Brigade to do call-outs to the cast’s (and Wyman’s) favorite films and shows. Sorta like “Brown Betty at The Fringe Academy Awards.”

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        • chrisp909 says

          There were at least two hat tips to Princess Bride in the “In Absentia.” When they were walking through the steam tunnels there was an odd scene where Walter heard a popping noise that he seemed to recognize then just in the nick of time he pulls Olivia out of the way of a steam spurt.

          When I saw that i thought, that kind of reminds me of the Fire Swamp.

          When they used “The Machine” on the guard later. I knew they were making allusions to the movie. Did anyone else see any other ones?

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  2. willg says

    Really good episode. Not a whole lot happened yet much did in regards to theme and commentary. It was a really intense and emotionally dark and profound episode. What a commentary on the human condition as it relates to war and vengeance and humanity in the face of great horrors and how individuals deal with such things. Even the enemy is multi dimensional in his reasoning and motivations. How about Olivia; even though she has not been the leader and in control like she normally is she kind of was in a sense (if that makes any sense). Etta told her thanks for letting her take charge because of her experience in this world. Etta looked decisive and in charge but she was really just angry and full of hate and scared. Olivia was truly the one with the experience and with the moral gravitas to bring things back to a better moral standing if you will. Their are always line that are pushed and crossed in war, but one must be careful to not become like that which they are fighting against. Great episode.
    PS- Loved that they brought the clapper back :)

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  3. SissySiri says

    OMG – Simon. That is just about the most horrific thing that could have happened to him. I hope Peter is right and they get their revenge. Horrible, horrible, horrible. :-(

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      • Sid03 says

        Maybe they’ll rebuild Simon, “they have the technology. They have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man. Simon will be that man. Better than he was before. Better…stronger…faster.”

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  4. Robert Ariadne says

    I liked it better than last week, though I liked last week. We got a better sense of where things stand in this brave new world.

    Shame Simon got his head chopped off. I was so looking forward to seeing him again.

    Though Etta was acting rather childish, I essentially agreed with her torturing the Loyalist (great Lost callback with the casting btw). Things have changed in the lost 20 years, to quote an amazing song “This ain’t no place for no hero”. Olivia showing pity was weak, she should know not to trust traitors. The moral of the story was apparently “Our compassion is what separates us from them”, but as we saw, Etta was on the mark.

    Last week we had the black market, now we have the eyes: Wyman’s going all out on the Blade Runner stuff. Will Windmark’s final monologue take place in the rain?

    Walter is FINALLY back. That line about feeding pigeons to the poor was hysterical. Though why would he go to grape Red Vines? Some thematic foreshadowing of a new purple universe? Who knows? He gave one hell of a motivational speech on the tape; should get John Noble doing army commercials.

    One thought, since Wyman mentioned in an interview the possibility of the child Observer from Inner Child returning: what if that child wasn’t September, as we all thought… but WINDMARK? That would be a trippy twist worthy of Fringe…

    Everything on my mind at the moment. Talk more later.

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    • willg says

      “Our compassion is what separates us from them”, but as we saw, Etta was on the mark.”

      Was she? Maybe on one level but Olivia took it to another level. If it was not for Olivia and her “weakness” they would have gotten nothing from him. I think that guy told Etta that he did not have a son because he just was ready to die and he was telling her what she wanted to hear. Maybe not though. I still think Olivia’s “weakness” is really her strength.

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      • FinChase says

        I completely agree with you. Just as Newton underestimated her, considering her “weak.” Compassion is never weakness.

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    • DeepRunner says

      Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh…The Child Observer being Windmark…Now THAT has possibilities.

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  5. SissySiri says

    The Loyalist gave Olivia an address to go and tell his “son” that he was not coming back. Then he tells Etta he has no son. Sounds like a trap to me. But now that Etta let the rat go maybe Olivia has no need to go to that address.

    So many questions. . . . . .

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  6. Anonymous says

    We don’t have time to go on a ridiculous scavenger hunt with so few episodes left but overall it was still an engaging episode

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    • willg says

      I think that it going to be one of the plot devices to drive the story forward. I think it will fit alright in the midst of the story.

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      • Ian S. says

        I agree, the hunt for the tapes will bring the characters deeper and deeper into the Observer mythology with each new episode (hopefully). I mean, they can’t just walk around Observer-geddon all season and then in the final episode find a way to do it. The tapes idea is actually a really interesting storytelling device I think, so each episode is technically still a “case of the week” (clue of the week), so the show isn’t straying too far from it’s original formula. However, I think in the next episode they need to amp up the mythology. I think Wyman and Pinkner once said that they had 8 full seasons of material, so they’re obviously condensing a lot more into one half season. They need to start answering things and giving us information on stuff we’ve wondered about for 4 seasons! The world is overrun by Observers yet I feel I still don’t know who they are yet! I want an Observer mythology filled episode.

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        • willg says

          I agree with most of what you said. I think they will but I believe the major plot is still a basic oppressive force trying to be overcome by an inferior force. To be honest I kind of want to not know the observers fully. It is just more fulfilling to me because in depth explanations never live up to its’ potential and our idea of it. I know what you are saying though. I did not think I would like this version of Fringe as much but I really do. BTW what do you think of the theme of assimilating (sp?) for the sake of safety. Kind of reminds me of people in murderous regimes like Nazi Germany trying to fit in and not speak out for fear of their lives and the lives of their families. Really profound episode.

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          • Ian S. says

            Yeah I definitely see where you’re coming from, once the mystique of the Observers it taken away it will be boring, and this episode was better at that, showing us the horrid experiments they do in the science lab. I just want more substance, maybe even a scene showing their own present in 2609. I feel like we just don’t know enough about them to have them the main antagonist of the rest of the series.

            I think the theme of the Loyalists fitting in is definitely an old one, but Fringe managed to give it something new, a spark. They played it very well and really showed how divided the world was and just how awful it had become that it was safer to be working for the enemy then to be living alongside the enemy.

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  7. Ian S. says

    I thought it was a good episode and played a lot of interesting themes very delicately. The type of torture Etta used was a really interesting touch, playing on her comment that “it’s human nature to survive as long as possible”, so with our Loyalist prisoner literally losing days in his life every passing second, he would eventually spill the beans on the codes in order to live as long as he can. That theme was done so well, and felt original and fresh, which must be very hard to do considering all the dystopia science fiction and other fictional works that portray those exact same themes.

    Plot-wise, not a lot happened in this episode. The Fringe team found the video tape, built a laser and powered it by breaking into the science room (where they showed Simon’s decapitated but still living head – gross), and cut out the video tape, having Walter give the team a motivational speech and told them where to find the next video tape (I think?). Confusing ending, I’ll get back to that later.

    The real beauty of the episode was what happened between the characters. With such little time this season and so much that happened between 2012 and 2015, and 2015 to 2036 to cover, I’d say the show is doing a fantastic job. Not only are they providing expository answers via the dialogue between the characters, but they’re giving that dialogue a very human touch. In “Transilience” the expository pieces were very much directed to the audience and it was noticeable, but here in “In Absentia” I didn’t notice it at all. The characters were speaking to each other, and it was us picking apart the pieces and figuring it out ourselves.

    We know why Loyalists become loyalists, and how difficult it is to live in this world freely and securely. This was another part I give major props to, as it’s a theme that’s been done so many times in fiction yet Fringe managed to keep it fresh. The Loyalist’s story about his transformation into a Loyalist was heartbreaking, albeit not completely true, and felt even more emotional as we watched him lose years on his life while he was just trying to hold onto any piece of humanity he has left. Him coming to feed the birds pulled at my heartstrings, and gave what we perceive to me a cold-hearted enemy a very realistic human soul.

    Olivia’s role in the episode was very interesting, her expertise and moral skills that developed over the crazy years at Fringe division lending a major help to the situation at hand. Olivia, without commanding the situation, did indeed take control, and influenced Etta to make the right choice at the end. Although the Loyalist’s story is obviously not completely true (I do believe some of it was), we could still tell he had been through some type of turmoil and his true story was probably not far off from the version he told. It’s also a wink over at George Orwell’s “1984”, where the main character has the job of re-writing past histories in the dystopian world to ensure the antagonist, “The Party”, is seen to be all knowledgeable and always in the past. In Fringe, the past is beginning to become blurred as well, and it’s very hard to differentiate between what’s real and what’s a lie, and the fact that it doesn’t really matter. The Loyalist’s story was a lie, but I believe some of it was the truth. In the end though, it didn’t matter, because whatever he said got him freed and that’s all that mattered to him.

    Being the final season, I think most fans will be more critical than usual towards the show, as every minute counts. Fringe is excellently portraying the characters and the themes that lie between them, and Wyman is staying true to his word that the characters are getting a very emotional send-off for those who invested so heavily in the show. But, at the same time, there is no room for mistakes to be made between the characters and no room for subplots. Season 5 seems to be centered around the “subplot” made when Walter’s mind was scrambled and the Unifier could not read the plan in his mind. This works because the subplot becomes the plot this season, but I think there’s just no room for any more, which is why I was a little annoyed at the end of this episode where Walter didn’t actually say where the tapes were hidden. I feel like I missed something (and please tell me if I am) but it seems like the characters will have to figure out now where the first tape is, and I really don’t want the next episode to be about them doing that because, although the character moments are great, there’s no time to stray from the major plot.

    I want to see more of the Observers and their values and beliefs, because they are still humans after all, advanced humans. I want to know what happened to September, and also why Windmark hasn’t sent out a huge alert about the fact that Etta, a major Fringe agent, is involved in the resistance! That’s either a major plot hole or it just isn’t explained properly, and I wish a character would acknowledge the fact she’s a fugitive now. I let go of the fact that the Fringe team went back to her apartment after they broke into the Observer facility, only because I wasn’t sure if Windmark actually knew, or cared, where Etta lives when she’s not working with the Fringe team. However, not telling the Observers and Loyalists to keep an eye out for her is a major problem and I hope that’s addressed in the next episode.

    There’s no time for plot holes to be fixed and subplots to be made, come on Fringe dive into that mythology head first! This was a fantastic character episode with some very important themes that are integral to the emotion of this season, so I fully expect the next episode to be much more plot driven. With only 11 episodes to go, it’s time to kick this serial up a notch.

    In Absentia – 8/10
    Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 – 8.5/10
    Letters of Transit – 9/10

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  8. J.P. says

    It was another average episode. Nothing really happened, except for some interesting emotional drama between mother and daughter. This isn’t the time to go smaller, this is the time to go bigger. Much bigger.

    The whole Etta situation really has me asking questions, like whether or not she even views Peter, Olivia and Walter as her family at all. I mean, she’s lived on her own in an oppressed world for 20 years (growing up in some foster family, who seemed to love her as their own). Then, she suddenly finds her biological family and will stop at nothing to help them? I would actually like to see Etta use her family as merely dispensable tools to help save the world, as a means to an end, nothing more. Or if there was some grand plot twist that revealed Etta to be a special Loyalist who has been tasked with infiltrating the resistance… Yeah, it wouldn’t happen, but it least it wouldn’t be completely predictable, like Etta’s “hardening”. Who didn’t see that coming, anyway?

    The Observers continue to puzzle me, which could be good, in that the show has me thinking seriously again, or bad, in that the show has me finding flaws again.

    If the Observers invaded the past to survive, then why would they choose to invade 2015, and not, say, the dawn of time? Do they need regular humans to act as cattle to build those air polluting devices, even though they probably would have had to build them themselves in the 2600’s, regardless? If not, then why did they invade a hostile time period full of people who will try to stop them? Couldn’t they go back to the dawn of time and populate the planet with Observer offspring, ensuring the complete erasure of any regular human who will ever live? What exactly is the point of a “mind scan”, which seems to be fatal if done strong enough, when the “scientist” Observers could already read minds without the subjects experiencing pain? What is the difference between both methods? Furthermore, it’s been stated several times during the show that the Observers (or at least, the “scientist” Observers) have already experienced every timeline, and know of all possible futures before they happen, so how could the Observers ever be defeated, seeing as they know where, when, and how their enemies will strike? Or, was this precognition simply a “scientist” Observer trait, and doesn’t belong to the invaders? Can’t the Observers catch bullets with their bare hands? If so, how did Etta manage to shoot and kill one in the last episode? Or again, is that simply a “scientist” Observer trait?

    Lots of questions, especially the one about the Observers knowing the future, which, if not answered clearly, will set in stone for me that Wyman and company intentionally screwed with pre-existing “continuity” (season 4, anyone?) to better serve their bizarre “plot”. Like, think about it. If the Observers knew the future, then they would have known the Earth of 2609 would “die”, they’d know that September would go rogue and help develop a plan to defeat them with Walter, they’d know the Fringe team would amber themselves, they’d know the daughter of Peter and Olivia would find them in 2036 and free them from amber, they’d know that, of course, they would be dramatically defeated and the planet would be freed by the end of the season.

    God, I hope they answer some questions…

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    • willg says

      I believe September said they could see all possible timelines but did not know which one would come about. That would be too much to cover at once I would think.

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      • J.P. says

        In “Forced Perspective”:

        Olivia: “I mean, if one of them said something about the future… Could they be wrong?”

        Peter: “No, I don’t really see how they could. They don’t predict the future, Olivia. They’ve already experienced it.”

        I understand they know of all “possible” futures, so was Etta finding the original Fringe team not a “possible” future? If the Observers invaded the past to survive, you’d think they would make sure that in every “possible” future, they wouldn’t be defeated. If even one Observer experienced a future where Walter developed a plan to defeat them, then every Observer would find a way to stop that from ever happening. Hey, maybe they could just erase Walter from time…

        Knowing all “possible” futures is just a fancy way of saying “I know the future”. By knowing all “possible” futures, then the Observers know of all “possible” choices, of all “possible” plans, etc. The Observers can’t be stopped if they experience even one “possible” future where the Fringe team is released from amber and eventually builds a device to save the world from their oppression, because they will know how it all plays out before it does…

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        • willg says

          Here is what I am talking about. This is an excerpt from Firefly:

          WALTER: We had a deal. (takes the man by his arm) Please… don’t take him from me. The drawing. Peter in the device. You know the future. Tell me how I can save my son from dying.

          OBSERVER: There are things that I know. But there are things that I do not. Various possible futures are happening simultaneously. I can tell you all of them, but I cannot tell you which one of them will come to pass. Because every action causes ripples, consequences both obvious and… unforeseen. For instance… after I pulled you and Peter from the icy lake, later that summer, Peter caught a firefly. I could not have known he would do that or that because he did a young girl three miles away would not. And so later that night, she would continue looking, trying to find another one. I could not have known that when she did not come home, her father would go out looking for her, driving in the rain, so that when the traffic light turned red, his truck skidded through the intersection at Harvard Yard, killing a pedestrian.

          WALTER: Did that happen?

          OBSERVER: You and I have interfered with the natural course of events. We have upset the balance in ways I could not have predicted. Which is why now I need your help.

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          • J.P. says

            You’ve tried to argue against me by choosing a quote that backs up what I’ve been saying. The Observers know of all possible futures. Therefore, they know that in a possible timeline, they will be stopped. That’s all I was saying. My issue is that if the Observers are as calculating as we’ve been lead to believe, then it makes complete sense they would develop a contingency for every possible future they experience that has a negative impact on them. If not, then it’s a cheep way to serve a predictable plot. I’d like the show to resolve this issue, to clearly explain how the Observers know the future, and if they can be wrong.

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            • willg says

              My point was that it would be impossible to make a contingency plan for every possible timeline. I was saying they may know all possible futures but they cannot know what will come to pass. The observer explained how his actions of pulling Peter and Walter out of the lake and how ripples that he created from that he could not possibly know. I am just saying I do not think they could prepare for all possible futures. There are infinite possibilites. I look at more like the adjustment bureau, if you have seen that movie. I think as things happen and people make choices the future is constantly changing. I do not know if they could be wrong but I do know that they do not know everything.

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              • elisa says

                I agree with willG. IMHO, The observers DID try to stop the plan by eliminating Peter. Without Peter there would be no Etta to free walter and etc., and therefore no plan against them. They did not foresee that September would bring Peter back or help Walter (butterfly effect) and now that is what they are dealing with.
                Of course you will argue that they should have just eliminated Walter from the picture…BUT again, the butterfly effect aplies! What would happen in this case that they didn’t foresee? Would it be ‘corrected’ in some other way?
                I think that is the point of the show! The same way that Olivia dies in every possible future (as September stated), Peter would live and Walter will have the plan against the observers, no matter how much they try to avoid it. It is a free will versus destiny issue.

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    • says

      this how i’m choosing to look at the difference between the science team of observers and your standard observer of 2036:

      just like today, a team of scientists has technology and capabilities to do things that your standard person cannot. we cannot accelerate particles in the basement. the higgs boson was not going to be discovered in anyone’s kitchen. my tin tube telescope out back is never going to match the keck scope or hubble. the team of observer scientists likely had access to special tech that others do not.

      and yeah, it would definitely help law enforcement observers to be able to look and travel around in time, but maybe there are ramifications to that and they don’t want some loose canon like windmark mucking up the past and screwing everyone over.

      so basically, i’m just saying that the science team observers were able to do a LOT of things that your run of the mill observer just can’t.

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      • Ian S. says

        Yeah I agree with that. I’ll also go as far out to say that by being able to see all the possible outcomes and by using technology so heavily, the science Observers were essentially stripped of their humanization. They are more quirky, talk more slowly, and aren’t as aggressive. Sort of like someone with Aspergers.

        The Observers in 2036, although they are able to use this technology that the science team uses, have no reason too. Therefore they are more “human” Observers, and definitely more aggressive.

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  9. _lost_stef_ says

    Wow another great episode!!

    Etta sure is the Ettanator and the Dunhamnator showed us why we loved her from the beginning.

    Im still so devasted that Henry Ian Cusak is not going to be a series regular now i think we all had hope that he would :(

    As i had read in previous posts I agree it was Olivia’s so called ‘weakness’ that got them the information. I love how it is this ‘weakness’ in Olivia that changes Etta’s mind at the end.

    11 episodes remaining……

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    • willg says

      Strength in “weakness”. Really interesting theme. Very sort of biblical also.
      So sad that there is only eleven left isn’t it?

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      • _lost_stef_ says

        yes very interesting!! that last scene said it all between Etta & The Loyalist what they saw in Olivia’s eyes was hope and determination… strength.

        Damn i love this show

        Also loved the Lost call back when they openend the hatch into the tunnels so good :)

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  10. number six says

    Guys, guys! The war has been won, the Observers just don’t know it yet. Olivia just needs to look at everyone and they’ll be converted through the power of her Special Eyes and Infinite Goodness. Beautiful!

    So this season is going to be a treasure hunt? Yay?

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    • JM says

      LOL yeah major cringe moment of the episode: Manfretti saying Olivia’s eyes mean the resistance will win. Joel wyman contribution?

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        • JM says

          David fury wrote that episode and his dialogue was far superior, im just nervous about the 3 part series finale which wyman is writing and directing

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          • DeepRunner says

            Ok since is the dread moment, here is what I not so much dread as I find a bit concerning.

            They will spend time on finding the tapes. It WILL be interesting, but depending on the number of tapes, and really it shouldn’t be many because there is not a lot of time left, they could burn through a FEW episodes, maybe even until episode 10. If it IS going to be a treasure hunt, make it fascinating. Make it interesting. Make it National Treasure Meets Romancing the Stone Meets It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

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  11. ML says

    Great episode. Felt like classic Fringe to me. Spent some time on some freaky stuff but the most moving parts were the character moments. That’s what makes Fringe so great

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  12. _lost_stef_ says

    Just finished rewatching the episode and it was still just as good as watching it for the first time;

    Really loved the etta/olivia scenes. Im glad they are not forcing their relationship into something that its not and that they are giving us the audience time to see them get to know each other, becasue you cant expect after 20 odd years that everything would be fine between them.

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  13. David says

    Terrific Episode, shows you why fringe will remain a cult classic long after it finishes. The episodes this season to me has proven one thing, that you don’t always have to have the flashiest technical effects to bring off a great episode.
    so long as the actors can convey through their acting the personal gravity of the situation that each of them faces.
    And believe you me trying to save the world is not a walk in the park.
    It seems to me that this season the Cast and Crew have compensated for the reduction in budget which brings with it less expenisive sets, special effect, by taking their acting to another level, and that is having us the fans concentrate more on the emotional side to their characters and the situation that each face, in other words the characters drive the episode, rather that have the special effects drive the episode and leave out the characters.
    And that for me is why Fringe is and will remain one of the best T.V Shows that I would have ever watched.
    Kudos to the Cast and Crew, you will be missed AND I MEAN YOU WILL BE MISSED

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  14. JM says

    For me that was the best fringe episode since 3.11, I actually enjoyed pretty much every minute of it, there were the obvious negatives that i see J.P and Number six have stated which i would probably agree with, but I have to say I enjoyed that.

    Also whoever wrote the dialogue in this episode should write instead of Joel Wyman because they are clearly far better, there were some bad lines i.e “hardened” but apart from that good. I especially enjoyed Olivia/Manfretti scenes, Olivia/Etta scenes and Peter/Etta scenes (the scene with them after Etta saw simons head was probably the best IMO)

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  15. JaniceG says

    Did anybody think about Broyles after a seeing what Etta did to the Loyalist? The blue/cloudy eye and the type of aging? It sounds like Broyles did age naturally, but maybe helped along the way? Could have been tortured about the Fringe team.

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    • ML says

      Well, I think, if he was tortured by the Observers, they wouldn’t have given him such a high position. And as Etta pointed out if Broyles was tortured by the Resistance, he wouldn’t have made it back alive (is that even english? Damn you, conditional sentences!)

      I think Fringe just really likes it to give old people cataracts!

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  16. ML says

    Was anyone else really disappointed that the loyalist lied about his son? Ha, ha, I wouldn’t survive a second in 2036!

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  17. DeepRunner says

    The Bishop Brigade takes back WalterWorld without a fight. This eppy was on the edge. Pretty darn good. And pretty darn dark.

    * Olivia’s dream. The Perfect Day callback, from her Point-of-View. The building disappearing just like last week. Just like 4.19, when Walter went all Captain Kirk and Mr. Scott with anti-matter. Was that the device of shock and awe for the Bald Battallion? She was calling for Etta and Peter in the dream, and shippers got the callback money shot of Peter holding Olive’s hand, calming her down, like in season 1’s Bad Dreams eppy

    * The angel device. Preps Observers for time travel. Etta was going to make sure the loyalist was headed for the angels. And speaking of angels…

    * Olive as the Angel of Mercy and Etta as the Angel of Death. Interesting contrast. And the Dunhamnator was played by the Loyalist. And this makes me think of…

    * Peter as the Angel of Honor and Etta as the Angel of Vengeance when they saw Simon being experimented on. The Early Peter Bishop would have flat-blasted the bad guys. Now he seems more like the predator sizing up the target and waiting for the right moment to pounce. They did do a pretty good callback to The Early Peter Bishop with his ability to reroute the electric grid. But they made him measured, and you could hear Walter telling him about time and place, just as he was telling Etta, who has The Early Peter Bishop Temper. Which leads me to…

    * Etta as an Angel of Compassion when she set the Loyalist free. She wanted to inject him with .45 caliber hot lead, but let him go. He promised to be part of the resistance. We’ll see. But in the meantime, the resistance has The Bishop Brigade, and they’re led by…

    * Walter, our Disjointed Portuguese Swede. Only on Fringe can someone like Grandpa Walter have those traits, But he did look kinda cool with the laser/light saber device, like a little kid having lots of fun cutting through the amber. Using the clapper to turn off the lights and turntable. And when they found the tunnel: Yahtzee. They give Walter the best lines. And the opportunity to use porcine ocular tissue after 21 years.

    * Astrid, Astro. Not too many variations this eppy. Give her more to do, though. She needs more to do.

    All in all, a good eppy. 11 to go, and it looks like next week, they get the oil-based-crud people

    Like: Thumb up 7

    • Lincless says

      Astrid has become completely useless, yes.
      I hope they kill he off in the course of the Season, because everything else would be pointless for her character.
      No family, no Walter to care for, no life.
      She has to die a hero’s death.

      Like: Thumb up 3

  18. Amber says

    I must say I like this episode as a the second episode. I definitely enjoyed it more than the premiere. I typically appreciate the character-driven morality debates of fringe. Thumbs up for the script this time!

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 20

  19. Lincless says

    Much better episode on a character level than last week!

    And I’ve found what I am missing from Season 5: Plot.
    There is really no plot. Looking for Olivia, Looking for Thought Unifier. Freeing Walter. Getting into the lab. Getting in the Science Building.
    So thin.

    But better than last week.

    Like: Thumb up 3

  20. says

    On first viewing I was a bit underwhelmed. However, upon a second viewing this morning, I came away satisfied–another solid episode. I think what is happening for me is that this new world is so different that it takes me a minute to get beyond that difference and look at it for what it is–a great story and beautifully acted.

    The standout for me was Olivia. Anna Torv does a masterful job, as usual, showing all of her emotions through her eyes and expression. I love the mother daughter dynamic play out. Mom–the original warrior–teaching her daughter how to be a leader. Compassion has always been Olivia’s secret weapon. :) I believe this is the method–showing not necessarily telling-that Olivia will use to teach her daughter.

    The scene where Olivia was in the restroom. The pictures seemed odd to me. I almost missed Etta in the picture with her (foster) parents. She was kinda stuck in there–not standing between them or holding their hand. I just thought that odd. Of course, it could be because the prop folks just inserted her into a random photo, but I found that odd.

    My only issue, albeit small, is that some of the dialogue was a little too ‘on point’. The whole–I saw it in her eyes that we have to win (or something like that). A bit hokey, but I got it. However, I did like Etta’s line “I saw pity . . .”. It’s obvious that the writers have not forgotten that Olivia is the ‘one’ the key to the world’s survival. Not through her might, but through her heart.

    One more tid-bit. I loved the opening scene . . . Olivia’s memory of the day Etta was taken and when she awoke to see Peter. Just another lovely moment for the couple. I’ll rate this episode an 8/10.

    Last note–my goodness, poor Simon! I was hoping we’d see him again, but not like that. :) You gotta love this show.

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 38

    • Sid03 says

      I totally agree with you Scully. Having said that I still miss Olivia being in charge. Our Dunhamnator. I miss her! I want to her to show Etta, how it’s done. I liked the episode, but I found the pace a little slow and keeping an eye on the timer, maybe I’m just being impatient.

      I love Anna Torv. I’m going to miss her.

      But for now, I’m happy watching. Heck, I’ll watch anything they throw at me for the next 11 episodes.

      Re: Simon – maybe they’ll rebuild him.

      Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 20

      • Amy says

        I’m not totally sure I would even watch this show if it weren’t for Anna. Her acting is just wonderful, especially in comparison with Action Chick Etta. There’s so much depth to Olivia and that’s totally due to the way Anna portrays her.

        Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 20

        • Rae says

          It’s amazing really, the depth to the character that’s portrayed in simply her face. I can *feel* Olivia in the way Anna plays her. This season especially the acting is superb. Stunning job.

          Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 26

      • Sam says

        Totally agree. I really want to see Olivia back in action soon.

        People seem to have forgotten the BAMF she used to be when needed to be. And Etta needs to be shown that her mother has been at this way longer than she has. Don’t underestimate the Dunhamnator or the experience she has, girl.

        Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 18

        • _lost_stef_ says

          Dunham is such a BAMF and the difference between her and Etta was that Olivia would never ever have tortued The Loyalist, even back in her good ol BAMF days. Etta takes more after Peter in this way.

          I also loved that Etta acknowledged the Olivia was letting her take charge of the mission knowing full well that Olivia likes to be in control of situations. But it was Olivia calmness that helped them proceed in the end.

          One of my favorite lines of the episode had to be;

          “Something that I saw in her eyes as well”
          “Pity for who?”
          “For all of us…”

          Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 18

  21. Cortexiphan Kid says

    Wasn’t Walter very impressed by pigeons in old days (like in Power Hungry)? It seems like a bit of a contradiction that he’s calling them flying vermins now.

    Like: Thumb up 3

  22. Cortexiphan Kid says

    ”You can’t win.
    The world would be a much safer place if you just stopped trying to fight them.”

    Etta is right – that guy isn’t worth a single tear.

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  23. HoreaM says

    I find this episode really fantastic, I really enjoyed it, but can someone please tell me what’s the soundtrack at the end of it called? I’ve been searching for a while, but haven’t found anything. Can somebody please tell me it’s name? Or at least give me a link of the full soundtrack? Thanks a lot 😀

    Like: Thumb up 2

    • Jim says

      It’s the show’s theme for the Fringe Division, composed by Chris Tilton. The main versions are called “A New Day In The Old Town” and “The Building Theft”. The season 3 soundtrack has a track dedicated to it named “Fringe Division”. But there are a lot of different versions on the second and third soundtracks. I’ve uploaded two compilations of the theme on YouTube at:

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  24. earthbrah says

    Having to go and find tapes for which there are apparently no clues is a nice call back to the first season when Walter was known for squirreling valuable things away in secret places.

    Like: Thumb up 7

  25. Sam says

    I’d like to start off by saying: TEAM OLIVIA! Always. Now that I’ve got that out of the way here are my thoughts on the episode 😛

    After feeling let down by the premiere, overall I’m still a little wary of the rest of the season. I definitely enjoyed this episode more though. It’s clear Wyman shouldn’t be writing on his own. Episodes turn out much better when he’s got some help.

    Etta remains in the spotlight. Honestly, Georgina’s a great actress and I’d gladly watch a spin-off that’s all about her and seriously enjoy the heck out of it. But if I have to continue to see Etta tell our original heroes how they need to follow her lead, I’ll only just like her less and less.
    She’s too cocky for my liking. I was under the impression that she truly wanted her parents back in her life. Those emotional reunions don’t mean anything if she has no desire to get to know her parents and instead simply use them as tools in her resistance. She obviously has no clue what they’ve achieved and been through. But I wish she would ask. Maybe then she’d appreciate their experience too and think twice before she calls them weak. Neither her or her parents have ever had it easy.

    I liked how the mother-daughter conflict was resolved. Etta may have proven that Olivia still has a lot to learn about this new world and will need to toughen up a bit but that doesn’t mean her mother’s methods or beliefs are outdated. Fighting fire with fire won’t bring back what the Observers have taken away – compassion and respect for human life. Something that might just make a Loyalist be doubtful of the side he’s chosen. After making her sleep on the floor, I’m glad Etta finally made her mother proud!

    So relieved to have the crazy old Walter back. I was beginning to worry we would have to put with a Walternate-ish Walter all season. Also loved Astrid’s little moment with the laser. And of course the lab. Now we just need Gene.


    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 18

    • Roneo says

      I agree with you in that the next step is Etta asking and listening what their parents have to tell and to teach her. It’d the natural thing to do to someone who’s been looking for them so hard as it was presented in Letters of transit. And not only as Fringe Team members.

      Like: Thumb up 6

  26. Rae says

    This, in my opinion, was the perfect “progresser” episode.
    Starting off, it was a great well-rounder to see Olivia’s “version” of the events
    flashbacked in Peter’s dream, simply another angle to the terror that’s horrified
    them both for, in their perception, what’s only been months. Cute too, to hear
    Peter’s reassurance to the Mrs. when she admits that day still scares her. As
    we’ve come to understand more in this episode things like reassurance and
    hope are foreign to this new world. It’s a needed permeation that our team
    introduces such concepts, thrusts things like mercy into a baron wasteland of
    death and destruction.

    The standard between humans is volatile, hostile, a reality made known to
    us through Grant and Etta’s back and forth. As aforementioned grace isn’t
    known in this dystopia, or even kindness or compassion, all of these human
    traits died off with the before-world. Enter our team, namely Olivia, through
    who’s eyes members of this new order see human traits long forgotten, and
    because of this, decide within themselves to hinge their hopes on something
    like empathy toward one another. I over looked the almost contrived feeling of
    the Loyalists “I’ll fight for the resistance now.” because the point of this whole
    plot, in my opinion, was to understand how humanizing interaction between
    people can be, especially when such compassionate interaction died off in the
    days when humans fought invaders, not each other.

    We’ve known this for a while though, of course, how Peter humanizes Walter,
    Walter and Olivia, Peter and Peter, Olivia. Here it was shown to us that another
    piece of this familial rectangle of emotional investment. To survive in this world,
    Henrietta’s learned to be hard, to the point, to make it by at any cost, and quite
    frankly, I found myself empathizing with her plight. We don’t know what it
    would be like to grow-up in a world without simple liberties and freedoms and
    the common courtesy of mutual respect, and here’s this girl who’s had to learn
    self-survival since she was three years, one month and five days old.

    Throw Momma into the picture and her words of “I hope you weren’t hardened’
    and we can see in Etta’s face how she’d given up on things like mercy and
    hope years ago, this hard-shelled exterior is the resigned stance she’s taken
    toward fighting for her world. Obviously, in the end, we see the effect realized
    pity has taken on our combating duo, when lil-Dunhamator let’s Mr. “lied about
    my son’ Loyalist go, because she’s taken to heart what her mother’s offered
    her, another way beside apathy, another choice beside intense aggression.

    The point of this show, imo, since season one, was ultimately to understand
    the effect we have on each other as people. How our choices and decisions
    would differ given the relationships we make in our lives. Clearly, here, Olivia’s
    presented a dying world with a candle, a glimmer of something kindly sustainable
    and caring between dueling sides of mankind, and who knows, maybe we’ll come to realize there’s a “pay it forward” effect percolating under the surface. Always there’s been a sense of ‘wish-fulfillment” hinged in the episodic corners of this series, so to say that Liv “thought” a kinder world and therefore “created” it wouldn’t be so far-fetched. If I recall, thinking and creating our relative terms that, arguably, color the fundamental base of this show.

    All that being said, we had some great Walter moments “In Absentia.”. First, the beginning scene when he’s speaking in tongues, and then the later, when he’s struggling to break his laser record player. There was a note of pride in me when he finally laid hammer into fiberglass. And did anyone else catch that fly-by comment in the tunnel, when Walter mentioned something of how he and Belly use to pounce around down there in their Speedos. Taking a giant leap of assumption here, I’m going to say they were knee-deep in a wild Acid trip at the time. Probably the reason for the graffiti dragon scribbled on the wall…

    Great acting once again by Anna Torv. It was quite evident the struggle between acceptance, and reality that our Olive was dealing with in this episode. Even the awkwardness between daughter and mother was played off well, and imo, not only unavoidable, but understandable. This kiddo is merely a stranger to a mother who wanted nothing more then to see her child grow up, and then, in the bathroom, is presented with pictures, I’d assume, of her daughter being raised by a foster family. It must have been heart-wrenching in the least for Olivia, to realize that another mother knows everything about her daughter. And now she’s trying to come to grips with how exactly, to familiarize with her own offspring. Nothing in this world is recognizable, so it’s a fight really, to find the kind of emotional common ground that binds a relationship.

    Of course, this is offered to Liv through her daughter, when Etta announces that she, too, likes to be in control of things. Alas, a familiarity, a common ground. Again, I hear the roar of ‘wish-fulfillment’ baying out in the moors.

    The tapes! What a cool concept. I’m assuming the next string of episodes is the Scooby Gang on a wild goose-chase to hunt down Walter’s recorded plan-steps, meanwhile, being smacked in the face with compulsory mysteries galore. Don’t know bout you guys, but I can’t wait.

    To wrap all of this up with a neat little bow, this episode, when you get down to bar-barbs, presented us with a reality where the only way to change things, is to use the softest parts of your heart. Funny, I’m pretty sure that’s been the case since episode one….;)

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 30

    • hsa says

      As always. I enjoyed your comments very much. You express yourself well and easily and do not get mired into the like/dislike talk. Somehow I thought of the hunt for the parts of the “Machine” when we learned about the hunt for the tapes. Thank you.

      Like: Thumb up 2

    • DeepRunner says

      Yeah, Rae, good thoughts as always. Re: the search for the tapes, seems like it’s sort of a nod to the search for the pieces of the BBM in season 3.

      Beyond that, I think you are right about one of the themes of the show being the effect people have on each other (and on situations). Season 4 explored the Peter Factor with his disappearance and how things were different, how things proceeded for the characters without him. Etta is this season’s embodiment of that exploration, how she developed without Peter and Olivia as Protector/Anchors in her life. Not to say that the Bishop Tribe would not have hardened anyway, assuming they had survived The Purge. But it is an interesting psychological examination.

      Like: Thumb up 3

  27. Cortexiphan Kid says

    I have a feeling, that the only reason why Olivia was so compasionate is that she hasn’t tasted the Egg Sticks yet. :)

    Like: Thumb up 3

  28. ML says

    Poor Simon… I was also looking forward to see him again, but not like this. When I saw Simon blinking, I thought: “Okay, creepy head… keep it to yourself that you just saw Etta!”

    Like: Thumb up 5

    • g33k says

      Yes!! Totally agree! With all the wires hooked up to him and that one slow creepy blink I was wondering if they were going to be able to read his thoughts because he still looked alive and sentient enough to recognize her!

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I see an upcoming episode of Futurama with Henry Ian Cusick as a severed head in a jar lost on an island that the planet express ship crashes into. With a Leonard Nimoy’s head on board of course! XD

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  29. 134sc says

    I was entertained, just as a I am with all Fringe episodes. However, I dont think it was as good as last week.

    That being said, what I did really enjoy is that Fringe is the type of show that makes you think; deeper world concepts and all that. So I did appreciate the questions and themes this episode raised. How Etta and Olivia had very different views on right and wrong. Etta had been ‘hardend’ by the world she lived in, she has no compassion or pity for a fellow human being. From her perspective she was completely justified in her actions; as she said, “this is war and we are losing”. Olivia on the other hand has always displayed sympathy and compassion for others, this ‘weakness’ is her greatest strength. Olivia can identify with other people and try to help them, all the while figuring out whatever she needs to figure out. Having lived in our world Olivia can look at the loyalist and see the humanity, while somebody like Etta would only see an enemy.

    In addition, the theme of hope was present as well. Both Etta and the loyalist saw pity in Olivia and it gave them both hope for a brighter future. Hope that there is another way, hope for humanity and hope that they can defeat the Observers. Hope seams to have vanished a long time ago, and its up to the Fringe team to bring it back.

    The themes are what saved this episode for me, but I’m sure that is what TPTB were going for anyway.

    ps. Josh Jackson didn’t have much to do this episode, but I thought his scene with Etta where he stops her from taking revenge was fantastic. It is obvious Peter was comfortable being being a father to this girl whom is almost his age. Peter was very stern in his belief, but realised Etta’s state of mind, so he also reasured Etta that one day they will all pay. You can tell Etta did not like it, but she respected it. I can only speak for myself, but I have had many conversations with my father over the years where I don’t like what I am hearing, but I respect it, because at the end of the day, he is my dad and in many ways knows whats best for me.

    Like: Thumb up 7

    • DeepRunner says

      Peter has been less of a foreground character so far, but Joshua Jackson has said that episode 4 will be a game-changer for Peter. Not sure what that means–will someone majorly important get whacked? Will Peter exact the vengeance he promised Etta would happen? So many questions, so few episodes left,,,

      Like: Thumb up 1

  30. DeepRunner says

    I was reading another review on a different site, and they talked about how good it would have been to see William Bell next to Simon. And then I wondered…What happened to William Bell? In TTUM-11, the loyalist soldier told Etta both Simon and Bell had been found. But in this episode, we only see Simon (or more correctly, Simon’s head) being experimented on.

    I am sure brighter brains than mine have already thought of this, but…what if Bell and Windmark are in cahoots? What if Bell has gone over to the other side? That would be incredibly interesting, a channel worth exploring. The only problem with the theory is, it was sort of implied in 4.19 that Bell was still considered something of a good guy at the time of the ambering. Or at least he was WITH the good guys.

    But him being a traitor and a facilitator of The Bald Battalion would be a fascinating turn.

    Like: Thumb up 2

    • Sam says

      I like that idea!

      We still don’t know what Bell was doing with our team in the amber but I’m guessing he was up to no good since they didn’t bother saving him. This alternate timeline Bell has been nothing but pure evil so far. He could definitely be one with the Observers.

      Like: Thumb up 1

    • Starman says

      Interesting theory, although we know that Bell has already developed at least two anti-observer technologies: the “shoots faster” gun that fires bullets that they can’t catch, and the “stasis runes” used to trap September in the Season 4 finale. Presumably he was doing something to help Walter when he was ambered, but it certainly wouldn’t be unlike him to play both sides against each other. In the original timeline he was the original funding source for ZFT yet he also developed the shape-shifters for the other universe.

      Like: Thumb up 1

      • DeepRunner says

        Good point. But Jessica was Bell’s agent, and the whole thing involving her, including the stasis runes and the shoots-faster gun, was a ploy to activate Olivia.

        The lasting image I have of Bell in the amber is his had being extended, like a warning or at least something indicating that he did not want that outcome.

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  31. Gabriel says

    Tottaly Lost referenced episode… awesome… Radzinsky (Eric Lange), Desmond (HIC), the VHS part-missing tapes… where’s Dr. Marvin Candle?

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  32. Darth Kid (aka Cortexiphan Kid's evil alter ego) says

    You know what’s funny? That untill I saw In Absentia, I actually thought that Transilience Though Unifier Model 11 was hardly above average episode. But comparing to what we were served this week, it looks like the highlight of the series!
    Where should I begin? Beggining should probably be the best start right?
    Well, while it was cute how they had the same beggining as last week and how it gave us that nice dejavu feeling, it wasn’t so emotional for the viewers as last week’s (that kind of happens if you see the same thing twice). So I guess we’re now waiting to see Etta’s version, versions of those people in the park, versions of those Observer, and maybe version of those dandelions as well.
    Than there is the trasilience thought unifier. Or should I say the lack of it. We saw it in the first couple of minutes, but than everybody sort of forgot about it. Funny, since the previous episode was named after it. You would think they would try a bit harder to figure out the thing that could save the world.
    And isn’t it convinient, that even though Observers took over the Harvard lab, everything is as it was 20 years ago? Someone would expect they would secure it better or at least take a look at that recorder.
    Also Walter didn’t seem to have any problem at all remembering about those tunnels.
    The one thing I did like about the episode was the mother/daughter relationship. Of course, Peter was hardly more than present this week, but the girls certanly filled the gap he left. Of course, Etta did have a bit too big character transformation to be entirely plausible, Olivia looked like a naive altruist and Etta like a heartless b/////, but it was still the best thing in this episode.
    Gael was kind of boring, a typical cowardish lying Nazi style Loyalist. Really nothing special.
    The Loyalists are kind of unoriginal, they are like Nazi’s with tatoos. Even their uniforms are the same. All they are missing is a swastika.

    The end was a total bulls/t. It told us nothing we don’t already know. Also now, we’re going to have that ridiculous scavange hunt, that will just eat precious time in that final season. Here we can say goodbye to 3-4 episodes. Hopefuly not 11 episodes.

    Like: Thumb up 3

    • Ian S. says

      I thought Olivia’s dream sequence was nothing short of genius. A major theme of the last episode was “perspective”, and if you pay closer attention to Olivia’s dream you’ll see the change in perspective between her and Peter. In Peter’s dream, the blanket is red, him and Olivia are both mainly present, and when the building vanishes he is in the picture with Olivia. In Olivia’s dream, it is really her that’s only present, the blanket is green (and Peter’s shirt is different), and when the building vanishes Etta is not present. That really reflects on the character’s moods at the moment (Peter might want to repair their marriage faster than Olivia wants to) and shows the guilt Peter has in losing Etta (having her in the scene when the building disappears) and Olivia’s dedication to saving the world (having just the building disappear). Roco had a whole Observation on it on Seriable.

      Eric Lange as acted the hell out of that Loyalist. I felt empathy when he wanted to feed the birds, and felt mistrust with Etta when he talked about his “son”. He acted so well that we were able to feel the emotions the characters were feeling. That’s impressive. Also I see what you mean about the Loyalists being slightly unoriginal, but I take it that the Fringe creators decided to make them similar to Nazi’s on purpose. It’s disturbing because, since World War 2, it’s obvious humans, and later Observers, never had a better plan about taking over the world. Just as Hitler evoked fear into Germany and eventually forced people into Nazis out of fear, the Observers are doing the same in 2036. It draws a very scary, real parallel between the two. If the Observers use the same tactic in 2036 (which is also 2609 in a sense), and Hitler used the same tactic in the 1940’s, then I’d say the best tactic for world domination using humans has already been used and could be used again.

      Everything that’s been happening this season has drawn some really deep questions, as long as you dig a bit deeper then what’s on the outside.

      Like: Thumb up 5

      • Cortexiphan Kid says

        Hey now, season 5 is not season 4, it’s really hard to find something to whine about!
        Also I know that I need some practise, even though I consider myself to be a fairly good liar :)

        On the side note, I think that Loyalists are more like nazi collaborators. A lot of countries had traitors that colaborated with Nazis, like anti-Semitic, nationalists and anti-communist groups. Sadly, my country is one of them (slovenian home guard cooporated with Nazis), however most people here were fighting the nazis as partisans. Slavic nations were considered to be a lesser race, just like humans (loyalists included) are considered a lesser species by the Badservers.
        I have a feeling that the reasons why would someone join the Loyalists are similiar to reasons why people cooporated with Nazis:
        1.) Ideological (fear of communism/resistance (fringe), sympathising with fascist/observer (fringe) ideology)
        2.) Economical (money, economical colaboration with Nazis/Badservers (fringe))
        3.) Existential
        4.) Psychological
        5.) Political (wanting to gain influence, power)

        It’s interesting that the way Resistance fights the opression doesn’t resemble the Partisan way (fighting in the forests, guerila). Instead, they at more like an organisation TIGR. TIGR (Trst, Istra, Gorica, Rijeka) was an organisation formed by slovenian and croation minority living in Italy, that fought italian opression and fascist party. Fascist party treated slovenian minority even worse than Observers treat humans – it was illegal to speak slovenian language in public, people had to use their italian names, fascists burned down Ethnical hall of Slovenes in trieste, etc.. TIGR carried out bomb attacks, assasinated italian military personel, police forces and civil servants. They also planned a popular uprising aganist the fascist regime, but that was never carried out. They were treated as terrorists by the italian state.

        Like: Thumb up 0

        • g33k says

          I find your post really interesting, and your list of reasons people would collaborate with a regime. However, having had a father and grandfather who were made to join the military in ’42 in Germany, I’m not sure if they fall into those categories. Perhaps forced conscription would be another? Or do you think that would fall into existential?
          Basically in my father wasn’t in Hitler’s youth until ’42, and I think it was law that he should have been by then. So the choice the Nazi’s gave was my grandfather alone join and go to Russia (very likely death, someone in the family had already died there), or my father would be sent away to Hitler’s youth and my grandfather would be put into the fire brigades in Hamburg. They chose the latter and both survived, then the sad irony of it all was my grandmother died in ’43.

          Like: Thumb up 1

          • g33k says

            I’m just realizing now that in Olivia’s dream Peter’s asking “where are the children” (probably paraphrasing) If this becomes one of the ways the observers took over so easily, well, I wouldn’t be surprised. Ugh. :-[

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          • Cortexiphan Kid says

            I wasn’t talking about why people joined the Hitler’s army in Germany, I’m simply guessing about the reasons why people joined groups like home guard, and helped the ocupator. I guess people in Germany had diferent reasons. My greatgrandfather had to join the german army (he was forced) and fight in Russia, but he ran and joined the partisans. He lived long after war, and he was a politician in Yugoslavia for some time.

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    • Scott42444 says

      I just want to comment on the part of what you said in regards to Etta’s quick change of heart. I think we should get used to very quick character changes in this final season. They don’t have time to have people drag out their changes. Season 4 did, especially the part with Walter and his resistance to Peter. I kind of sucked and felt like it dragged. We are, as fans, going to have to just accept that this is a story with the fast forward button on OR we are going to go nuts. Unless, watching television and tearing apart each aspect is what is fun and then….enjoy. I think there will be a lot of time for that this year. There is an end game and I feel we will have a lot of episodes that have a couple of REALLY COOL parts and some filler padded around it.

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  33. Rae says

    I think it’s interesting to note too, that Etta has some kind of aversion toward taking baths. Ironic given daddy’s unfortunate childhood experience when it comes to water, and the subsequent almost-drowning that ensued.

    Also noteworthy is that Peter’s words of “I think I can stay here for the rest of my life.” is present in Olivia’s flashback dream and not her husbands. This suggests, I think, the Dunhamater’s contentment with the way their life had been and how she would have been happy to spend eternity in that kind of happiness. That she would remember what he’d said at that time is significant, I think, to the overall picture, especially given the relationship she and Peter have now.

    That she would remember because she wants to feel it again is not too much of a leap, IMO.

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 11

      • Rae says

        In Olivia’s flashback, honey. When her and Petah are lying on the blanket and she tells him they have to get Etta home and get her into a bath which is never easy….just thought that was an interesting bit of dialogue. Perhaps it means nothing, but you know, this is Fringe. We can draw meaning into every little thing…lol.

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  34. Overkast says

    I’m I missing something…. on 419 Etta found Walter with peter, William, and Astrid and now in this espoised he Ambered himself in the lab alone?

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