FRINGE: 5.01 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 Review


Quick update for those looking for my Fringe 5.01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11” review — you can check it out at our partner site Seriable by clicking here.


  1. Jacko says

    Wonderful episode! I’ve been wondering, were the cortexi-kids created to battle the alt-verse, the observers, or help Bell create his new universe? And was the beacon a holding cell in a way for September? How was the machine turned on without Peter? Was it like Doctor Who that once the Observers finally got Peter to make the right choice, it was a fixed point in time, and they could not save Peter and still have their plan work? Lastly, was the brain pieces from Walterโ€™s head taken out because Walter figured out how to create a new universe?

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    • Sam says

      I think the Cortexi-kids were definitely prepared for the war with the alternate universe. Bell pulled Olivia to the other side at the end of season 1 to warn her about it. I don’t see how Bell and Walter could have guessed at the time that there would be an Observer invasion. They only knew about the alternate universe and had no idea about the Observers.

      That was the original timeline anyway. I guess they still needed the Cortexi-kids for the war with the other universe but at some point in the alternate timeline Bell lost his mind and decided he wants his own universe ๐Ÿ˜› I’m still not sure how they got the machine to work without Peter. I think since he didn’t exist it just couldn’t be designed to work only with him and anyone was able to use it. Still not sure about the beacon myself. Walter was just becoming afraid of the man he was becoming. Doing all those experiments on people. He was never interested in creating a new universe. That was Bell. I like to think his wake-up call was his lab assistant’s death and that really made him realise that he needed to put a stop to himself.

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      • Sanj says

        But remember in season 2, the episode “Fracture” was all about an impending invasion by the Observers…probably the first time in the whole series where the Observers were viewed in such a way at the point where this episode aired.

        To me, season 1 is all about competing corporations coming up with ways to “weaponise” humans, culminating in Cortexiphan. ZFT was the galvanizing point for these corporations. Was it being co-ordinated by Bell? He was, at the same time, working with Walternate creating the very invading force he was warning our side about. Remember, he called the bio-mech shifters “The First Wave.” What was the second wave supposed to be? Walternate wasn’t planning a second wave from what we can see, he just wanted Peter back.

        In the rebooted universe we get to see what would happen in Season 1 if Peter had not existed…the bio-mechanical shapeshifters were to keep Walternate busy while Bell created the “human” shapeshifters to infiltrate BOTH sides. Maybe this was the “second wave.”

        Now the real question…the Observers seemed to want Peter “deleted.” Therefore the events of season 4 are what they wanted to happen, which leads to their invasion. Our Boy Wonder is the real kingmaker, it seems! And in Season 5, he still should not exist. This also means that they wanted Bell to become a megalomaniac.

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    • Surun Tunne says

      “Lastly, was the brain pieces from Walterโ€™s head taken out because Walter figured out how to create a new universe?”

      in the rewritten timeline, yes.
      you might wanna rewatch brave new world part 2…

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  2. says

    This episode was a really great start of the season. Even though this will be the last season and only (13?) episodes, I have the feeling it’s gonna be an awesome one!

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