FRINGE: 4.16 Nothing As It Seems — New Promotional Photos


Check out the new “Nothing As It Seems” photos in our updated episode gallery below the jump.


      • James says

        Sigh. I’m glad he’s in the right place, but now I want everyone to remember him.

        They’ve dragged this out for long enough now. With no confirmation of Season Five, I want the old relationships back.

        Yes, I’m glad Peter and Liv are together, but the best relationship (Peter and Walter) is still inconclusive.

        I don’t want Walter to gradually accept that this is his son, I want OUR Walter back.

        This season is so hit-and-miss. I hope it’s worth it in the end.

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  1. Alina says

    Ohmygod. Oh. My. GOD. The writers of this show are seriously playing with my emotions.

    I just died looking at the Markam photo… XD

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  2. Rae says

    I cannot wait till Friday! I have a feeling I’ll like this COTW as much as I enjoyed WTW. This latter end of season 4 has been off the cuff ridiculously awesome. I’m in the minority who’s enjoyed the whole season overall though. And honestly, if Lincoln interacts with anyone in this eppy, I hope it’s Peter. Cause for some reason it’s the only character relationship that seems, at the most, believable to me.

    Can’t say I don’t wish Lincoln calls Olivia and Peter answers her phone:

    Lincoln: “Peter? I’m um, I’m trying to get in touch with Olivia. Why are you answering her phone?”

    Peter: “Because she’s still asleep.”

    Lincoln. “_______. She slept over?”

    Peter: “That’s usually what asleep means, Lincoln.”

    I swear, Lincoln states the obvious way to much. Sometimes it just makes me laugh. lol.

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    • DeepRunner says

      Lincoln would throw a purple-passion, turn-your-ears-blue fit if that scenario were to happen, Rae.

      The look of ulcerative shock on his face would be PRICELESS, though (and I think Seth Gabel could pull it off so that we could all feel Lincoln’s pain). Although I will NEVER be a card-carrying member of the Lincoln Fan Club, I have nothing against the character, as he is one of the good guys.

      Lincoln needs to move on. For someone as bright as this character is, he seems very much like a high school sophomore asking out the prom queen and can’t see the 12-inch red-letter writing on the wall. I believe Walter or Nina will tell him to stand down at some point. Probably Nina.

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  3. DeepRunner says

    Markham! It’s Markham! So does Olivia already know Markham? Probably so, since she has the memories.

    Can Sam Weiss be far behind?

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      • mlj102 says

        Really? I don’t remember that one. Can you tell me when they said that? I just can’t imagine them not bringing him back at some point — that would be disappointing.

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        • Scully8 says

          Yeah, they said he probably wouldn’t be coming back; Wyman responding to a tweet and said the Sam story is pretty much finished. :(

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