FRINGE: 4.22 Brave New World: Part 2 Review


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  1. SissySiri says

    I enjoyed the Season four finale part two immensely. IMO I don’t know how anyone who is a Fringe fan can find much fault with this episode. I also feel that over analyzing every move, every utterance, every background faux pas, every incorrect scientific procedure takes the pleasure of the episode away. It’s Fringe, if you are a true fan of course you have to believe in flying porcupines and the possibility that universes can be collapsed, and that Olivia can stop and catch bullets! This show is the best, it is fun for those of us who just want to watch a show, to fantasize that what is happening on our TV screen is really happening. Some people scream, cry and cheer for the “good guys” to win. And when it is over, chat with like-minded people.

    I think that LoT ties in with the Season four finale in this way, when Walter said to Astrid regarding what Bell *had done to Olivia* after showing Astrid the hand; Walter was referring to what happened in the Season four finale. In other words, because Bell used Olivia in such a horrific way, as the power source to collapse two universes, and Walter having to shoot her due to Bell’s insanity, they should have no compassion for Bell.

    So where is Olivia? From Etta’s anticipation that she may see her mother in LoT indicates to me Olivia is alive. If that is the case, why wasn’t she in the amber with Peter, Walter, Bell and Astrid? Why was Bell in the amber? Did Olivia go somewhere else with toddler Etta while under attack? Would that explain the separation from the rest? The writers will not let Olivia be older than Peter if they meet up, since he was preserved for 20 years in amber *I would not go for that, if Olivia is older*.

    Isn’t this fun?

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