FRINGE: 4.22 Brave New World Part 2 — Press Release


Details for concluding part of the Fringe Season 4 finale — “Brave New World: Part 2” —Β  have now arrived..

Friday, May 11

FRINGE (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) – “Brave New World, Part 2 of 2” – Season Finale, Part 2

In the climactic conclusion of the Season Four finale, the Fringe team is pushed to the breaking point as they desperately attempt to prevent a catastrophic event that threatens the lives of everyone.



      • willg says

        Why do you say that. Fingers crossed, everything is pointing to a close renewal. It would be really cruel if everything says close to a renewal and then they cancel it. Would be very painful indeed.

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        • Tash says

          And willg in didnt say anything about it getting cancelled
          Its just that that is Definately the series finale
          Lol i dont mean the entire thing, just series 4 :)

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          • willg says

            Oh, I got you. By series we take it as the whole show, but individuals like 1,2,3, or 4 we call seasons. Sorry just a misunderstanding. I am really looking forward to it being renewed.

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  1. Red Balloon says

    LOL…with the SPOILER ALERT!

    I’ve been more spoiled with the supermarket’ magazine issue of the week

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  2. James says

    “In the climactic conclusion of the Season Four finale, the Fringe team spend forty minutes in the lab debating what the hell to do, with some tender and revealing character moments, before spending the last five minutes of the episode at a dangerous location, where everyone looks shocked and there is a cliffhanger, you mad?”

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  3. Lafra08 says

    Guys I have a strong theory! :) What if by the end of 4.20 we will have only ONE world, what if DRJ agenda is to merege the 2 universes and he will succeed, and what if by all that he is NOT a villian and enemy but a good guy who somehow knows that only if there is only one world humanity could win the coming war against probably the Observers, this could be a plot twist DRJ a good guy πŸ˜‰ – the last two episodes are called Brave New world and if really so imagine how hillarious it could be having our main characters with personalities of two alternate versions merged into ONE: Olivia – more funny and lightend up but still focused and proffesional, Walter strong as Walternate but somehow still warm and funny,………I would love it:)

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    • Cortexiphan Kid says

      I think merging universes is what DRJ is planning, but I also don’t think this would happen, because the last time he did it in Westfield, it didn’t quite work out.
      But on the other hand, the last time he didn’t have Cortexiphan Kids;)

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    • Scott42444 says

      I love that idea. Also, everyone can remember Peter (not just Olivia) so they can remember all of the plot holes that exist because of his absence.

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  4. diane says

    I have thought along similar lines as Lafra08 but then my mind goes in a bunch of direction. I think there’s more than just the two universes. Each variation of these characters is giving us a look into an alternate universe that is a direct result of some decision they previously made. If we recall in season 1 Walter’s little explanation and diagram on the chalk board to explain the alternate uiverse when he said with each choice we make we travel a different path so to speak. Or, perhaps the Observers continuously take these characters down various paths for some agenda, be it self-fullfilling or be it to allow them to see what they may or may not become and DRJ is one of the forces they use, the antognist to force these characters to the edge. Whatever, the path I will say the first part of this season I was not pleased but the second half has brought me right back to my Fringe fascination and I can’t wait for the seaon finale and do hope to see it renewed.

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