FRINGE: 4.21 Brave New World: Part 1 — Sneak Peek 3


The third preview clip from Friday’s Fringe finale — “Brave New World: Part 1” — has now arrived. Check it out after the jump.

Watch the first two clips here and here!


  1. Scott42444 says

    Can’t help noticing some scenes, like this one, that APPEAR to be “Series Finale”-ish. It appears to me that the producers really weren’t sure about the renewal this time. Even the last episode (4.20), where they closed the bridge, appeared to be in place in case of cancellation.. Especially with the goodbyes. As a matter of fact, I am not so sure they would have shut down the machine and closed the bridge had they known season 5 was inevitable. Maybe it’s just me. Anyone else feeling a little nostalgia watching these sneak preview scenes and last week’s episode?

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  2. Jen says

    I think Walter & Astrid are totally wearing the same clothing they were when we see them released from the amber in 4×19- which is in about 20 years, right?!

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