FRINGE: 4.21 Brave New World: Part 1 Promo


Watch the promo for the first part of the Season 4 finale “Brave New World: Part 1” below.


  1. Cortexiphan Kid says

    Ehm, I know, thi isn’t realated, but still.
    I just read that book by Dan Simmons Flashback, and I found something interesting. In chapter 3.01, one of the character uses the phrase ”Letters of transit”;
    ”I have a letter of transit drafted and signed for you.”
    And then, there is a whole section abou it:
    ”Letter of transit, thought Leonard. He’d never heard that phrase outside of the movie Casablanca.”

    Now here comes the twist. The story takes place in 2036.

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    • Sanj says

      I love Dan Simmons. Ever read “Hollow Man?” It involves the creation (or jump) to an alternate universe as well.

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  2. Rae says

    Is that Astrid in the field with a GUN???!?!! Oh, rock on! That’s gonna be awesome!!

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    • says

      Totally awesome! I knew Astrid had it in her . . . protecting Walter. I love it! This is shaping up to be a great end to an interesting season.

      Rae, do you think we’ve seen the last of the Altverse? If so, I’m kinda sad. :(

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      • Rae says

        Honestly, no, I don’t think so. I think although we don’t have a bridge anymore, we’re still going to shift back-and-forth. Remember, Olivia still has the power to cross over. I think perhaps that power will come in handy in season Five.

        The alt-verses story isn’t over yet. There’s no one this would be the end of it. Something else is up a meticulously planned out sleeve. lol….

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  3. Jacko says

    Can’t wait!! But after last nights episode, I feel now like we won’t get an answer about the Machine and how it turned on without Peter. :( One thing that bugs me for this season.

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    • Ian S. says

      From having read the “Beyond The Fringe” comics, studying the machine episodes thoroughly, and spending months thinking, I’ve come to the conclusion of what I believe to be the best answer to this.

      No one in this timeline turned the machine on. If they had, someone would have mentioned it by now.

      In the 2026 future shown in The Day We Died, Walter and co. send the machine parts back through time and create the 6955 kHz frequency that would allow the Fringe team of 2010 to find the machine parts one day, and also allow Sam Weiss to recover the scrolls. However, by making Peter the power source to these machine parts, a paradox was made. Peter powered the machine which resulted in the machine being made in the future. From this logic, one of the two is dependant on the other, and one is independent. It turns out that Peter’s existence is dependent on the machine existing, and not vice-versa as we all thought before. Because the machine exists, and was sent back through time (which I believe is what split the two universes in the first place and why the blue world and red world are inextricably linked), the machine is the CONSTANT. It will forever exist. But it’s power source is the variable, because it existed in time before Peter was ever born, which means it literally came first. And because of this, Peter had to cease to exist in order for the constant to exist and for the paradox to exist.

      If all that makes sense, then we can say how it was turned on in this timeline. In this timeline, up until 1985, everything in the past is exactly the same as the blueverse. Therefore, since the machine is the constant, its pieces stille existed in this past as well, even though this time where would be no power source (Peter) to glimpse the future and send the machine back through time. The machine is actually the constant between timelines, not Peter (he was brought back because of the special love-quantum entanglement that September talked about).

      So, since the machine parts still exist, they 6955 kHz frequency still exists. Our Fringe team still discovered the parts and Sam Weiss still uncovered the scrolls, however they meant nothing to Olivia this time. But, still with the knowledge the scrolls provided, Walternate and Walter were able to deduce that the machine was capable of destroying or creating universes. Walternate was still able to assemble his, and this is still the reason Alt-Liv crossed over and took Olivia’s life in the first place, to get the last pieces to their machine.

      Now though, you must think of the two timelines happening at the exact same time, as if they were running alongside each other. Think of them as if they were quantum entangled. As Walternate used Henry’s blood to activate the machine in our timeline, it was activated in this timeline at the same time. But to everyone in this timeline, it would appear that after they assembled it it just turned on. Then, to everyone in our universe their machine would have been activated. So they would still move them to liberty island to control the destruction. In our timeline, Olivia turned the machine off and Peter stepped in. However, to everyone in this timeline, by moving the machines closer together it would seem that that is what turned them off and created the bridge.

      So basically, it’s all about perception. In our timeline, we know the exact reasons for how the bridge was created. In this new timeline, the machine turned on after it was assembled, which turned our machine on, and by moving the machines closer together at the exact same location created the bridge.

      And this is why, now that they have turned the machine off, I don’t think it’s possible to turn it back on. It won’t react to Peter anymore because it is fully independent of a source, and since Peter isn’t supposed to exist, he is not that source anymore. It just so happens that the control device Walter invented a few episodes back was for Peter to use, but it could have been for anyone really. The machine will never be made in this future, now it’s just a piece of advanced technology that will never turn on again.

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  4. Surun Tunne says

    OF COURSE we will see the alt-characters again…
    they are a part of fringe and one of the reasons that make fringe so unique….
    the writers will NEVER EVER just drop that!

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  5. vlada_vvv says

    I can’t wait for that Walter/Nina scene…

    And of course I want to know where Bellie stands in all of this.

    In other words, I’m super excited.

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  6. Cortexiphan Kid says

    Hahaha, I ALWAYS knew, Belly is a bad guy! He was always working with DRJ.
    Just think, he was convincing Olivia exactly what DRJ was preaching to his ZFT clan.
    That she is a soldier, that she has to fight in a war, and that bad guys are coming. And she believed this crap. All of it. Probably because bad guys realy were coming too, but still. And that attack in combination with what Bell told her and Olivia’s paranoid personality led her to demonise the enemy. And since Olivia is kind of an authority figure, she convinced a lot of other people.
    I also bett, DRJ told each Cortexiphan kid, that he or she is the strongest and the most important and stuff like that.

    There. I spoke. Howgh.

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    • shidey17 says

      I think she internalized some of it but only subconsciously. Take, for example, how she wears the dark clothing. She realized in Season 1 when she investigated Nick Lane’s apartment that she did internalize some of this – although she tries to reject it in her meeting with Bell.

      My biggest question: What if William Bell (and DRJ) is right?

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      • Cortexiphan Kid says

        Oh, they are!
        And that means APOCALIPSE!

        But if I think realistic (and not like a person, who reads ZFT like a Bible;)), destroying two universes is a lousy solution, because killing 14 billion people is even worse. I mean, what those guys are doing is just selfish!
        But hey, I’m a Cortexiphan Kid, and Cortexiphan kids are they’re allies, so I might survive!
        So glad I’m on the evil side!lol

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  7. D says

    Wait one second … I can live without Bolivia (barely, but I can), but OurLivia??? Playing with fire JW and JP!

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  8. SissySiri says

    I am not sure how I feel about Bellโ€™s return. UNLESS โ€“ he helps his old buddy Walter fight off DRJ. Canโ€™t imagine what we will see on Friday, these promos are always so misleading.

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  9. Sanj says

    The way they are tying things up with Season 1 is just making the fanboy in me “Squee.” When Nick Lane said his speech to Olivia about the “old words” and the reference to the ZFT manuscript…just awesome, I thought. And now we hearken back to “Pilot” seeing Walter once again sitting at his little desk in the asylum.

    Bellie back? In what way I wonder…matter, energy, new body or Nimoy himself? I could see Mr. Quinto stepping out of the shadows as a “Young” Bell.

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