FRINGE: 4.20 Worlds Apart — Promo #2


Here’s the 2nd promo for “Worlds Apart,” airing April 27.


  1. Scott42444 says

    I consider myself a pretty die-hard Fringe fan, so it is embarrassing that I need to ask this, but how do Lincoln and Nick know each other? Are they brothers? Do we know yet? I haven’t gone back and watched it, but I remember Nick and Lincoln recognizing each other in “Over There:Part 1 or 2”

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    • PB says

      This was never revealed, and was left hanging in the air in after “Over There Pt. 1”.

      A great many such as yourself have yet to forget about this and have been waiting all season for Nick Lane to make another appearance so we might learn his history with Lincoln.

      If AltLinc is really dead, we won’t learn what his connection with Lane was I don’t think. But considering how much history Lincoln and Alt-Linc shared in common (as was revealed in “Everything In Its Right Place”), if Alt-Linc new Lane Over There, Lincoln likely know Lincoln from “Over Here”. So maybe the writers will finally tie up that lose end. Enough people have been clamoring about it long enough that I really doubt the writers would just ignore it now that Lane is finally back.

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      • Scott42444 says

        Thanks! Glad I didn’t miss anything. I watch each episode a fee times and my wife would probably strangle me if I went searching through all of Season 3 and Season 4 for an answer that could have been in 1 throw away line. Agreed on the writers needing to tie up this loose end now that the situation has presented itself (and also agreed on the point of Alt-Lincoln and Lincoln being similar enough for the connection to still be valid, although the cortexiphan experiments conducted by only the 1 universe dwelling William Bell might have Lincoln and Lane being relegated to either brothers or childhood friends)

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  2. Scott42444 says

    Maybe 2 loose ends can be tied up, with Nick Lane’s relationship with Lincoln being the key to the Lincoln/Alt-Lincoln divergence.
    Maybe the presence of Nick throughout young adulthood and adulthood for Alt-Lincoln made him more outgoing and authoritative, but since the Blue-Verse’s (which doesn’t exist anymore’ I guess technically) Nick Lane was screwed up from the cortexiphan experiments he could not have as much, if any, of an influence on Lincoln and that causes him to be a four-eyed book worm that nobody on this website seems to like.

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  3. Cortexiphan Kid says

    I know at least a few cortexiphan kids will go ”Heroes” style.

    With no carnevals, hopefully.

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  4. Cortexiphan Kid says

    The question for now is what is the Soldier and what is the Recruit.

    I assume, Nick qualifies as Soldier.

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    • Cortexiphan Kid says

      More stuff from ZFT manifest (hey, it’s our Bible!)
      ”… Our children are our greatest resource. We must nurture them and protect them. We must prepare them so they can one day protect us.”

      Yeah, Nick, you are very good at protecting us!

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  5. Cortexiphan Kid says

    ”Many warriors of the inevitable confrontation are among us now.
    But before they can be considered soldiers, they must be regarded
    as Recruits. And the expectation must be that they should be

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  6. Cortexiphan Kid says

    Uf, we realy are bigger antagonists than the Observers!
    Destroying the universe? Hmmmm, not quite sure it’s my style, but hey, anything to win THE WAR right?

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    • Red Balloon says

      Your FB scripts need improvement, you are supposed to be intriguing and very reserved like the color grey. lol jk

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  7. The Raggedy Observer says

    Everything we know will CEASE TO EXIST…. hm… the Machine + Peter = HE never Existed….. are these two things related???

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