FRINGE: 4.20 Worlds Apart First Promo Photo


Here’s the first promotional photo for 4.20 “Worlds Apart,” airing April 27.


  1. JM says

    Im going to bet that is his reaction to Olivia (whose arm we can see i think) telling him shes pregnant. I would bet money on it (albeit a small amount)

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    • Darth Kate says

      If they actually do that i will murder whoever happens to be in my immediate vicinity.

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        • Darth Kate says

          see my later comments. Its unnecessary to establish something that we already know is going to happen.

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          • Rae says

            I gotta agree with you on this Kate. There really would be no moment out of…”Peter, we’re pregnant.” if the audience is only going to go…”Yeah, what else is new?”

            The fact that we know already that they’re going to have a kid has kinda erased any dramatic feel to a revelation scene about said bambino. Would it be kinda cool, just for kicks, to see how they’d react, yeah, sure. But really, it wouldn’t add anything to a story we already know is going to happen to begin with.

            I mean, if we were only left to guess that Etta was their daughter, then having a dramatic reveal would have confirmed our suspicions, but the fact that we already know it makes it less dramatic, more predictable.

            Again, I’m not saying I would mind terribly to see it play out, just that, at this point, well…the point would be a bit redundant. They’re going to have a kid, obviously, so the surprise factor faded away with episode 19.

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    • giorgio - Greece says

      That can’t be Olivia, if you notice more carefully you can see her dark hair. Unless we’re talking about Olivia from the other universe. And that would be quite intriguing.

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  2. Rae says

    Honestly, I hope she doesn’t tell him that in this episode. Coming off the heels of this weeks, it would cheapen the idea, IMO. It would be…to easy, and convenient and not to mention, unglorified. There would be nothing ‘aww’ about it, cause we’d all be sitting back saying ‘We’re shocked! NOT…” lol….

    I kinda want her pregnancy to come in the last episode or not spoken of at all. I mean, clearly, she gives birth, as the audience, we know that. I think it would be kinda cool if it was one of those future things that we know will happen and they don’t….like….no matter how the finale ends, we know that they have a few more years of happiness with their kid until it all goes to hell again….lol

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    • Maris says

      I agree with you. If they going to tell about the pregnancy, is probably going to be in the very end of this season! Is going to be much more Fringe like, and going to make us all going crazy!;)

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    • Darth Kate says

      there isn’t even any reason to wast time on a pregnancy reveal at all. They just established in this episode that they’re going to have a kid so there’s no need to make a big deal out of it like its a big shocker. i guess we’ll just have to see…

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        • Darth Kate says

          that would still be a waste of time. we know its going to happen so there’s no need to dwell on it. hell they should probably do a time skip between seasons and skip right over the actual birth altogether. Having Olivia be out of action for a pregnancy would suck.

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      • Not The Droid You're Looking For says

        @Darth Kate and JM: So according to your philosophy, then there’s no need to have an “Observers trying to take over our planet” story line either. So in that case, would you prefer it if we just skipped straight ahead to 2036? As we already know that there was “a purge” in 2015, that a lot of people died, that the original FRINGE TEAM didn’t succeed in getting rid of The Observers, that Olivia’s death had something to do with William Bell etc? “Letters of Transit” could’ve just been a stand alone episode of just “one the of many possible futures” that might come to pass. Also, in response to your comment one could argue that Henrietta’s mum isn’t necessarily our Olivia. All we know 100% is that Peter is her father but there has been no confirmation that Olivia is her mother.

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  3. Rae says

    I think this scene comes when they’re deciding whether or not to use the machine again. I think it may also be the scene where she’s speaking of how everything they know will be gone. In the previews, it seems like these two could be attached.

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  4. Jennifer says

    I don’t know what this pic is about but I do know JOSH IS ONE BEAUTIFUL MAN!!! <3 <3 DELICIOUS!!!!

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  5. DeepRunner says

    The over-the-shoulder view DOES make it look like he is talking to Olivia. Who knows? Maybe they’re talking about what to order from Damiano’s. πŸ˜‰

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  6. scully8 says

    On a side note — Peter’s fashion sense is a bit off this season . . . that shirt is not very attractive. :)

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    • Mancha says

      On topic, I love that we are getting a promo photo… Knowing more will come later… I wonder who is taking to Peter… Could be Olivia, could be someone else… Off topic, I see nothing wrong with Peter’s shirt… My dad has one similar to it… Next week looks totally awesome by the way, and I’m hoping for more of a ratings jump… But I’ll keep on the low end of things until then…

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    • scully8 says

      I love Peter and whatever he wears is okay with me . . . just sayin’ his look this season is a bit, dare I say, corny. :)

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  7. Rae says

    Honest to god, I did a little ‘whoa, wait a minute’ when I first noticed in the promo that he was wearing this shirt. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I mind absolutely nothing he wears, and more so…what he doesn’t wear ;), but this was like…going awfully bright with the color there aren’t we?

    But, I gotta admit, this shirt does…daddy-fy him. Oh my god, imagine him with that magnetic toy and holding that camera bear….I’d be looking for spit-up…

    Anyhoo, it plays with his eyes nicely, and I think that’s the reason the wardrobe department ‘okayed’ this look.

    I think the point of Petah’s change of attire this season is to outwardly signify his maturity. Remember how in the first season he dressed as a college student, and as the show progressed so did his closet space. Now he’s dressing like a daddy-o. Awws….

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  8. Cortexiphan Kid says

    I hope Olivia isn’t telling him she’s pregnant.
    But he does have more ”I’m wondering how to save the worlds” look than ”OMG, I’m going to be a father again” look, so I don’t think there’s a need to be conserned.

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