FRINGE: 4.20 Worlds Apart — 3 Sneak Peeks


Three sneak peeks have arrived to preview tonight’s “Worlds Apart” installment of Fringe.


  1. James says

    Hmm, doesn’t look particularly amazing if I’ll be honest.

    I’m hoping that going by the synopsis of the episode, these previews have been deliberately chosen as they don’t give anything away and the rest of the episode is terrific.

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  2. FlashWriter says

    We have been fooled by these before. But this looks so much like an old season one ep that I got goosebumps. The team looks like it’s back! With both Olivias! I just can’t wait! Wow!

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  3. Tash says

    Looks cool :)
    Lol was it just me on the second one who paused on the map to see if they would be hit by the earthquakes :)

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  4. Kira says

    cub!Nick, wolf!Nick, Olivia, and Altlivia parading for one episode is wonderful πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Charlie, where are you!?

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  5. TW says

    I thought Cortexiphan killed adults who had never been exposed to it as a child. Here we see alter-Nick Lane getting some …

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