FRINGE: 4.18 The Consultant — Promo


Here’s the first-look promo for the April 13 installment of Fringe, “The Consultant.”


    • hal says

      The way that guy screams sounds like a generic cartoon sound effect scream.. Like, no one ever screams like that.. I swear they stole that sound from Carmeggedon. 😛

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  1. Darth Kate says

    Looks good. Hopefully the show will be on the upswing now that the melodrama is all tied up.

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    • lost_stef says

      thats what i was thinking. Liv looks hot in a uniform lol ( just gonna replay to see that again)

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  2. Rae says

    I’m so excited for this episode. I don’t know what I’m more excited for, the DRJ aspect, or the Boom-boom-machine one!

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  3. Darth Kate says

    Oh God! I just had a thought! Does this mean that Fauxliv will be CAPTAIN Dunham now? *head explodes from awesomeness*

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  4. Rae says

    Kate, Shidey, I’m with you gals. Fauxlivia is SO AMAZING! I’m jumping out of my seat with this promo! She’s there, so it’s gonna be a party!

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  5. James Bevan says

    Seems like the timeline is reverting to how it should be:

    i.e. that guy was supposed to die in one of the previous plane incidents.

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      • Niomi Lianne says

        Although I love the nugget I really dont think he’ll b making a return because I think the writers used the new timeline to get rid of him because of the mess he would cause if he did continue to exist

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  6. Skyler says

    I do not know, yet I have my reservations about this episode. On the one hand, I think DRJ wants to merge both worlds, and somehow be the new God of them, so he needs to destroy the bridge to prevent the healing that is experienced the other side; and on the other, I would have liked to see bounce (so to speak AltLee), that he died without We see him, leave me wondering if perhaps, he used this incident to fake his death and to capture the mole…

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  7. Ian S. says

    Can we finally find out in this episode how the other side used the machine to attempt to destroy our universe and how the bridge was made?

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    • says

      I think it was stated in one of the early episodes of this season that the other side activated the machine (how, I don’t know) and instead of destroying this universe, a bridge was created. But, I’m with you in that I hope that we learn more about the machine in this timeline in the next episode.

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  8. DeepRunner says

    Some observations about this promo:

    * The Rockin’ Redhead of the RedVerse is on the hunt for the bad guys. This is gonna be goooood.

    * Alt Broyles and the machine? So did Jones create it Over There and calibrate it for the Corrupt Colonel? This may be the first time we see the machine Over There this season and may offer a clue about how pieces of it ended up there back in time. (Although that would create quite the paradox since it was calibrated for Peter in the original timeline)

    * Flash of light as Peter opens the briefcase at the end, with Olivia there. Done for effect, most likely, but it does spark interest and intrigue. What’s in the case?

    * Bad, Bad Nina being helpful. Why? What’s her angle?

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    • James says

      We’ve seen the machine “over there” plenty of times this season.

      They are one and the same. Peter merged them both, the machine exists in the bridge room.

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        • Cortexiphan Kid says

          Maybe it merged NT with OT, just diferently than universes.
          Maybe it’s the reason for that whole ”Olivia from NT, Olivia from OT” thing.

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  9. James says

    Also, does the guy who died like he was in a plane crash remind anyone of that guy who was killed by the “butterflies” in Season One?

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  10. KOs says

    How come no one is curious about the suitcase Petah is opening in this promo? the special effect makes me feel that Petah is going to time/universe jump again. I hope this is just the way they make this promo, but not really happens in the episode.

    I don’t want the universe/timeline to reverse now. P/O are good together now, the two universes are working together.

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    • We are says

      hmmm…how come u didn’t noticed it was mentioned by DeepRunner 2 posts above you?

      JK, nice observation

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      • KOs says

        haha you are right. I guess i was too worried at the moment i read these posts… just don’t want the timeline reverse again.

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  11. scully8 says

    It’s funny, it seems everyone is lovin on altLiv and no love for ‘our’ Olivia. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Altliv cuz she’s a badass, but Olivia is smarter and a better investigator. Maybe folks have a thing against a woman in love. Has she lost her cool or badness just because she’s in love?

    Forgive me for being sensitive and silly about this, but I’ve been reading posts on other websites and reviews and everyone is ranting and raving about Lincoln and AltLive–it’s well-deserved, but makes me miss ‘our’ three.

    Actually, Anna Torv loves playing AltLivia, so not even the actress whose playing ‘our’ Olivia, has much love for her these days. :(

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    • DeepRunner says

      I suspect Anna Torv (and probably Joshua Jackson) is glad the Petuh angle has been resolved once and for all. My hope is that Olive does not become a lesser player as one of The Big Three. The Olivia of the first three seasons had more of an edge than her current iteration.

      She has also commented in the past that she likes Fauxlivia because she is more freewheeling.

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    • Red Balloon says

      I miss the initiative and enthusiasm she reflected to find answers, and I miss she being the lead investigator, because that felt right. Right now, I don’t like the fact that sometimes Peter is in front of the FBI team, because that just doesn’t make sense to me, even if Walternate put him as a Switzerland between worlds, which also lacks of meaning because they haven’t been working as a team since then, until last night.

      That’s my main concern, but there’s something about their love scenes, that also lacks of good writing. The ones that worked perfectly fine with me, where the oh-oh dream; the conversation at the school; the whole episode when Liv has flashes and remembers Peter. But the scene in her apartment after they got back together, wasn’t the best way to handle their SUPER ENCOUNTER after all the time Olivia was gone from our TV screen. It’s a little painful to watch her character being now a littler too domestic for my taste.

      They’ve maintained the essence of Altivia in a graceful way, and that’s why she’s getting my attention now.

      I wish I just felt what the writers intent to do with their characters, so I could enjoy the ride as I did the first half of the season. But they insist on making Peter someone who is far from his roll (mystery key plot-season 1 and 2 worked perfectly for him because he was Walter’s and Olivia’s support system), and Olivia (heroine with an attitude from season 1-3).

      Now, they’re trying to make all of them heroes, when they’ve accomplished nothing really….where’s the team glue they had when Walter didn’t remembered, when they were desperately searching for shadows…Now I’m having trouble seeing the “Big Three” together, because I feel that they don’t even know each other, or spent time with each other.

      I honestly don’t care about Broyles, Nina, Astrid or even Lincoln screen time, because minutes isn’t important (you can see that with September), but quality of their dialogues, their connections, the glances, the mimics, the longing, etc….they’ve messed up the character’s interactions when Peter returned.

      And that’s from someone who LOVES Fringe, who tries to watch it live even if it doesn’t count, who participates in tweeter campaigns, blogs, recaps and who re-watches the episodes more than 3 times that same week; who’s English language is pretty bad, and lacks of better words to make the best experience of every joke everyone makes. I have a hard time with promos, and episodes, and most of the blogs, but that doesn’t stop me from being a fan, and TBH, this is the first time I am a bit disappointed with how things have been handled, but I will try to wait for them to correct or tie some loose ends on the character driven material, and the main mythology holes. Because I still believe that the writers are the owners of the shows destiny, and should be able to continue with their message without influence of fan’s rantings or production problems. When they finish their work, I will be fully critic of their accomplished series, but for now this is what is bothering me, since you asked Scully… :S

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      • Red Balloon says

        I’m lying when I said this is the first time I’m a bit disappointed, as I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t liked how they handled the Peter-Machine plot or the Peter-Olivia reconciliation.

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        • scully8 says

          I agree with the comments above. It’s hard to find the right balance when dealing with romantic relationships–the interactions, the personalities of the characters, etc. and I don’t think they’ve figured it out yet.

          I think this last batch of episodes will see ‘our’ badass Olivia back. I also think she has it in her to be fun and funny — my favorite line of episode 16:
          Olivia to Peter — You better get that, it may be the 70s calling.

          I love the show too and hope it gets a season 5. Maybe they’ll figure out how to do romance without the melodrama. :)

          p.s. — I bet Peter thinks Lincoln is getting the better deal –getting to hook up with AltLivia.

          YOu know, as I write this — I’m a shipper, but when did the romantic coupling become so important?
          I think I need to take a step back and remember why I tuned into the show in the first place. Oh yeah, the potential for the P/O relationship. :) However, I’m more into the journey than the destination. In all seriousness, I love every aspect of this show and look forward to what new twists and turns the writers throw our way week to week.

          That’s it . . . I promise.

          Final note: the best P/O stuff was episodes 12 and 13; especially 13, it was the first time that I really felt that the two of them longed for each other. Okay, that’s it for me.

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          • DeepRunner says

            I think the romantic angle hung over this season like so many of the Peter relationship issues, only more intense because WE (the audience) knew the past and wanted things to get back to where they were.

            Look at this season, like the broadcast schedule, as segments, some of which did not seem to have balance. First four were without Peter (and the audience, I think, was growing impatient by the end of episode two). Novation and ATWLB were welcome reliefs because they reintroduced Peter as part of the crime-solving/FOTW-solving team. But then came The Wallflower.

            The segment that began with BTWYNB and ran through TEOAT was disrupted by Forced Perspective. Best eppy of this stretch was Welcome to Westfield, which made The Big Three as we remembered them; Olivia’s Dream and The Kiss at the end was a nod to the audience, which had wanted something in the P/O relationship. ABHB gave people the Love Candy the shipper audience had wanted with Olivia gaining her memories and the car scene, but then TEOAT changed the calculus again.

            A Short Story About Love was the Intoxicating Sugar High that shippers wanted, and the big boost was Walter was returning as the concerned father, and September’s appearance in the blue beacon (one more evidence that Peter was already home) added substantially to the mythology of the Observers. (Since then, we’ve had to deal with Relationshipless, Poor Little Lonely Lost Unloved Lincoln.)

            Hopefully, the relationship issues have been resolved (with Walter the only one with anything remaining to keep his from being complete). Until they give us More Lincoln.

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            • scully8 says

              Thank you, DeepRunner. I like that summary. I agree with all except the ‘more Lincoln.’ I’m still having a hard time accepting this character, although this last episode has gone a long way to bringing me onboard.

              One more thing . . . “A Short Story About Love”, although a lovely shipper episode, it lost most of its impact for me because of the previous episode of Peter’s rejection of Olivia. That’s it, I promise. No more shipper talk from me. :)

              Can’t wait for Friday!

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          • Red Balloon says

            Yeah Scully…I loved that 70’s line too…she can be so charming and funny when surrounded by caring people.

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    • Cortexiphan Kid says

      It realy is disturbing, that in EIIRP she had only around three or four lines, and so did in NAIS!
      More Olivia (Our Olivia!!!) please!
      And more of her badass personality we’ve seen in seasons 1, 2, 3.

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