FRINGE: 4.18 The Consultant — First Promo Photo


On the heels of the “Everything In Its Right Place” gallery, an early look at “The Consultant” has also been released. Check it out below.

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  1. scully8 says

    My mom always told me — if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything — so that’s all I’ve got to say.

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    • Robert Ariadne says

      The only problem with that is, if you say nothing, you’re saying something.

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  2. Rae says

    I bet he stays over there. Maybe it’s a continuation of this weeks eppy. But man, I betchya he’s really trying to dig his claws into this Liv. He can’t help but try and get at least one Dunham.

    Too bad Peter’s boom-boom machine beats his…in any universe.

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  3. JM says

    For some reason i get the feeling altlinc is dead in this photo, they just look sad or something..i dunno..probably reading too much into it.

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    • Rae says

      Oh my god! That would be TERRIBLE!! HE’s the only version of Lincoln I actually LIKE!!!! Oh noes! Now they’re going to force us to like Nerdcoln! and Bolivia is going to turn to him for comfort cause he looks like the guy she had suppressed feelings for and the forced circumstance is going to make them fall in lub so Blue-Lincoln can finally snag himself and Olivia!! *headdesk*

      I’m totally not being intentionally facetious. lol. πŸ˜‰

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        • Rae says

          I know JM!! I realized that after I posted it, that I could be on to something. lmao….thanks for the laugh! haha.

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      • LastManInSpace says

        Ugh. I wouldn’t bet against you because I’ve got a feeling you’re right.

        Still, maybe AltLiv can turn him into something other than a prudish stick in the mud?


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        • JM says

          It is kind of sad that is probably exactly what the producers have in mind, it also gives a spin on the title of 4.17 “everything in its right place” that once alt-lincoln dies, ourlincoln gets fauxlivia and turns to the alt universe and is then in his “right place”. ugh will be sooooooo ****.

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          • Rae says

            Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about that, JM….I think I’m getting antsy thinking about it…and not in a good way.

            AltLiv is too damn cool for NerdLincoln…

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          • Ian S. says

            Honestly, I’m fine with Fauxlivia and our Lincoln being together, she even said she likes the nice guys πŸ˜‰ But they don’t need to kill AltLincoln (who’s character I actually really like) just so that can happen, that would be ridiculous

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      • mlj102 says

        Possible alternatives to your theory: If alternate Lincoln does die, maybe alternate Olivia wouldn’t want anything to do with over here Lincoln because he looks just like her Lincoln and would only remind her of him (and any unspoken feelings she may have had for him)… Or, perhaps our Lincoln goes over there, expecting to find a place where he belongs, but he ultimately discovers that he does belong over here (in a completely different line of work…).

        Okay, maybe not. But maybe it doesn’t have to be as predictable as you’ve outlined (because your theory does seem like just the kind of thing they would do)… right?

        While we really can’t know what direction they’re going to take this or how it will work out with whatever they do, I hope they don’t kill off alternate Lincoln and have over here Lincoln find a place for himself over there; especially if that means he and alternate Olivia end up in a relationship. I just don’t believe that would be a satisfying development. Why?

        1. I like alternate Lincoln. He fits in well over there and brings a lot of personality to the show. He’s quirky and funny and I think the over there team would lose a lot of their style and appeal without Lincoln. He adds a great dynamic to the over there team, which helps to set it apart from the over here team. I don’t think over here Lincoln could fill that role.

        2. I don’t feel like over here Lincoln and alternate Olivia make a good pair. The two of them just aren’t believable together. She’s got too much attitude for his down to earth, practical style. I can see alternate Olivia and alternate Lincoln, because they have the same sort of approach to things and that same sarcastic, direct sort of humor. But I just don’t see over here Lincoln’s personality as a good match for alternate Olivia.

        3. It just seems odd for over here Lincoln to have a relationship with alternate Olivia after he has clearly had feelings for over here Olivia. It would just be strange for him to accept that he can’t have a relationship with over here Olivia, so he ends up turning to alternate Olivia, who looks like Olivia, but isn’t Olivia. Just because they look alike, it doesn’t mean they are anything alike. I mean, if a guy falls in love with a girl, but she ultimately falls in love with another guy, it would be shallow for the guy to then get in a relationship with the girl’s twin sister. What would that say about Lincoln? It certainly wouldn’t do him any favors in gaining fan support.

        4. I think it is shallow for over here Lincoln to continue in this trend of being second best by filling in for someone else (here, he was filling in for Peter when he no longer existed, and there, he would be filling in for alternate Lincoln if he ends up getting killed). I think he needs to find a place where he belongs on his own merits, not simply because the first choice can’t be there. If they really want to do the character any favors, they will help him establish himself in a place where he belongs without someone else needing to make room for him. He needs to find his own place where he can belong and contribute, not trying to fill someone else’s shoes.

        That being said, I’m a bit concerned since this show has a tendency of doing the things I feel like won’t go over well (love triangle with Peter and the two Olivias, this being the original timeline all along, etc.). Hopefully this won’t be another one of those instances. For me, Fringe can get away with developments I wouldn’t necessarily choose because I love the show and the characters so much. But in this instance, it involves Lincoln, who is not as much a fan favorite as the other characters. I think they need to be careful not to try to force Lincoln on us anymore than they already have.

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    • shidey17 says

      Makes sense. Then this pathetic version of Lincoln can have Alt-Liv and stop whining about OurLiv. I’ll really miss AltLinc walking around with that gun strapped to his thigh though :)

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    • RedVines says

      I agree with you.
      I guess AltLincoln will die during the next episode … hoping as a hero because he deserves that.
      I really like him and the AltFringe Division … not so much NerdLincoln, he is too much a “good guy” for me (Bolivia’s favourite kind of guy ; )).

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        • Scully8 says

          After re-watching this past week’s episode, they have primed the situation to have Lincoln move to the altverse. It was so obvious that he was an outsider within our Fringe team since Peter is back in the mix for real.

          Also, as stated above, they made a point of AltLivia saying she likes ‘nice guys’ and if nothing else, Lincoln is a nice guy, a bit bland, but nice. With that said, I think it could be fun for Lincoln and AltLiv to get together — she’s cocky and a bit of a risk taker and Lincoln not so much, but I think he has it in him. They could very well balance each other out.

          Also, if AltLincoln gets the bullet, both Altliv and Lincoln both will have a VERY personal reason to take down the Shapeshifters, whereas our Fringe team is more vested in taking down DRJ.

          Maybe I’m rooting for Lincoln and Altliv to simply move him out of our Fringe team. Him making puppy dog eyes at Olivia on Friday was driving me crazy.

          If Lincoln crossing to the other side then I will be his biggest fan! :)

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          • Rae says

            Don’t mind the crossing bit, but still, the romance aspect bugs me for reasons I can’t put my finger on yet….oh wait, something burns….yeah, I just put my finger on it….. :)

            In all seriousness, I don’t know why it bothers me so much, it just does. I think really, it’s cause I feel like she’d own him eight times over. Who knows though, you know, I mean, maybe the guy likes having an inferiority complex, and in that case, more power to him.

            I guess I feel that Peter and Olivia balance each other out in ways we got to see over their shared years together. He frees her from her self doubt,and it makes her a better person, and in turn she grounds him, gives him somewhere to want to call home in the time when he wanted the life of a recluse. I just don’t feel that BlueLincoln, at this point, has anything to bring to the table for any version of Olivia. Or any version of Gene the cow, for that matter.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Lincoln hater, if he was, I don’t know, a stronger character, I’d love him as much as AltLinc. It’s his seeming lack of character progression that rubs me the wrong way.

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            • DeepRunner says

              Although I don’t think Lincoln would necessarily want to be a kept man (like Merle in “The Godfather Part 2”), this character is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo desperate for attention and LUV from an Olivia (and Seth Gabel has said he hopes any version of Lincoln ends up with any version of Olivia) that he would not be a beta, but neither would he be an alpha.

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  4. T says

    I’m surprised that some are thinking that Altliv should be with Altlic. Of course Altlinc has been pining for her for some time but Altliv has always looked at him more like a brother. That leads to where the writers are inevitably going…hooking Altliv up with Ourlinc, which disgusts and tics me off for numerous reasons.

    One of those reasons (I’ve went into the other resons in past posts and won’t re-hash here) is that if the writers hook Altliv and Ourlinc up…that leads me to believe that they won’t have Altliv remembring the OTL. Are they only going to have Olivia remember te OTL?! HOW CONVENIENT! If Olivia remembered, the others who “loved” Peter at least should also remember (Altliv, Walter, Walternate). I will be highly dissapointed if they don’t gain their memories back as well.

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        • Cortexiphan Kid says

          Don’t worry, we will be seeing more of them. DRJ’s plan definetly has something to do with them, since why else would he activated her in 4.14 ”The End Of All Things”?
          And speaking of 4.14, there was plenty of Cortexiphan action going on (the ‘turning lights on’ scene was fantastic BTW).

          My gues is, she’s only going to grow STRONGER. Maybe she’s going to develop telekinesis, mind control, time and space manipulation, regeneration, precognition, dream manipulation, healing, dimension hopping (oh, right she already has that one), invisibility, tehnopathy, telepathy, terrakinesis…

          OMG, I’m sorry, but I just can’t help myself (I used to be a Heroes fan ;)).

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  5. Darth Kate says

    must…resist…urge to snark…at… silly linc haterz… *concentration face*

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    • LastManInSpace says

      Eh, it’s not really Linc hate on my part, I like him, even if he annoys me with the doe-eyed look he always has on when Olivia is around.

      It’s more my dissatisfaction with the way all of the love story plotlines have have played out. Of course, love stories in sci-fi shows always disappoint me. I’m insanely biased as I think that no one has done it better than the X-files.

      Which also explains why I never understand what P/O shippers are going on about. P & O have had their kiss in Season 2, wrong Liv sex in Season 3, (implied) sex towards the end of Season 3, blueverse dream sex in Season 4. PLENTY of conversations about their feelings for one another in Season 4. And one hopes they had some good reunion love in between the last 2 episodes:-P

      Mulder and Scully shippers didn’t get their first kiss until Season 6! And it wasn’t even the real Scully! (even though flapper Scully was pretty awesome).

      I prefer long simmering sexual tension rather than constantly finding ways to rip the lovers apart.

      Also, if anyone here hasn’t seen it, I have to recommend that episode of The X-files. It’s unrelated to the mythology so no prior knowledge is necessary. Season 6, episode 3: Triangle. A fantastic hour of television.

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  6. megan says

    Based on the comments I really hope that there will be not hooks up coming involving OurLinc and Altliv…..please writers don’t go this route. Enough with the hook ups, potential or otherwise!!!

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    • DeepRunner says

      Astrid does need some love. I think putting her with Lincoln would be more contrived than the telegraphed “put-him-with-Fauxlivia-so at-least-he-has-an-Olivia-he-can-call-his-very-own.” Until he finds out that she was with Peter.

      I don’t wish ill on this character, as some others do. If his doppelganger, whom many people like infinitely more than our Lincoln. does die, then come the real comparisons, and if you thought the comparisons with Peter were…mmm…unkind to the Linc, well…

      Bring in another one of the Lost clan to be Lincoln’s POSSLQ. so to speak.

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  7. Sofia says

    And of course, more Lincoln. I miss when Fringe was more about Olivia, Walter and Peter… I love the Red!verse too, but not with our Lincoln arching his eyebrows everywhere

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  8. Ian S. says

    I really hope Altlincoln doesn’t have to die for this, but I can really see our Lincoln giving up in life in our universe, just not fitting in, and he travels over there and actually lands a job in the alt-Fringe division and a house in the AU. This gives a nice conclusion to Lincolns character, restores our family unit, and puts “everything in its right place”. I would like that :) Also, it’s really time our side realizes we need a full Fringe team as well :\

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  9. June08 says

    Just when the P/O melodrama is finally over, we have these pictures of Altlivia and Lincoln all over the place as if the next main plot is again will they or will they not!

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind P/O and am really happy that they seem to be together for good as they deserve it and make an awesome pair but please, for me Fringe is not a soap opera and if they keep focusing on potential love stories, it seems Fringe is becoming like the Grey’s anatomy of the sci fi era which it is not as it is far more than that.

    We have the best cast on earth, great showrunners when they decide to focus on the mythology.

    I don’t watch Fringe for this, I accepted the fact that the P/O story is central to the main story and Peter and Olivia together is destiny and linked to all the main aspects of the show but Altliv and nerd Lincoln, give us a break.

    I certainly hope not and still believe that we will get a fith season maybe shortened but if these are the last episodes of Fringe, don’t waste our time with this, I definitely hope it is a fake out or they better have a pretty good reason to go this way!

    Otherwise, I really enjoyed last episode by the way and still believe Fringe is the best!

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    • Ari says

      “great showrunners when they decide to focus on the mythology” – THIS

      I agree 100%! Its why I’m hoping for a 13 episode season because I think it might actually be better. All killer no filler, if you will. I love me some Fringe, but the non-mythology stuff is just not as good. It’s almost like they have too much time on their hands! Do I care that Lincoln finds a girl – not really. Do I think they should waste an episode on it – NO.

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  10. hal says

    We should all start an online petition.. to KILL Lincoln.. both of them. In real life.

    But not really.

    My thots: I’d consult that(Olivia’s face)

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  11. Darth Kate says

    I love how a single picture of two characters standing together automatically ignites shipper rage even though there has been no indication whatsoever that they are gonna be a thing.

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  12. DeepRunner says

    Hmmm…Lincoln…first photo, even if it is with Fauxlivia…It would have been better if it were the two Walters…maybe that will come later…Still, it seems the producers really, really, REALLY want us to like Lincoln…

    I hope the relationship they telegraphed way back in TEOME pays fruition. But it seems so contrived, and, from a character psychology POV, one wonders how the Faux person would deal with not being the Olivia he wanted all along.

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  13. says

    Everyone has this totally wrong.

    Our Lincoln let himself die heroically so that Alt Lincoln and Alt Olivia could be together. Alt Lincoln has to pretend to be Our Lincoln so that Walter will help him in the Alternate Universe.


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