FRINGE: 4.17 Everything In Its Right Place Press Release


Check out the official release for 4.17 “Everything In Its Right Place.”


“FRINGE” – (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1


Lincoln travels to the other side to join forces with Bolivia and his own alternate, as they search for a vigilante with a surprising connection to the shapeshifters in the all-new “Everything In Its Right Place” episode of FRINGE airing Friday, April 6 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-417) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham; Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop; John Noble as Walter Bishop; Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles; Blair Brown as Nina Sharp; Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth; Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee


  1. JM says

    Im still waiting for you broyles, your not mentioned in anything, your not shown in anything….WHERE THE **** ARE YOU!?

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    • mlj102 says

      It’s really not that big of a deal. And, in all fairness, Bolivia was the first name for alternate Olivia. It’s the name the writers/producers came up with for her. Technically, it is the official name, regardless of what has become more popular since then. So no matter how you feel about it, I would suggest you get used to it and accept it — at least in the official Fringe related releases — because that’s the name they use to identify her. Personally, I always preferred Altlivia — I just never cared for Fauxlivia. But many others disagree, so I have to just deal with it.

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      • matt says

        I think they are all official now are they not? I mean Fauxlivia is the one they use in the show (Walter used it on screen if I remember correctly) and Bolivia was what TPTB used to call her behind the scenes off camera though I can’t remember if Altlivia was used in or around the show officially, I thought it was too,, so no need to get snappy about having to get used to it. Fauxlivia is brilliant, Bolivia is kinda bland (Altlivia is better) and I aint changin my mind. each to their own. whatever makes you happiest

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        • mlj102 says

          I wasn’t being snappy — at least I wasn’t trying to be. I was just sharing my perspective on the issue presented and stating the facts as I see them. So if that came across as “snappy” I apologize. :)

          However, I stick with my point, which is basically the same point you made. There are several different names for her, and different fans have different preferences — to each their own. But no matter what your opinion is, it’s not going to change the fact that TPTB use Bolivia. So I see no reason to get irritated when they continue to use that name. Use whatever name you want, and accept whatever name others may use.

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  2. Dylan says

    I don’t appreciate them giving titles such as thing out to episode with these kind of descriptions. It’s like labeling an episode like ‘Wallflower’ as “Jumping timelines”, or “Returning home”.

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    • James says

      Yes, I was disappointed with this.

      I’d suggest you spoiler mark the headline as well, Rocco, as I would read that as a spoiler.

      Best to be safe.

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    • mlj102 says

      I see no reason to read too much into the title right now. It could be referring to anything. And considering that we have no idea what happens in the two episodes preceding this, there could be a lot that we don’t yet know about what this is suggesting.

      For all we know, it could be like Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver. I love the format of that title, but I still can’t figure out why in the lab and with the revolver. Those things really had nothing to do with the story of the episode, even though upon first learning of that title, I was positive that something big was going to happen involving Olivia, her revolver, and the lab. Didn’t happen.

      Personally, I find the title to be reassuring — that despite all the debates and worries and complications of this season, in the end, everything will end up in its right place somehow.

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      • Dylan says

        I wasn’t meaning that it was hiding something, but more along the lines of it deceiving the audience into thinking that something was going to happen.

        This kind of title belongs to a main episode, rather than a standalone/mythalone.

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  3. Underseer says

    If this episode does not holistically serve the overarching plot, then I don’t see the point of giving Jar Jar Binks aka Lincoln Lee a dedicated episode.

    This feels more like a gimmick episode to serve Seth Gabel’s career. If you’re wondering why he gets more screen time than he deserves, could it have something to do with the fact that’s he’s the son-in-law of big time Hollywood director Ron Howard?

    A bit of the good old Hollywood nepotism in play?

    His insipid performances in season 4 don’t warrant a whole episode, so it does kinda make you wonder, doesn’t it?

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    • Darth Kate says

      never compare anyonething to jar jar binks. you have no idea how much the existence of that gungan wounds me inside.

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    • Robert Ariadne says

      Remember, nepotism has worked in our favor before. Anna Torv was the niece of Rupert Murdoch.

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    • says

      Your are kidding right.
      Anna Torv is Rupert Murdoch’s niece, who owns the network that she is on. Anna’s father is the brother of Murdoch’s ex-wife, and she has been estranged from her father since she was eight. So is that a case of nepotism. I think not.

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        • JM says

          Struggling hard not to enthusiastically agree about the first part, definately DONT agree about the nepotism.

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      • Underseer says

        No I’m not kidding. The entire industry is rife with ‘jobs for pals’. No offence, but it’s naive to think it doesn’t go on.

        The Anna Torv reference isn’t relevant, since it’s alleged that Anna has no liking for Murdoch and the feeling may be mutual, especially since it was publicly speculated. Looking at her history and the clear fact that pre-Fringe she struggled to land roles in the USA, I think she got there on her own merit.

        Actually I have nothing against Seth and, ironically, have even expressed distaste for the personal attacks on him here, on Seriable and elsewhere on the ‘net. He’s done decent supporting role work elsewhere, but I can’t deny his performance on Fringe isn’t stellar. That may be down to the lines he’s been handed, of course.

        I’m simply saying it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that strings have been pulled. It’d be natural for you to want your son in law to succeed. Seth may not even be aware it’s been done.

        You can’t deny that it’s odd that such a peripheral character is given prominence with little justification, at a point in the plot where, for many fans, it’s an unwelcome and irrelevant distraction. It does feel like he’s being foisted upon us.

        Nonetheless, I fully admit that this is a conspiracy theory with zero proof, and may have no basis in fact. It could be purely down to the writing as I said, it’s not an allegation I’d go to bat for.

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    • david says

      I think you’re right. Probably it has something to do with Akiva Goldman. Who remembers “The Da Vinci Code”?

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      • JM says

        I agree that personal attacks on Seth gabel are unacceptable, im unclear whether i am guilty for any of those attacks, but apologise if i was, it wont be happening again. However it is easy to blur the lines between actor and character when the character is so distasteful.

        Ok i accept the fact that nepotism occurs in acting, i dont think it happens on fringe though. However it is possible avika goldsman had some part in casting seth gabel (due to their work on the da vinci code, although i admit i cant remember what part gabel played) and if i remember correctly it was goldsman who told gabel they wanted him around for season 4 (read it in an interview somewhere).

        Finally i will say the da vinci code was a pretty awful film, and its hardly holds up to avika goldsmans best work (IMO “a beautiful mind”)

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  4. lizw65 says

    The title appears to tie in with the previous one:
    4:16 “Nothing As It Seems”
    4:17 “Everything In Its Right Place”

    Further evidence that we’re still in the Blue Universe, IMO.

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    • Ben says

      They’re also both song titles, Pearl Jam and Radiohead respectively. I don’t know if that ties into anything.

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      • nora says

        Pearl Jam: Nothing As It Seems

        “Don’t feel like home, he’s a little out…

        It’s nothing as it seems, the little that he needs, it’s home
        The little that he sees, is nothing he concedes, it’s home
        And all that he frees, a little bittersweet, it’s home
        It’s nothing as it seems, the little that you see, it’s home…”

        …I love Pearl Jam!

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  5. Darth Kate says

    im going to cram pinkner and wyman’s heads up each others’ asses. its random, but i assure you all, completely necessary.

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  6. Ariana says

    Mildly relevant: D’you suppose the episode title is a nod to the Radiohead song of the same name?
    It’s a stretch but I do enjoy fangirling over two things simultaneously.

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  7. Rae says

    Wow. Man I knew this press release would inspire all the Lincoln haters to have their say. lol. Personally, I’m indifferent. That being said, I much prefer alt-Lincoln to ours, and though he’s not my favorite character of the series, I’m still holding out hope that somehow, miraculously, he’s going to advance the overarching plot. Like…another cortexi kid perhaps? If not, I’m simply mildly excited for this episode. Perhaps too, I’m in the minority that trusts the writers, so I’m not going to completely bash this episode off the bat, because of it’s title. Which, is odd in itself. Given the description of the episode, I don’t understand how it’s Lincoln who can make us realize that ‘everything is in it’s right place.’….strange….IMO.

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    • DeepRunner says

      OK. I think everyone here knows I am not a Lincoln fan. I believe many don’t like Lincoln because:

      a. He never seemed a realistic replacement partner for Olivia

      b. He never had Peter’s swagger or “California Cool”, at least not in Amber World

      c. The writers upset shippers by trying to push this love triangle thing between Lincoln and Olivia. I think this is a MAJOR reason people don’t like Lincoln.

      Lincoln suffers horribly from comparisons to Peter. It is a game he cannot win. Everyone loves Peter, because Peter is one of the Big Three on the series. He has been here since the start, and it was Olivia who got him to come back from Baghdad (and from Over There). His character is as intertwined in the tapestry of the mythology as those of Olivia and Walter.

      Our Lincoln brings brains and a sense of right to the Fringe team. I am not saying that people have to like Lincoln, and this is not necessarily an endorsement of Lincoln as he is constituted in Amber World. But he is part of the team, and he is one of the good guys.

      Let’s wait and see what the episode holds.

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      • willg says

        Deeprunner, I gotta agree with you there. Lincoln is not my favorite character either, but I don’t hate him. We all have to realize that Lincoln is not going anywhere (this season at least). Fringe with Lincoln is a great deal better than no Fringe at all!

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  8. FringeCharacter says

    “Everything In Its Right Place” Huh? Are the Hoarders’ cleanup teams coming to Fringe to tidy up any loose ends?

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  9. says

    i think that the writers are probably just messing with people with the title of this episode. i don’t think they’re going to be so tight-lipped to just spoil a plotline with a title like this. i bet that it will make sense in some other context once the episode airs.

    also, the way that seth gabel described the episode (as both lincolns looking for the “ground zero” of what made them so different from each other) sounds really interesting.

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  10. says

    I hope that this episode has some relevance with the overarching mythology. Although Peter has had a great amount of screen time during the last couple of episodes, I hope that they find some way to incorporate him in this episode since generally “Red” don’t feature him as much. But, with the bridge who knows!

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  11. mlj102 says

    I knew as soon as I read this press release that there would be a huge outcry from the Lincoln “fan club” – as I so fondly like to refer to the Lincoln haters. While Lincoln is not my favorite character — not even close — there’s no reason to conclude that this episode is going to be a major disappointment.

    Speaking of Lincoln, I rewatched Neither Here Nor There the other day and I realized that I liked Lincoln much more with his original partner. Their interactions felt very natural and easygoing and it was actually enjoyable watching the two of them banter back and forth. I think they have done a poor job of integrating Lincoln in with the existing characters and team. It feels awkward, unbelievable, forced, and like he just doesn’t fit in and doesn’t contribute anything. I think it would go over better if it didn’t feel like they were trying to hard to make him fit in. And who knows — maybe this episode will help to accomplish that. I’m not ready to consider him a lost cause yet.

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    • JM says

      Trying my absolute best not to judge before the episode airs, but im not enthusiastic, but im willing to give the episode and lincoln another chance.

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  12. Divine says

    I also hope that everyone tries not to pre-“judge” (if there is such a word) an episode. I think one of the reasons why the ratings dip during certain days is because less number of people watch as they assume that the episode will be lousy. This does not help the cause of Fringe at all. Don’t we all want this show to continue? The real fans would stick with it and watch all episodes.

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  13. Lafra08 says

    Hmmm, I think peoples reaction to OurLinc as an addition to Our beloved The BIG THREE team is a very natural one. When someone new comes to our work, our school etc., than at first we are very suspicious, we are intuitiv rejecting this person, because we think our group is wonderful so as it is, and this new person could only disturb the relationships and rules in our group. I think this is similar to what we feel/felt about OurLinc. We think OUR BIG Three are perfect so as they are and don´t need any addition so thats why we are rejecting OurLinc. We think Ourlinc could potentially replace one of OUR BIG THREE chracters – Peter, could disturb our favourite relationships Polivia and Walter -Peter father son relatioship. Like many many Fringies I´m a huge Polivia fan from the moment 0 in the Pilot and I love Peter and Walter as father and son. We have learned to love them for 3,5 years now. Our beloved BIG THREE: Walter Peter and Olivia are very unique, they are already a legend. The fact is OurLic could NEVER EVER replace one of them. What I´m trying to say is that an addition could also be very refreshing and could make us see the storylines in a complately new light. So I think we should give OurLinc a chance, we should try to get to know him better! I think episode 4.17 seems to be givng us this chance! And not forget OurLinc is not going to replace anyone because this is simply Impossible. There is no Fringe without Peter, or without Olivia or without Walter. And its phenomenal because only when the Three of them together investigate than the storylines become magic!

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    • Scully8 says

      Okay, so if the storyline only becomes magic (which I think) when the big three are investigating, then what’s the point of the new character? It’s true I’m not a Lincoln fan which has less to do with Seth’s acting abilities than with how the writers have treated the character (horrible lines . . . ). However, because I do like Seth, I hope this episode does right by the Lincoln character.

      On another quick note: In one of the interviews, Seth said that Lincoln was falling in love with Olivia and that Olivia seemed to be falling in love with Lincoln; did anyone see that happening? I know she was kind a curious and maybe a bit of a crush on Olivia’s part (the guy is cute and sweet), but falling in love . . . not so much.

      Just three days until we have more fonder to discuss . . . !

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8

    • Schwakamole says

      I think this is where many people have trouble with Lincoln. They think he is “replacing” one of the big three. But I’ve always seen him as a supporting character, like Astrid/Broyles/Nina, etc. If I thought for one moment that he was supposed to be one of the main central characters, I probably wouldn’t be happy about it either. But to me, he works fine as a supporting member of the cast. He needed a few episodes to establish who he was and his motivations, his insecurities, and his place on the team. But after that he has functioned much like the rest of the non-big-three cast.

      I personally like the character of Lincoln. I see him sort of as a Charlie Brown kind of character who never wins. Kind of like a perpetual underdog.

      And personally, I think the premise sounds incredible! I would love to have something similar done with each member who has a doppleganger. Find the one moment when they diverged into who they are now. How fascinating!

      Oh, and JM, Lance Reddick is mentioned in the list of actors for this episode so he must be in there somewhere.

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    • DeepRunner says

      Lafra, my sentiments exactly. Now, I will say that when Our Lincoln showed-up in the original timeline as a guest investigator, he was most likely well-received because he was a

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      • DeepRunner says

        sorry fat-fingered something…as I was saying, I think Lincoln was well-received in the original timeline because he was a nice contrast to Alt Lincoln–a bit geeky with those hideous glasses, easygoing but dedicated to solving a case. What did Lincoln in was when they erased Peter and decided to explore the love thing with Olivia. I believe this one thing so thoroughly repulsed the POlivia crowd that Lincoln was destined for something just short of ignominy among many Fringe fans.

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  14. T says

    I realize that I am pre-judging, but the episode description concerns me for the following reasons:

    1. It is Lincoln centered. One question…why?
    2. I’m afraid the writers/producers are going to initiate a love triangle between new Altlivia and the two Lincs.

    My second point leads me to the following rant:

    Why do the writers/producers find it absolutely necessary to hook Olivia (all versions) up with her co-workers? STOP IT! This is Fringe, not Grey’s Anatomy! If they need to explore a romantic relationship, why not explore one they have hinted at in the past like Nina/Broyles or Nina/Walter. I was fine with new Altlivia being with Frank…why couldn’t they leave well enough alone? STOP HOOKING VERSIONS OF OLIVIA UP WITH CO-WORKERS!

    I hope I am wrong and they won’t explore a new Altlivia/Lincolns romance. Somehow I think they will though.

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    • JM says

      They absolutely will. I remember wyman saying on twitter that they didnt want to drop altlincoln/altlivia. I think if peter/olivia get together in 4.15, they will feel the need to always have a love triangle on the show. Done think its below them, cause it isnt :L

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    • Schwakamole says

      I think they have romance in the show because in real life most people strive for romance. In fact most people who aren’t in a relationship spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get into a relationship. So it seems natural to me that they would include a romance in the story line. It would seem very weird to have no romance anywhere on a show for four years.

      And I know many hate what they perceive is spending TOO much time on romance with Peter and Olivia. But in this case it’s essential to the overall mythology if we’re to believe what the observer told Peter in his (the observers) brain.

      And I have to ask, where else would Olivia meet someone?! The woman has no life other than work and she’s a very cautious person. If it ain’t happening at work, then it ain’t happening.

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      • T says

        I don’t have a problem with some romance on the show. I would love to see the history of Nina/Broyles and Nina/Walter. For that matter I wouldn’t mind seeing Astrid get some love. But what they are doing with Olivia is cheapening her character! I think every version of Olivia has had a romantic interest in at least 1 co-worker. It is beyond rediculous! Is Olivia unable to work with an unmarried male of similar age in a strictly professional capacity? I realize work relationships SOMETIMES happen but as I stated above we are boardering on Grey’s Anatamy level here.

        I honestly don’t care where or if she meets someone. JUST STOP WITH THE OLIVIA (ALL VERSIONS) CENTERED WORK ROMANCES!

        STOP IT! (Imagine it being said by Bob Newhart in the Buried in a Box skit)

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  15. Alaina says

    Maybe we will finally find out how Alt-Lincoln knew Nick Lane. Could knowing Nick have caused their two personalities to shift so dramatically from one another’s? That would be cool and I would totally be ok with a Lincoln ep if I could get some more Nick Lane in my life! 😉 Besides you know it isn’t going to be ALL Lincoln, Our lovely dynamic trio will still be around (I hope!).

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