FRINGE: 4.17 Everything In Its Right Place — New Photos


New photos have arrived for 4.17 “Everything In Its Right Place.” Check them out below the fold.

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  1. says

    Don’t love AltLiv too much yet!
    Remember: she may be a version of our beloved Olivia, but comes from the redverse; the same universe as Walternate. And they are nót the nicest people.

    E.g: Olivia has powers thanks to Cortexiphan. Walternate tapped Olive’s blood and who says that AltLiv now doesn’t have equal / other / stronger powers or abilities than Olivia?

    Be aware…

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  2. Rae says

    I’m with the OP. I really like Alt-Liv. She’s really, really hard not to like. Even in season 3 I loved her. She was just trying to do what she thought best, and then, in 6955hz, she tells the guy that enough innocent people have died already, it just made me go…aww, you’re starting to care about us, I knew you had a good, Dunham heart.

    To be fair, if our Liv was told she was the only one who could stop her world from dying, pretty sure she’d do whatever it took too, thinking it was for the greater good. Yeah, she’d feel guilty and horrible if she found out, in the end, it was all part of one evil man’s personal agenda, and that there were actually good people on the other side who deserved to live too. And she’d rebel against said evil man, like Alt-Liv did at the end of season three.

    I just can’t find fault in her for doing what she thought was right, regardless of how menacing it seemed at the time. Gotta admit though, didn’t appreciate the wrench she threw into the whole POlivia relationship, but…I can’t blame her for sleeping with him either….huh, I just posted that out loud….

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    • shidey17 says

      I’m with you. It’s that combination of adorable and badass that just makes me swoon over her. Yeah, I said swoon. :)

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      • Rae says

        Oh heck yeah! I’m right there with you honey! I’m a huge Alt-Liv swooner. Let the Haters hate, but I’m not ashamed of enjoying her character. :)

        She makes me love the Redverse. And dare I say it, I even like this season 4 Walternate too!

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        • JM says

          I thought she was great in 4.08 and 4.09, i think shes a good character when she has serious work to do, i really didnt like her in 4.11 though, i hope she has something good to do in 4.17 so i like her again.

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          • Rae says

            If Peter’s there, she’ll wanna do something…

            What?! I’m just saying…it’s an Olivia Dunham thing…

            Not my fault every version of her is pro-Peter…I don’t write this fantasic show, okay? 😉 lol.

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        • T says

          Great to know there are other Altliv fans. Back in S3 I felt like I was the only one defending her. I just hope she remembers the old TL like Olivia.

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          • shidey17 says

            I don’t think she will. She did have a connection with Peter, but it was brief and not as extensive as the ones Walter and Olivia had. Although that would open a huge can of worms and set off another triangle that I hope we don’t have to deal with. I mean, in theory, she could remember baby Henry back into existence…

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            • Rae says

              Oh god, the lil’ nugget plotline….it was cute at the time, and interesting in a way, but now I know life without it, and the air smells so much sweeter on this side of Fringe-verse.

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            • NiomiLianne says

              The writers used the new timeline to erase henry so that peter and ourlivia could have him

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          • Rae says

            I don’t see that as a card the writers are planning on playing. I think Olivia being the only one to remember, is supposed to distinguish how special she is, in terms of having abilities that defy time, space, and human capability.

            I think it’s why Walter hasn’t reverted back to his old self yet… in terms of the old timeline anyway.

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            • shidey17 says

              Agreed. Olivia is the “failsafe” although I’m still hoping they explore Walter’s visions/auditory hallucinations from the beginning of S4.

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    • shidey17 says

      PS….This talk of 6955 made me go back and look at that episode…..

      Found this interesting:

      Peter: So according to this something happened…some sort of cataclysm…that so completely decimated the First People they were just wiped out of the historical record

      Olivia: So how did Seamus Wiles know about it?

      Peter: They were apparently very technologically advanced…they discovered the vacuum

      Olivia: The vacuum cleaner?

      Peter: No..the vacuum as in the source of all creation and destruction

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      • Rae says

        See, I even thought that phrase was *cute*!

        You’re right. It is interesting. And if our people *are* the first people, then maybe that cataclysm will happen in the finale, and we start this loop all over again from the beginning, with the same characters but differently.

        Cause it’s my theory, that all this has happened before. I thought that in season one, when Broyles talked about a Fringe division before Olivia. I think it was our team, but something went wrong, and like Groundhog day, they have to keep going back to the start until they get it right.

        Que the X-files episode ‘Monday’, but over a much lengthier time span.

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        • shidey17 says

          I agree, although if we get a Season 5 (fingers crossed!), I really hope they don’t go that route, unless it’s just a quick pass to show that’s what really happened and then hopefully they will get it right once and for all.

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          • Rae says

            Oh, I’m with you on that! It would just be cool to hear that that’s how it was, and that this is the time when they’re getting it all right somehow so the story ventures forward. That way we have an awesome, blow-your-mind-from-the-beginning-plot-twist, but at the same time, story progression. :)

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      • Leo says

        Well, I think the cataclysm already happened. The first people dont remember about themselves… what could it be worse?

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    • grace says

      I didn’t like the love triangle and the baby plot, but I really like AltLiv too.

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  3. megan says

    I’m excited to go back to the other side. I’ve always enjoyed it, Altlivia and the redverse Fringe Team!

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  4. Darth Kate says

    Too… pimpin’…..can’t take…..the epic swag….of… fauxlivia…*dies*

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