FRINGE: 4.16 Nothing As It Seems — Sneak Peek #3


A third sneak peek from tonight’s new episode, “Nothing As It Seems,” has surfaced. Head past the jump to check it out.

Watch the first two clips from this episode here.


  1. Scully8 says

    Markem, a welcome sight indeed, however if you’re a shipper, you’ll love the shout out to the rekindled love of P/O. Kate, I can’t wait to hear your comment(s) about this one. :)

    Actually, even as a shipper, I chuckled and felt it a bit high-schoolish . . . just sayin’. :)

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      • Scully8 says

        LOL . . . season 3 was full of those moments. :)

        The scene puts a smile on for face . . . you can’t be mad when the call-backs are good ones.

        Upset that I may not be able to watch the episode live . . . :( I haven’t missed a live watch all season . . . even the cringe-worthy Wallflower (a bit harsh, I know).

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  2. Jen says

    Ah, Markham! Seeing old characters reappear always makes me smile! That scene made me giggle. Happy Fringe Friday!

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    • Darth Kate says

      omg I’m totally gonna ship Olivia/Markham now AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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  3. says

    Three great scenes !
    Lake of the Long Sun … by Gene Wolfe. puzzling !

    ” Ed ” Markham, the rare book dealer, hasn’t lost his touch.

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    • lizw65 says

      It’s a real book. Four stars at Amazon, but seems to be out of print. It also features a character named Patera (a variation of Peter?) and has to do with gods possessing people…hmm.

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  4. Casey says

    It’s about time we see one of Peter’s friends (who no longer knows him of course) would have made for a far more emotional stroy so far. Maybe could have added some spice to the duller episodes this season.

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  5. earthbrah says

    But it seems like both Peter and Olivia are messing with Markam. If Olivia’s got her blue verse memories back, then she remembers Markam as well.

    Cool to think that we now might have two characters with full memory of the first three seasons.

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  6. DeepRunner says

    * Markham is great. (He has a better chance with Olivia than Lincoln does.)

    * Olivia and Peter are 2-GETHER.

    * Eager to see the answer to the question “Is [Olivia] one of them?”

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