FRINGE: 4.15 A Short Story About Love Teaser


A new teaser for 4.15 “A Short Story About Love” has arrived.



  1. JM says

    Michael Massee if my eyes dont decieve me. Guys theres a link on fringelations youtube channel, with the reversed audio and slow motion of the images. The reversed audio is “Ive done everything i can think of to get home” (apparently)

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  2. mandrean says

    Also, did anyone else notice that Olivia & Nina were being held in the Burn Unit? (There was a sign on the door in the hallway). In this preview the villain looks to have a burned face. I’m thinking that the “Burn Unit” sign was the clue of the week for the upcoming episode.

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  3. Dylan says

    So this is the “big bad” they were talking about weeks ago? Even though we have Jones and company to worry about?

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  4. lost_stef says

    arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why why why do i watch these Promo’s. i cant wait 4 weeks. i cant wait a week let alone 4 weeks. Roco you have to give us screen caps. thanks :)

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  5. Ian S. says

    This seriously better not be a case of the week that doesn’t involve David Robert Jones. We don’t have the time or patience for it anymore. We need to see Jones now and what he’s up to, and Peter needs to get home. There’s 8 episodes left, let’s not have anymore mythalones?

    I mean, I get it, they’re the only division right now that can deal with these events. But I’m thinking the FBI really needs to expand their Fringe division like the Other Side has done… Seriously, if the show runners did this, some other agents can go handle the invisible man and the girl who can predict death (oh and throw Lincoln in there as the head of the division so we don’t see him too much) and have Peter, Olivia, Walter, Broyles, (and maybe even our Nina) investigate the huge the Observers, the Machine, etc… and from time to time assist Lincoln on his cases. That would just work with the whole show so much more.

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    • James Bevan says

      The guy in the clip is the “big bad” that the producers were talking about.

      He’s the big villain, probably the guy that Jones answers to.

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          • Red Balloon says

            I’m thinking this can be BRENNER because of his burned face. He disappeared when little Olive started the fire on Jacksonville’s care center. (Bad Dreams: “We can’t locate Brenner”).

            But, I have the feeling that her uncle from the pilot (the kayak-ZENO on John Scott’s mind) maybe involved with or even be Mr X as well.

            Olivia’s Uncle’s Kayak:

            In the Pilot, Olivia hallucinates about her uncle’s Kayak while she shares consciousness with Agent John Scott during the synaptic transfer.

            The Word “ZENO” (all uppercase) is on the top of the kayak. On it’s Aerospace and Transportation subsidiary page[1], Massive Dynamic refers to its Zeno transportation system, designed to provide near-zero time transportation between points.

            The Circles are below “ZENO”

            A symbol which resembles a capital “A” or a Phoenician Aleph on the top of the kayak, oriented toward the bow.

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            • Red Balloon says

              And I think the beacon has this kind of technology futuristic and organically fitted to one’s DNA profile or a specific time/space DNA profile. Since September couldn’t touch it in The Arrival, and now apparently Peter either: why is that?…Does he have the same DNA as September?, or is he from the future?, or maybe Baby Peters were exchanged between Blue & Red universes before the Reiden Lake’s incident and the one who died was actually Red Peter and the one who lived is Blue Peter and had baby Henry with Red Olivia, so that’s what makes him important, that Henry is the only human being born with merged universes’ DNA’s.

              My head hurts again…and it’s only day 1 from 4 weeks hiatus…lol

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                • cc says

                  but then… why could walter touch the beacon if it’s a dna thing? maybe because of the same reason walternate couldn’t activate the machine with his dna….. aaaah crap… more headache…

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                  • Red Balloon says

                    lol…I’m thinking direct line ascendants/descendants…you know, like you said, Walternate used Baby Henry’s half DNA.

                    I think we’re just rambling about the beacon…but it’s fun.

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      • Dylan says

        I wouldn’t mind if he were another villain that wasn’t linked to Jones.

        Heeeeeeeeeeeey, maybe he could be Moreau…

        nah, now I’m just being unreasonably hopeful

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  6. lizw65 says

    I’m thinking the Michael Massee character may be a future iteration of Henry (the one born to Peter and Faux) who is destined to do something that will prevent the Observers from existing, which is why September was adamant that he shouldn’t have been born.

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  7. RB says

    I think I read somewhere that the showrunners said this would be the ultimate PO episode.. does anyone remember reading the same?

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  8. OLS65 says

    I think the next following episodes will show that the Bishop family mainly Peter, Olivia & their future son plus Walter, being with the Fringe Division are the founders of the Observers scientific group in the future. As the observes only appear on significant events, thats explains why September was at Walternate’s lab to witness the discovery of Peter’s cure, the beginning of all things. Similar to the Terminator saga with John Connor. But this time it’s baby Henry.

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  9. cc says

    as for mr x being the new big bad…

    I’d like Mr. X to be the one who sends Olivia cards on her birthday πŸ˜‰
    But why hint that september might be Mr. X? maybe just to mess with us.

    The beacon is either a time-travel-device. Or a bomb that destoys all universes. Or…. something completely different πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ we’ll have to wait and see.

    And also, I don’t think that September is dead.

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    • Dylan says

      I’m reckoning that Mr X will only be a character in those special episodes like Brown Betty and LSD, and will be at the core of this season’s episode.

      I’m going with this only because they haven’t mentioned him since in the show, which is a little weird

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  10. Lane says

    I think Olivia + Peter + Cortexiphan + Evolution = Observers. So Fauxlivia is “wrong Olivia” because there’s no cortexiphan in her brain.

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  11. lost_stef says

    So while we wait 4 weeks for a short story about love what is everyone going to be doing to fill the void?

    I was thinking id rewatch the season which will take me about a few days lol then try to figure out what else i can do :)

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    • Red Balloon says

      I hope they do some interviews, or appearances in shows. It’s been a while since I saw them out of the Fringe Set.

      Also Ari Margolis hasn’t done any Josh or Anna interviews on Fox Lounge, has he?

      I could watch this season on just one day…say a Sunday…lol

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      • lost_stef says

        i could easily watch it in one day too but im gonna try extend it over 2 days so i can have 2 days of fringe lol but i know once i start i wont be able to finish!

        I was thinking of re-watching the whole season but i usually reserve that for after the season finale, but i might break my tradition lol,

        I too also hope there is a lot of interviews and i will have to buy myself the fringe comics to keep me occupied.

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