FRINGE: 4.15 A Short Story About Love — Promo


Fringe continues in 4 weeks with 4.15 “A Short Story About Love.” Get a first-look below.



      • Niomi Lianne says

        I think that the beacon is going to bring him home. Maybe one of the observers planted one in the bluetimeline and one in the amber timeline

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        • giorgio - Greece says

          OMG, the Beacon!

          I was thinking about that just the other day and how the beacon was just a non important fringe event, in the fringe universe. And now it’s here! Glad to be proven wrong!

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  1. Ian S. says

    THE BEACON!!! I knew it would be back 😉 But, I’m worried, they’re answering a lot of things now…I hope they’re not thinking this might be the last season…

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  2. lost_stef says

    where the hell did that Beacon come from and who is Peter begging for help to get back home??? And why the hell do we have to wait 4 weeks. IM GONNA DIE

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    • It'sAnAddress says

      “You think it’s an address”. and if you turn the picture around, it reads “228 1/2 Morrow Street”, in Observer font, of course. I’d really love to be able to type in Observer font.

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      • AllAboutLove says

        Messing around on Yhaoo search, and searching on “Morrow Street Fringe” it cam eup with this, for the London Fringe Festival:

        Of note are the title of the play, “The One”, the playwright’s name, June Morrow, one of the featured actors’ name, Jane Love, and most interesting, the picture of the eye. No idea if the writers are relating to this, but jsut thought the connections were interesting for this particular episode. Oh yeah, the description of the play kinda matches too.

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  3. lost_stef says

    and Olivia is scared again. I think its weired that she is saying her Love for Peter is getting worse like its a disease or something. better phrasing could have been her love is getting stronger. maybe she is just heartbroken that Peter dont want to be with her.

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    • vlada_vvv says

      Maybe she’s just a tiny little bit scared or shocked or terrified that she has memories and feelings of someone whose life she NEVER even lived?! Of course she’s scared and of course wants to get rid of it. Because this is not who she is in this world. Polivia is not everything the show is about…

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      • Scully8 says

        I hate to tell you, but it certainly is a big part of it, especially after last night’s episode.

        Of course, that doesn’t mean it has to be the end all and be all. Actually, if the writers just let them get together, we can move on to concentrate on other things. With that said, the mere fact that the relationship continues to be played out so long makes it that much more important. Just sayin . . .

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    • CJ says

      I think the “it’s getting worse” line refers to the loss of her amber!memories (that she mentions in another part of the promo) as opposed to her love for Peter. Although it may be getting worse (her love for Peter) because he’s essentially ignoring her and not reciprocating her feelings.

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      • Red Balloon says

        IMO…It’s edited, the “it’s getting worse” should refer to her cortexiphan abilities, and I think she wants her memories of the original time line not to disappear (because Peter is away, she’s forgetting them)

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    • Rae` says

      I don’t think necessarily that she was saying Peter’s love is getting worse, I think it was the way the promo was edited. I think she may have mentioned it to Nina in the same conversation as the side-effects of her cortexiphan dosing, and that’s how it seems like she’s speaking about her love for Petah.

      That’s my opinion anyway. I’ve noticed in a few other promos where this happens. Like the latest one where Walter tells Peter ….”I know what you’re doing…and it’s wrong Peter.” that threw me off too and it ended up being for reasons different then I’d assumed.

      We’ll just have to wait and see I suppose. Damn four weeks! haha…

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  4. Jason says

    I didn’t catch the 228 1/2 Morrow thing… BUT… And I’m surprised no one’s mentioned this… What’s that there in the closet Peter opens…. A couple of FEDORAS???….. Whatever the address is, it’s to a home, or home base, or safehouse, or stash site, for the Observers… That’s where he’s gonna find the beacon…

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  5. nora says

    Maybe I misunderstood this, but when I first saw this promo, I thought Olivia was talking about Our Olivia’s memories, that she didn’t want them to disappear – because after Peter stayed away from her, and they started to fade away. She started to “reverse” back to who she was before Peter came here, but she’s not happy at all that it’s happening – and judging from Lincoln’s angry and jealous face, he’s not either. You seem to indicate the opposite here, which I now also found possible. Did they make this promo so ambiguous deliberately, or it was just me who misinterpreted everything in it?

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    • Karema says

      Well she says, “My memories, they’re disappearing. I want you to try and stop it. I want to go back to who I was.”
      I think originally we are meant to interpret it as Olivia wanting to retain her amber!memories but I actually LOVE your take on the promo. It would be pretty cool if everyone is pressuring her to revert to her amber!self but she’s steadfastly holding to retaining her blue!memories, hence bitchy Lincoln in the background.
      I now want this to happen and will be disappointed if it doesn’t :( Thanks to you, lol.

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      • nora says

        Thank you… So, no pressure :) But actually I think it will be better the other way around – because if Olivia is talking about her “amber” memories, that they are disappearing, that would mean Ourlivs’ are the stronger, her memories from the OT are maybe even the “real one”. And it would be a natural reaction from this Olivia if she’d doubted herself. Peter also turned her down rather harshly, although I don’t blame him for that for one minute – just notice the symbolism in that scene: Olivia was standing under a roof, while it was raining on Peter, and when he left her, it just started to rain more heavily – he was protecting her with that act. So the happiness of this love is gone, she’s suffering from it, and Peter literally told her she’s a third wheel in this relationship. Of course she wants to get rid of Ourliv’s memories (if this is really the case).
        One more thing: just a thought, but what if the reason for why this Olivia’s love is so “profound”, is that this is not one person’s love? Couldn’t be that before Amberliv got Ourliv’s memories, she started to develop the same feelings for Peter, and after that the two love added up? She was so happy…

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    • DeepRunner says

      This is Fringe. Of course they made it ambiguous. Peter has often been there as the representative of the viewer. He is the lens and has been so this season, especially. If his character can’t make sense of what’s going on, how can fans?

      The real question is, if the timelines merge, do characters keep their memories from Amberverse as part of the merge, or does everyone sort of wake-up from a dream state? Or does Peter revert back to the machine?

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      • JM says

        Hmm i agree it could go either way, my theory is that she wants “ourolivias” memories to go away. because, she knows peter dosent believe shes the real one, and maybe shes doubting it because of that, also shes in love with him and she thinks hes gonna back to his timeline and leave her forever, so in that case she obviously would want those feelings gone.

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        • says

          That’s what confuses me the most about this promo. If SHE IS our Olivia, why would she wanna give up her identity by asking Walter to remove those memories?
          I think she’s not 100% our Olivia, nor is she 100% AmberOlivia. But someone in between. And the fact that even she, doesn’t know what’s happening, confirms this. Hence Peter’s (and the viewers) confusion. Especially in that last scene 414. If she were sure who she is she wouldn’t let Peter decide.
          I believe this somewhat ties with what Joshua Jackson said in one of his interviews about the dilemma of Olivia knowing herself this season.

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    • nora says

      OK, correction. I had meant “ambivalent”, not “ambiguous” in the last sentence of my comment. *Did they make this promo so ambivalent…?

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  6. david says

    Actually the first five seconds of this promo reveals that if AmberOlivia is Olivia or not. The only thing you need is to know some spoilers and watch those five seconds very carefully.

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    • DeepRunner says

      I think what is getting worse is ALL of Olive’s memories are returning. In ABHB, she said she remembered everything. But she only remembered things in relation to Peter (except for William Bell), and they were only happy memories. Wouldn’t it be fascinating if her time in Red Universe while Peter was in Blue Universe with Fauxlivia started coming back to Olivia? Or how about when Peter and Rachel had a sort of friendship that made Olivia a little jealous?

      That would not only be worse, but, it would be somewhat soul-destroying. And it would be yet one more roadblock to P/O.

      Taking the shipper POV, I will say that the writers seem to be waiting until our grandkids have grandkids of their own before they decide to put P/O together once and for all. But then, in Alias, it took just about all five seasons for Sydney and Vaughn to finally get married, although for the first four seasons, Sydney and Vaughn were together, just not matrimonial mates.

      Anyway, here’s hoping the timelines UNITE before the end of the season.

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      • Red Balloon says

        DeepRunner, I believe she remembers the bad parts too, that’s why she said “It’s not the same as before” in TEOAT. What she doesn’t know is about baby Henry… :S

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  7. Dave says

    Did anybody notice Walter check peters eyes.
    Anybody remember the first episode when peter sees walter after all those years…. First thing walter does is check peters eyes……. Meaning???
    Anybody else agree??

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    • Red Balloon says

      Sure! now that you mention it, Walter was all over him on “Pilot”, first his eyes, and then his pressure on the car. Then on The Same Old Story, he says to Olivia about his medical records, which Olivia replies that there aren’t any. Then there’s Bell’s statement “You’re holding up better than I thought”, and finally, there’s Walter examining him again on Staten Island before he went into the machine…So yes!, I believe they’re trying to tell us that we’re heading to the machine again…not my favorite topic, but ok, I hope just enough to move on.

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