FRINGE: 4.14 The End Of All Things — New Sneak Peeks


Watch 3 all new clips from “The End Of All Things” in the players below the jump.


  1. lost_stef says

    Ok I am officially freaking out, I can not wait a minute longer to watch this episode. I just keep saying to myself “one more sleep stef, one more sleep” but I don’t think I’m gonna last and to make it worse my viewing time is gonna be delayed cuz I’m from Aus and can’t watch it live :(

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    • RB says

      Well.. you can!
      Im from Portugal and I watch it live in a live streamming website. (though its 2am here when it aires.. but it’s well worth it)

      The 4th season hasn’t even started here, I would go crazy if i didn’t watch Fringe online! But when it aires i’ll watch it again :p

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      • lost_stef says

        For me it’s usually about 3pm but I have other commitmenents so I have no choice but to dl it and watch it later on. But at least I have the epsiode and can rewatch many times which is always good. Next best thing. Could be worse I can wait for dodgey networks to play it in aus and that will be a while away

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  2. MISSNETT says

    I can’t do it! I can’t watch! I want to be spoiler free this week!
    Argh! It’s killing me! I can’t wait until tonight!

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  3. FringeCharacter says

    I am dying to watch these, but I am holding out for the live show. Must. Avoid. Spoliers. Can’t wait ’til tonight! Hurry up 9:00 pm.

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  4. Hannah says

    I yelled at Lincoln to shut up! It’s gonna be a long day, and apparently a very vocal episode. Fringe Friday!!!

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    • Maris says

      It’s seems that we had the same reaction about Lincoln!!!!! Oh Fringe Friday is the Glory!!!

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        • Fran says

          Yeah, right? Shut up, Lincoln, you know Olivia for a couple months and think you know better? Let’s see who will risk his own life to save her.
          I was enjoying you, the way that you did handle the situation with Nina. But don’t push it.
          Don’t you ever talk to Peter like that again. You’ve been warned.
          Besides, when you raise your voice, you sound like a spoiled little girl lol

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          • Scully8 says

            Fran — LOL . . . I couldn’t agree more!!!

            I was also liking the way Lincoln handled Nina, but dude, you got no chance with Olivia (this TL or OT). You better head over to the Alt-side and rumble with AltLincoln for AltOlivia’s heart. Actually that will be kind of fun to watch.

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  5. Mancha says

    The more spoilers the better… If I read it, its not that big a deal to me if I’m spoiled by teasers and such… It just makes me want to watch it more…

    So cannot wait to see what we have in store with the Observers and DRJ tonight!

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    • Scully8 says

      It actually depends on the spoiler, but no matter what, I still watch them. I can’t wait . . .

      On the Lincoln front, you can’t blame the guy for fighting for ‘his’ partner, after all, Liv did lead him on a bit . . . remember the diner. :)

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  6. says

    I’m very worried about September. I hope he doesn’t die or something. It’ll be too painful to watch.
    Also Nina, OMG. I can’t stand seeing her being tortured like that.

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  7. Ariana says

    “He will have to face the consequences.”
    I think that’s the most emotion I’ve heard an observer speak with. And a very foreboding emotion, it was.

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  8. Darth Kate says

    Oh, how dare lincoln challenge the almighty peter! Truly he is fringe jesus and is always right and just about everything! *sarcasm.*
    The fangirl angst on this site is really getting ridiculous. GO AHEAD, LADIES! FLAME ME! it won’t make your priorities any less frivolous.

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  9. DeepRunner says

    A deep runner’s look at the Sneak Peeks in a nutshell:

    Lincoln Sneak Peek: “Dude, you’re killin’ me here. My partner. My girl. Mine. Mine. Mine.”

    DRJ Sneak Peek: “This drill will make you feel that a trip to the dentist is like eating cotton candy.”

    December Sneak Peek: “We are going to open a can on September.”

    Whatever tonight’s episode holds, I think it will be memorable.

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  10. Fran says

    What can I say, I love Peter and I love Olivia and I love Walter. I’ll always stay by their side and I really don’t care if people think that me and other fans are ridiculous (and most of us were only being funny, sense of humor is a blessing btw). Peter, Olivia and Walter are not perfect, but they don’t deserve be misjudged either. A great show is capable of make you to cheer and love and fight for its main leads, and that’s what Fringe does. No shame here.

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