FRINGE: 4.13 A Better Human Being — Promo


The new promo for Friday’s Fringe teases “A Better Human Being”. Check it out below the jump.



          • DeepRunner says

            OK, I am not a fan of AmberLinc; I think AltLincoln, at least from seasons 2 and 3, was a good character, but he needed AltCharlie as a foil. Don’t have AltCharlie around; would be great if he were.

            But Lincoln makes a decent supporting character, and I don’t think you can erase him from the timeline, so to speak. I believe the insistence of the writers to create a Peter/Olivia/Lincoln triangle might not have been the best approach, but I am pretty certain that he can’t be dropped down the memory hole.

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  1. Rae` says

    Wasn’t there an episode in the earlier seasons about mind-reading? I know that that lil empath/observer could read Olivia’s in some sense, but I could swear (and it’s not coming to me right now) that there was something to do with mind-reading in earlier eppys.

    Who knows, maybe I’m getting this mixed up with The X-files…lol

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    • Ducky says

      there was one in season 1, i think, but there have been parallells on the cases so far, so it should be interesting

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    • nora says

      There was somebody with mind reader ability in Concentrate and Ask Again (season 3, ep 12) – he was called Simon Phillips, one of Walter’s former Cortexiphan subjects. Walter didn’t want him to know that he stole Peter from the other side, so he threw Simon out of the trials. Since he had the ability still (although it crippled him), he helped the team, and in the end of the episode he spilled the beans (by leaving a note to Olivia) about Peter still having feelings for AltLivia. Were you thinking of that? :)

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  2. Smgdesignz says

    Interesting that at the end they’re at a storage facility similar to the one Olivia & John were investigating in the pilot episode. And the kid says “this time they’re gonna kill her,” perhaps some more old baddies coming out of the woodwork?

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    • lost_stef says

      also my thoughts when i saw the clip that it reminded me of the pilot! interesting. but i cant handle it if she dies!

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        • says

          This answer is from Roco on The Pilot Mysteries & Answers section:

          Broyles either knew that Olivia was โ€œspecialโ€, or he knew that she had past connections with William Bell and was a test subject in his clinical trials. Broyles probably wanted to get to the bottom of โ€œThe Patternโ€ and so decided to test Olivia โ€“ to put her on the trail to see if she came up with the goods โ€“ and to his surprise and wonder, she DID.

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              • James says

                I would like to think that our Broyles is genuine and lovely, but what a twist it would be if this whole thing was a massive set up from the start and that Broyles was working with Nina/DRJ/The “Big Bad” from the beginning, so he sent Olivia to lead her to eventually bring together the Fringe division, so they could eventually bring about the end of the world.

                Whatever. Haha.

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                • Schoko says

                  In Season 1, episode 2, the first scene is of a meeting with Broyles, Nina, and some other people, discussing the newest arrivals to Fringe Division with Olivia, Walter and Peter. Also, throughout season 1, we see Broyles “working” with Nina: he gives her the glass disc, and she alerts him to the Observer’s frequency of appearances (end of season 1). So it does seem that from the beginning, in my opinion, Broyles is working with Nina. To what extent and to what end? Maybe we will discover some new answers this season? I had begun to believe that some of these questions wouldn’t be answered this late in the game, but we shall see…

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                  • Schoko says

                    that should be “newest arrivals to Fringe Division IN Olivia, Walter and Peter.” The way I wrote it sounded like they were present in that meeting, which they were not.

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  3. bdp says

    Yes there is definitely some hardcore pilot episode shout-outs in the storage facility form for all those that have already made that comment. And as has seemingly been the case in pretty much every episode we’ve done so far in season 4, I think there will be abundant parallels to previous seasons in this episode, some obvious some subtle, it’s just a matter of if you pick up on all of them or not.

    That said, the other thing I take from this promo (it could be misleading, Fringe absolutely LOVES to do that) is that Peter seems to be so desperate to get his “family” back that he might seemingly be willing to change his belief that this isn’t his Olivia and accept her as forgetting him, and Walter seems to be telling him NOT to do it. Again, would not be surprised AT ALL if the promo just mislead me into that one though.

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    • corazondeazul says

      Really? I sort of thought the opposite, like he was so stubborn that he was trying to erase her memories or something…but your conclusion makes more sense, I’m afraid. It’s just that at this point, we’ve spent so much time with these people – these versions of our people – that I find it hard to see him just leaving them, la di da. I also don’t think the machine thing is going to work at all – either Walter will realize that it’s wrong and is going to rip a hole in the universe, etc, or it just won’t function the way Peter so desperately wants it to. Like it or not the town of Westfield must be a metaphor – Peter’s trapped here, and I think he’s going to have to redefine his “home.”

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  4. DeepRunner says

    When I saw the promo/tease for next week, it was obvious that this is going to be a coda back to Concentrate and Ask Again, the episode where one of the Cortexiphan kids could hear other people’s thoughts.

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  5. DeepRunner says

    I have to say that all the references to previous episodes and seasons seem very much like a “thank-you” from the producers and writers to the fans who have hung with the show, even when the first few episodes of this season were trudging toward where the show is now. And, yeah, the storage facility is a phone-home to the pilot; the “this time they’re gonna kill her,” if it really is about Olivia, could be a coda back to Red Zeppelin (play on words intended) dude from “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” from season 3, the man who Olivia said was going to kill her.

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    • willg says

      I definitely agree with you. I think that is what the producers meant earlier in the season when they described season 4 as a love letter to the show and the characters. I love the call backs and it really is starting to feel like a payoff for being loyal to the show for the past four seasons. I do love this show.

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  6. Maris says

    Oh, way Friday is so far!!!!! I really like this promo, and I think that Peter is going to be with one foot backwards with this suddenly Olivias memory back, and I hope he’ll be for not commit the same mistake again. Although I believe that this is our Olivia!!!! But in his case is always good to have a double check!!!! I can wait for Friday!!

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  7. lee says

    In season one DRJ did something to Olivia in the warehouse. She was strapped down and there were vials of liquid. When she escaped she buried the vials somewhere. Was he extracting her yellow dna liquid to use in a different timeline? Did DRJ really die or did he fall into this timeline? Was he from this timeline sent to our old timeline to extract olivias memories? Like what happened to her in the alt universe? This may not be our olivia. Nina may be shooting her full of our olivias memories.

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    • James says

      It was cortexiphan I believe. DRJ was “activating” her, checking that she was one the cortexiphan subjects.

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    • Schoko says

      I believe those yellow vials ended up containing those super-sized common cold bugs that killed the CDC/teacher guys. I also think that DRJ just did a spinal tap to confirm Olivia had been treated with cortexiphan, at least I think that’s all he explained to her. I don’t know if that activated her….in fact what DID activate Olivia? Was it just when she almost kissed Peter in Jacksonville? What about those other instances of her seeing glimpses of the other side? Did I just argue against myself here? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      • Cheyenne says

        Fear activated Olivia. She told Peter she was scared. Walter had explained this to her when they all were in Jacksonville.

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  8. fedorafadares says

    I saw a snippet of Walter in what looks like a Massive Dynamic vault, holding a red vial. Cortexiphan? B-lymphocyte magical memory juice? What?!!

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  9. Scully8 says

    A quick thought . . .
    I rewatched “There are more than one of everything” and “The Road Not Taken”, I think these two episodes tell us a lot about DRJ and his plans . . . also interesting references to MD and Bell. It may not contain the answers to how Olivia’s memories or even how and/or if the timelines will merge, but it has a lot of useful information. Check it out . . .

    Also, in an interview Jasika said the next few episodes in terms of the timeline adustment/merge/ or not is going to be very interesting and creative. Not sure what that means, but I can’t wait.

    I never liked to rush my weeks or days, as you only live once (that we remember) so enjoy every moment, but sense I started watching Fringe — let the days rush by to Friday! :)

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  10. Niomi Lianne says

    I wonder how it will play out with olivia havong memories of two different lives. The last time that happened, she completely forgot her other life but this time its different becasue she actually expirienced both lives. I bet a lot of confusion is to come for olivia

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  11. Butters says

    This my first time commenting but I read this website all of the time.

    I don’t know if you noticed this, but at the end of the promo, when he says they’re coming to kill her, the car being driven is a jeep. If I’m not mistaken, this looks like the exact same situation younger Olivia faced when Mr. X drove a jeep with the intent if killing her in 3-19, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.

    I hope he’s back, and I want to know who he is. Can someone ask the producers when Ulrich Thomsen is coming back lol?

    Just my wacky mind haha

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