FRINGE: 4.13 A Better Human Being – Promo Photos


Take a look at the promotional images for Friday’s “A Better Human Being” right after the jump.

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    • Mike says

      Well “Answers are coming” so i believe we will. Walter’s expression in the first photo is priceless.

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      • Maris says

        Sometimes I wonder if the “Answers are coming” is good or not!!!!
        But in any case, its good to see Nina and her poker face back!!!

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          • DeepRunner says

            OK, I am not into Lincoln love by a long shot, but…

            …he is not a bad character, my guess is they had to add Lincoln to this side as a counterbalance to the Lincoln from that side, who would be cool to have as a neighbor. And Seth Gabel does very well with the character. (I would guess shippers on all sides of the argument have more intensity of feeling about Amber Lincoln.) And I think it would be a mistake to get rid of Lincoln. He is brainy and helpful.

            But neither Blue Lincoln nor Amber Lincoln is a natural fit as a lead. Yes, someone had to fill the void in Peter’s absence, and the contrast between Peter and Lincoln is pretty clear and probably made Peter’s return that much more impactful to fans.

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  1. RedVines says

    Pic 3.
    It looks like the storage facility of the Pilot, where Broyles sent Olivia (and John Scott) to investigate.
    Maybe we will have an answer to dying John’s words to Olivia:
    โ€œAsk yourself, whyโ€ฆ why Broyles sent youโ€ฆ to the storage facility. Why you?โ€
    In Fringe nothing is by chance!

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    • Penny Laine says

      my thoughts too. it’s like we’re back to where it all started, it’d be a nice way to close a cycle. i also think it’s possible that nina had sth to do with it back then. i wouldn’t be surprised if she had been keeping tabs on her since she left the cortexiphan trials as a kid. she also worked closely with broyles, so it would make sense if nina had been the one to tell broyles to recruit olivia. all this to say that i think nina’s behind it all now too. or now more obviously than before, rather, as we’ve seen she’s working with jones. to what end, i have no idea. but it would be cool if she turned out to be the puppet master behind the whole show!

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