FRINGE: 4.13 A Better Human Being — Noble Intentions


The Noble Intentions video for 4.13 A Better Human Being has arrived below the jump.


  1. Dylan says

    Well, the show improved in the past few weeks. I’ve decided to stick with it until the end of the season.

    Hopefully, by then I will know why it was so necessary to have this season.

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  2. DadzBoyz says

    What, I think, so many people are missing is that they’ve created this Olivia, in this timeline, as an empty vessel. She has no attachements, aside from Nina. She has no love interest. She has her work and that’s all. She even goes to Nina and is upset that she feels nothing when working on her cases. She doesn’t feel like she has a plan or a purpose. So, bringing the blue Olivia’s memories and conciousness to this Olivia is almost natural. The other Olivia’s experiences and life are so much richer than this Olivia’s. She had a Mother for a longer period. She has a sister and a niece. She has a love interest and a family in what developed with Peter and Walter. So her wanting these memories and liking them is understandable.

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    • Dylan says

      Beyond that, it’s more like this Olivia is too perfect; she has no issues at her job, no issues with relationships (whether friendly or romantic), and she resolved the issues with her stepfather a long time ago – so no need to worry about that. She’s content with her past in Jacksonville with Walter. It’s all very…neat.

      Aside from her kidnapping by the other side and her disdain for her other self, although that’s not really that explored, everything in her life is far easier than in our Olivia’s life.

      Everything our Olivia garnered by season 3 she did so through a long, arduous journey. But she went through betrayals, her revelations of what was done to her as a child, her stepfather, her kidnapping, everything in the Charlie/Shapeshifter saga, etc.

      This new Olivia yearns for more but hasn’t really gone through anything yet. For her to receive anything of the kind right now would just be too easy.

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