FRINGE: 4.12 Welcome To Westfield


Peter, Olivia and Walter get trapped in a town from which there is no escape. But they soon learn that this mysterious occurrence is part of an experiment gone wrong.

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  1. Sid03 says

    Very reminiscent of Season 1 – I loved Olivia in this. Could it be possible?? Could our Olivia be back??? It was a relief not to see Lincoln. I enjoyed this episode. A little bit of Nina would have been perfect.

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  2. runthegamut says

    Loved it! It felt very X-File-ish, but with core mythology in place. Great combo.

    Aaaaand, what happened to the forum?

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    • Scully8 says

      As I watched the episode, I kept thinking about X-Files . . . I really, really, really loved this episode. With that said, I’m now totally confused!

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      • Rae` says

        X-files was EXACTLY my feel of this episode too. This is definately one I’d watch over again….three times….

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  3. Ben says

    It was a good episode. It didn’t quite have the same visceral impact on me that last week’s did, and after that I felt Astrid’s relative absence a little more than I might otherwise. Still, it’s an interesting case.

    As for Olivia? Welcome back, baby!

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  4. Mari says

    Love this episode, very exciting, and makes me really happy see our Olivia back! It makes me crazy the fact that we need to wait a whole week for see the explanation about the Olivia’s memory. This is making me crazy!!!!

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  5. hsa says

    Terrific episode. I feel validated about my Wizard of Oz analogy made some time ago, and the mythology is now even more complex with Walter and Olivia seemingly morphing into their original timeline characters. I find this morphing very satisfying because I miss the orinal timeline blue charscters but think the writers have something up their sleeves. It did not look like they were saving any money–great special effects. Now we have the two nice Olivias in a love triangle with Petah. Forget Lincoln-Olivia is in love!!!

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  6. Tom says

    That ending blew my mind!
    I really enjoyed that episode, very entertaining.

    The lack of Astrid (yes I saw the cameo :-) ) and Lincoln, freed up some room which works well in this story but I hope to see more of them soon.

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  7. Robert Ariadne says

    Absolutely brilliant episode. It seamlessly blended Johari Window (LOVED the callback), 6B, Jacksonville, and Os. I did not miss Lincoln at all; he’s been dead weight this season.
    Also, Olivia remembering the original timeline didn’t surprise me at all. This has always been the universe we watched for three seasons; it’s just a rewritten timeline. That was the prevailing theory up until And Those We Left Behind, when Peter stated his belief that this was another universe entirely.
    Pinkner and Wyman were smart, trying to pull a bait and switch with that.

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    • FringeFriday says

      The Observer’s confirmed it last episode- that this universe we see is our universe, because September DID lose the “flatliner” on Reiden Lake. So this is just another timeline.

      I am just wondering how long it will take Peter to realize that AND why Olivia remembers the other timeline!!!

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  8. MISSNETT says

    I’m so happy Olivia’s remembering! I don’t know what all this means but I’m happy!

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  9. KLA says

    What a great episode. I have not been feeling Fringe for a few weeks, but just as I said last year, TRUST THE WRITERS!!!! And now, I do. Well done. Need some time to digest it all, but WOW!!!

    By the way, Lincoln was not missed by me. When Olivia was answering her apartment door I feared that he would be out side, but thankfully it was Peter!!!

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    • KOs says

      i actually worried that it might be Nina’s team again to give Olivia another shot, so that Olivia will be back to not remembering anything…..

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      • shidey17 says

        I’m thinking (though it is probably unintended) maybe the Cortexiphan is partly responsible for Olivia remembering….it lets her see past the timeline adjustment or something.

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    • Scully8 says

      KLA — I thought it was going to be Lincoln as well . .. thank goodness it was Peter. Man, what an ending . . . not sure if this is actually our Olivia or not. I don’t think Peter knows what to think either. I hope it doesn’t end badly for Liv.

      The promo for next week looks awesome. Peter looks rather sinister . . . I hope he’s not doing something to Olivia.

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      • KLA says

        Poor Peter has had a rough year. I hope he does not go back to the Shapeshifter killer from last year. But then again, we might finally find out what is on those disks and what the key is. Sigh . . .

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        • Penny Laine says

          I would LOVE it if he went back to his shapeshifter-killing self! That was Peter at his best, IMO. Showed a much more complex and interesting character than the one we were used to.

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      • Penny Laine says

        Well that final scene must have really freaked Peter out! I think it’s normal for him to feel awkward around Olivia after that. He and Walter will find the reason, though, I’m sure!

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  10. willg says

    Awesome episode. I know some were worried about it being just some stand alone episode, but could not have been a better fit into the main story line. Next weeks looks awesome as well. Please let there be a season five.

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  11. JM says

    Well ummmm OMG, :L and i think i can predict whats going to happen next: Peter will at first be accepting that this is his olivia then after talks with walter he will start to think shes just got his olivias memories and reject her, i think that will be it for atleast a few episodes

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    • mlj102 says

      I was actually expecting the opposite: Peter will initially hold back and be very cautious and guarded as he still refuses to believe that this could actually be his Olivia. He’s made the mistake of accepting the wrong one before and he’s not about to make that same mistake again. I think he will initially push her away and reject her — thus the heartbreaking and painful moments and obstacles they will have to face and overcome. But gradually over time, he will come to see and accept her as the one and only real, original Olivia. Assuming, of course, that this is the beginning of the return of the original characters. They could still pull a twist on us and I’m not ruling that out.

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      • KLA says

        It would almost be too easy for the writers to go these two directions. Maybe Peter kills this Olivia so that he can get back to the real one. Let’s not forget that the palor of death is hanging over Olivia and don’t forget Mr X and September.

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        • Conspiracy yo says

          Or maybe Nina is dosing everyone with drugs and they will all come back to be the same people they were, Olivia was just the first dose experiment. In a couple weeks we could have the old timeline characters! That’s my theory.

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      • david says

        You’re right. I think Peter is going to be very suspicious about this. As I remember from the season two finale the whole Fauxlivia scam was started by this question “What’s she like?”. AmberOlivia asked the same question from Peter in this episode.

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      • DeepRunner says

        Agreed, mlj102. I think Peter will proceed with caution, although it will probably be with extreme caution. It was almost like his dream from BTWYNB was coming true right before his eyes and he didn’t know what to think. And certainly, he doesn’t want to repeat the mistake of falling for the wrong Olivia. Which brings up an interesting point: if his Olivia is back or coming back, what of Fauxlivia? Can the memories of the characters from the Blueverse come back without those of the Redverse also coming back?

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        • Jacksonheights says

          Good thought about altlivia and her memories. Let’s just hope baby Henry doesn’t come back to haunt us. Walters memories are also returning. He was more outgoing and cooking too. From season 1 “every time Walter tastes or smells something he is trying to recreate a moment in time”. I love all the callbacks to previous episodes.

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      • shidey17 says

        I’d like to see them reference LSD with this, where he knows it’s “child Olivia” and not “adult guardian Olivia” who is real by looking into her eyes. He truly KNOWS her and he won’t make that same mistake again.

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  12. dte421 says

    Perhaps the reason for the injections was to make Olivia remember? And why Nina told DRJ that “she will be ready soon”. Not sure what they need her memory for quite yet though

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    • Pwnsauce says

      This was kind of the conclusion I came to. Maybe Nina and DRJ know something the rest of us don’t.

      This episode really surprised me in its quality. Not spectacular, but very good.

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    • SF says

      I thought it could be cortexiphan, to give her some of ability (or start it) – remember DRJ is the one who recognized who Olivia was in Season 1 – I wonder if in this universe (timeline, whatever…), he did get to work with Bell/and or Walter, and thus had access to all the records about Olivia?

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      • SF says

        I just remembered that he worked at MD for a very little while (three years?) before being let go in our universe. I wonder if in this time line it went differently – it must have, because he’s working with Nina on the drug injection for Olivia.

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  13. SF says

    Fabulous episode! I loved all the references to the first season, and loved the feel of having the three back together again – both Olivia and Walter were being more like the selves we know from our timeline, in this episode and I thought in last week’s episode too, there were glimpses of them. This was such an interesting episode, with another version of what happens when the two universes are brought together – Jacksonville! – it was cool to be back in that immediate threat again, too. This felt like a Fringe episode through and through, tonight. I’ve enjoyed this season, though now I’m back in love with show now. These last few episodes are ones that I need to rewatch over a few times, just like the first three seasons of Fringe.

    And if there is a Season 5…..dare we hope?

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  14. Sofia says

    I’m still shaking, I can’t express my feelings about this episode, only tomorrow I’ll be able to function

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  15. Niomi Lianne says

    ok.. I’m going to act like stewie griffin and say… OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!

    I just loved this episode and its callbacks to previous epsidoes. There were so many refrences. But one thing that really stood out to me was when walter was talking about how the memories of one person were fused into another. Now who did that happen to peviously? I’m surprised peter didn’t say anything about it. And yes I have learned my lesson: TRUST THE WRITTERS!!! they knew what they were doing from the start.

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  16. LastManInSpace says

    Fantastic episode! I absolutely adore fringe and have been lurking around this site for a few seasons and I just had to finally comment:)

    I’ve loved Fringe’s whole run but have been less enthusiastic about this season. I think my issue with it was twofold: 1) no clear antagonist (this has been remedied) and 2) not really understanding the direction they were heading in. While I still don’t know what the end goal for the season is (other than Peter’s re-integration) it feels like Fringe has found it’s footing since returning from hiatus and I’m stoked for the rest of the season.

    Glad to see the pea coat back in action:D

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  17. Ian S. says

    Very interesting episode. Over the past few episodes I’ve began to speculate that this was actually our universe, everyone just had new memories, and I guess that theory holds true! This might be sort of like the end of Lost, with everyone remembering each other (however I hope it’s not at the end of the season).

    There are a lot of positives and negatives to this revelation though. If some of our characters “remember” and some don’t, a lot of tension and personal relationships will be hurt (Lincoln will be heart broken, Walter will be envious of Olivia remembering and him not, etc.) I just hope that everyone remembers soon, and we don’t have an odd mix of some remembering some don’t (I don’t want to have our Olivia, our Peter, and our Walter, then Amber Lincoln…too much uneeded tension for the show).

    However, if only some of the characters remember or become our blueverse characters, this leaves a lot of doors open, for Nina and David Robert Jones could still exist as how they are and would become the big bad enemies of perhaps the end of the show.

    There’s a lot of possibilites for this, I just hope the whole reason for Lincoln joining the team wasn’t to mess up Peter and Olivia later. Also, would the characters be able to have both versions of their life in their minds? And if so, how would people, like David Robert Jones, remember their lives if they died?

    Very intrigued to how they’re going to handle this! Welcome to Westfield earns a 9/10 from me!

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  18. bdp says

    Oh man what an AWESOME episode! So many great callbacks to previous seasons and hints of Walter and especially Olivia kind of morphing back into their original timeline selves. It’s interesting to me that while Walter seems to be connecting with Peter and returning to the Walter we know and love on an emotional level, as far as we have seen it’s been without the aid of returning memories like Olivia has been getting. Walter seems to just be accepting Peter into his life (taking Alt Astrid’s advice) he changing on his own and while Olivia did seem to be doing the same, especially after last week’s final scene with the two, she’s now having these memories return to her.

    I’m definitely on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what exactly is going on with her memories returning, why is she seemingly the only one having this happen so far and how is it happening. Also this is Fringe and while I did see Peter’s journey “home” heading in this direction I think it is highly unlikely that the writers and creators are going to use as simple a fix as they just simply remember Peter. I’m pretty sure something else is going to be combined with the memories to provide the full explanation.

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    • Niomi Lianne says

      yes walter did seem to accept altstrid’s adive. It also definatly seemed like he was sad that Peter was going to leave, not the lab, but his timeline. Of coarse, we don’t know for sure if that’s going to be the case.

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  19. JM says

    When you know a character/actor shouldnt be in fringe: When the show works better when he isnt in 2 episodes in a row

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      • JM says

        Betty you just made an excellent point in itself, you just gave an episode 10/10 without lincoln in it! 10/10 means perfect 😛 and yes this episode was a very high mark i will give it a 8.5/10

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          • shidey17 says

            This is such a good debate. I personally have enjoyed Alt-Lincoln since season 2, however I have never felt like Blueverse Lincoln fits in. Everything about his integration into the plot feels contrived. We have such a family dynamic with our characters and he really seems to interrupt that. Although, if you look at what the writers have been trying to do this season, it makes perfect sense that they would add a character that would ruffle our feathers in this way. Maybe our writers are just even more brilliant than we’ve realized.

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            • JM says

              lol….hmm, we know the writers have already said that they intentionally made it so we would miss the original timeline a huge amount, (a incredibly risky move when attempting to gain a new audience…which we all know failed)

              So now if im intepreting you correctly they have introduced a character that has no chemistry with another character on the show (apart from maybe peter) to ruffle our feathers?

              If that is the case. They are either incredibly brilliant as you said or mind numbingly obtuse.

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              • shidey17 says

                Lol. Yes, you’re right. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out to know for sure. Let’s hope they’re brilliant.

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      • BooLooLum says

        I don’t hate Lincoln, I just wish they would use him without making him “seem” like he is taking Peter’s place and making him a “wedge” between Peter and Olivia. I mean, it would be better if they kept Lincoln as Olivia’s partner the same way they did Charlie and have Peter and walter at all crime scenes.

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    • Pwnsauce says

      I don’t necessarily hate Lincoln. I don’t have it out for him, either. However, you hit the nail on the head. The flow was so much better these last two episodes without him. For some reason Lincoln just doesn’t work in the Blue universe. Red Lincoln has good chemistry with Altlivia, but Blue Lincoln just doesn’t fit in.

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  20. JM says

    OK i loved this episode

    I think that the way walter acted in this episode should have been the way he acted in 4.11, IMO it was his natural progression from 4.10. The reason why this episode was good is because it featured walter peter and olivia all acting like they did in original fringe, especially walter and peter who had their father/son dynamic back in spades. Its evident that walter has become attached to this peter and no longer wants him to leave, (this could also be an explanation for his behaviour in 4.11 as peter just said he wanted to go home instead of eat eggs with him).

    Olivia was so much like her normal self in this episode she was in no way boring, and i very much appreciate that! I have to admit i did not see her coming back this early in the season, and although i did think they would just return her memories, the writers get bonus points for surprising me with the way they did it, (the call back to johari window was nice!) I also realised we actually learned more about peter and olivias relationship in the old timeline than we ever did when they were on screen, and although i didnt enjoy the relationship to a large degree in season 3, i think them being an actual couple makes it much better to watch (the fauxlivia thing made it annoying in season 3) for example them having date nights etc. like an actual mature relationship is much better than the way it was. I also liked the way peter described olivia to amberolivia.

    As ive said in another comment, i believe the way they will go about this is an initial acceptance of this olivia from peter then rejection then ultimately acceptance again.

    i initially put 8.5/10 im gonna move it up to a 9/10 😛

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  21. Scully8 says

    What a fantastic episode. I really like Peter this season . . . he seems more grown up. Olivia . . . Olivia . . . Olivia . . . got to love her.

    I’m so confused at this point. Also, the promos for next week’s episode look incredible and Nina looks to be back.

    Betty — I was trying not to mention Lincoln, but I just can’t help myself. The last two episodes have definitely benefited with him out of the picture. He really doesn’t bring anything to the party; unless he will be used as the wedge between Olivia and Peter really reconnecting.

    I do have my doubts about Peter being able to accept this Olivia as his own.

    Wow . . . 9.5/10

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      • Rae` says

        I have to say Scully8, given this show and it’s proclivity for mirrored occurences, I think it’s possible that a few episodes of this season are going to deal with Peter having to figure out how to accept this Olivia as his own, in the same way Olivia had to learn to accept that Peter was solely hers in season three. You know, the whole two steps forward three back thing. Not only could this possibly happen, but if he realizes this is, in fact, his Olivia, then ALOT more questions will arise on his part as to what the hell is going on and why.

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        • Scully8 says

          Sounds about right. I just hope we do not have to endure a lot of Lincoln (can’t help myself :)).

          Now, in terms of Lincoln; if the writers used him not as a love interest for Olivia, but as the one most determined to get to the bottom of the shapeshifters (which it seems he’s really determined to do because of the loss of his partner), then I believe he could work. This doesn’t mean he should get lots of screen time, but he does bring a sense of urgency around the shapeshifter madness . . . just a thought. See, I don’t hate AmberLincoln. :)

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  22. willg says

    I believe that Lincoln will still be somewhat of a stumbling block for an episode or two, because it will not be this easy for Olivia and Peter.

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        • Rae` says

          I think Lincoln will ultimately play a bigger role regarding not Olivia and Petah’s relationship, but the cortexiphan/timeline complex. He recognized Nick Lane in season one for a reason. I still, in my heart of hearts, believe this. haha.

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          • Ari says

            Thank goodness! I was beginning to think I was the only one who remembered Lincoln’s relationship to Nick Lane!

            I don’t think Lincoln, in either universe, is dead weight, but rather misused weight. Much like, don’t shoot me, Astrid could have been. If there had been an Astrid-centric episode in Season 1-2 I wouldn’t have enjoyed it, thinking that it was taking time away from the action/main characters. But an Astrid-centric episode in Season 4 was way overdo and so great because I cared about her, and her actress. We’ve been given too much Lincoln, too fast, without any reassuring references to his role in the mythology, as hinted at in Season 2. I stand by my opinion that the problem with this season has been pacing, and nothing more. Ideas, themes, etc. have all been sound but too drawn out.

            The last two episodes have been great and as we move into the back end of the season I have nothing but high hopes – even for Lincoln!

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  23. hui says

    So Anna got another role for her. The ” new timeline Olivia who possesses the old timeline memory ”

    Where’s Emmy ?

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  24. cams says

    Amazing episode! I knew that they’d do an “the universe is merged” episode someday. That was way better than what I was expecting! 😀
    Perfectly done!

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  25. Rae` says

    I hate the bad hype this episode got before it aired. You know, everytime a promo pops up that seems ‘standalone’ ish, fans begin to doubt, and negatively criticize the show instead of having an optimistic viewpoint.

    This episode, having been criticized for it’s promos the past week, fell under the ‘procedural for ratings’ category that biased fans put it under. And whatdaya know, turns out this episode contained every aspect of the season four mythology.

    All I’m saying here, is that I really wish more hopefully optimism is invested in the producers when they say they write for the fans and are invested in the same opinions and relationships that we are. This episode is obviously apparent of that.

    So much merit is placed on promos that I honestly wish fans would come to realize now that promos hook, they don’t explain, they give away a premise, not the whole story, and if you’d simply wait for the whole story, you’d understand that these writers, hey, they happen to know what they’re doing, and aren’t going to veer away from all of the things that us fans are invested in, the things we love about the show.

    Yeah, it’s different this season, but you know the greatest thing about this show, is they can pop Peter into a different timeline and give it the feel and production of a whole new show, and mid season, they can uproot that new show and make it feel completely recognizable again, and you know what, they can do so making it all believable. That why this show is so amazing and really, I think assumptions shouldn’t be made so harshly so prematurely. You think after four seasons, this concept should be grasped by now. This show surprises and while it does that, it delivers.

    This episode was amazing and I loved it. Novation was my second favorite this season in terms of writing. Not to mention the beginning scene was the not only unexpected, but really, really hot. Can’t deny I liked it quite a bit much. 😉

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  26. mrflamethunder says

    WOW!! The ending literally stopped my breathing.
    For the first time in S4 that I really feel for Olivia. The trio is back!!
    I truly love this episode. Gonna go watch again.
    Did I mention that this episode seems to be very expensive to make?!

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  27. Roneo says

    I’m still excited. What a great episode. And what a great series. I hope we have that desired 5 th season.

    I’m a little confused with something. At first, seeing that Olivia was affected I have come to think that what mingled were not universes, but time lines.
    But on the explanations that they’ve given, and since they have not denied it, it wasn’t that way.
    Olivia then has been affected by their particular sensitivity and that characteristic of her to take which to others kills them and turn it into something that makes her more powerful. That’s why she has not been mixed with AltLiv (her face when she thought that could happen was priceless), but has assimilated the memories of the original timeline. Although I guess that’s something that will explain better in the coming episodes.

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    • kungmidas says

      I think Olivia took over “her” old memories of the original timeline because of the cortexiphan she got administered by Nina’s people. First she had migraines and finally she remembers Peter and her old life with him and Walter. Even though I don’t think that was what DRJ and Nina expected to happen… Or September has something to do with it.
      I just love it that our original Olivia is back! Love it Love it Love it!

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  28. DeepRunner says

    I just watched it. WOW! What an excellent episode. It is now obvious that Peter is a lot closer than he thinks to his home. This is his Olivia, and increasingly, this is his Walter. Which makes clear the September’s decision of not wiping Peter completely from the timeline ensured that people would start to remember.

    (Just as a parenthetical thought, when I first saw the clip of Welcome to Westfield, Now Leaving Westfield, Welcome to Westfield, it reminded me a little of Johari Window from season 2, and then Olivia talked about the case in Edina.)

    It was great to see them all work together, from beginning to end. Walter was the Walter we all remember. His theory that the inhabitants of Westfield were merging/taking the same space as Westfield from AltWord was a nice coda back to Jacksonville’s opening scenes. (DRJ as Thomas Jerome Newton is a pretty intriguing concept.)

    The opening scene was the dream, as I suspected it would be, but the end scene was major impact and plot twist, as Olivia was very much his Olivia. This is the Olivia that people remember. But Peter’s certainty that this was not his Olivia showed-up in the shock on his face.

    The show is accelerating toward its previous normalcy, and it appears Peter will be at a decision point soon, if the tease for next week is to be believed.

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  29. StellaVD says

    This is Fringe, this is what I’ve been missing this whole time. YES!
    That ‘whot?! whot?!’ feeling, mind blown, love it

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  30. lost_stef says

    Wow 10/10 FanBloodyTasic Episode!!!!! Loved the opening steamy scene loved the middle and expecially loved the end. I was jumping around the living room with excitement when Olivia finally returned. God how i missed her. I cant wait for next week i seriously cant wait! this episode was everything i hoped it would be and so much more. Thank you just thank you :)

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  31. FringeFriday says

    Great episode, perfect story, perfect acting!!!

    I loved how Walter came out of his (lab)shell and was out in the field again WITH Peter. I guess he thought for a moment that he was a nutcase again after his conversation in the diner… the look on his face!!! Poor Walter

    How does Olivia remember the other timeline? Is it because of the Cortexiphan? Or the “new drug” dear Auntie Nina gave her for her headaches? Or is she only the first to remember everything and the others will follow?

    Westfield obviously was a “test-run” for DRJ to see how and if it works. Why does he want to merge the universes, DOES he want them to merge- or just parts? What does Nina get out of it???
    WAS it even a merger of the universes or a merger of TIMELINES(Peter’s timeline)?

    Loved the scene when Peter left the lab while Walter made Crepes. It was like Walter wants Peter to stay.

    Of course the final scene. MINDBLOWING on highest level! I totally was like WHAAAAAAAAT???? and then it ended… argh!

    OLIVE were the glyphs, yay she is back!!

    First time I didn’t even LOOK for the Observer because I was so caught up in the story!!!!

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    • Roneo says

      “Loved the scene when Peter left the lab while Walter made Crepes. It was like Walter wants Peter to stay.”

      Really. When Walter says “Good night….” I was just expecting him to finish with the former usual….”son”.

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    • DeepRunner says

      Yep, the crepes scene was good, even its reference to dinner being the “second-most important meal of the day,” a sly reference to the opening scenes of 6B, when he made the breakfast for Peter and Olivia.

      And yes, you could see Walter REALLY wanting Peter to stay, almost wanting to say, “Goodnight, son” as Peter was leaving. But not last night. That is for the next episode or two, maybe. No, the Olivia kiss had to happen first.

      Just absolutely a great GREAT episode. I am eager to see where this goes.

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  32. FringeCharacter says

    After a little processing, I fear Olivia’s new memories are part of David Robert Jones’ experiment. She is needed for something bigger.

    With the merging of the Westfields, what happened to the residents of the other Westfield? Wouldn’t the FRINGE teams on both sides be in the thick of things? What happened to them? Altlivia would have investigated, but not Walternate, and there’s only one Peter. Is this why Olivia needed the cortexiphan? Is Altlivia toast?

    I actually cheered when the two-faced man was removed from the back of bus. Be sure to watch his face closely.

    Man, I love this show!

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  33. Maris says

    I’m completely in love for this episode… It was like the old times they all together. Very well done in my opinion.
    And I have to say that I don’t expected that Olivias memory would come back this way. I’m right now just want to understand what was the trigger for her to remember everything. I understand that she was having dreams and that headaches was something, but for her to remember in that way, because in the last scene was like if nothing had happened, that was like a normal day for her…
    I don’t know, maybe I needed to watch again, and again, and again ….because, I really love this episode!!!!!

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 16

  34. mazius says

    By far the best episode, just epic. Im loving Fringe so much since mid season. Im very curious about an explanation of why Olivia suddenly were recovering the memories she had lost because of the machine. Hope next episodes will be as great as this one despite of the ratings.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9

  35. OliverFA says

    I just have one thing to add to all your comments: if Fox
    kills the show now, they are just crazy. Turn DRJ into the big bad guy and we will have a clear antagonist for seasons 4-7 (who comes from S1!)

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  36. Dany says

    Hiya all, love Fringe!!!! Does anyone know what song is playing in the final scene of the Welcome to Westfield episode? I would love to know.

    Like: Thumb up 2

  37. shidey17 says

    Was anybody else waiting for Olivia to suddenly spurt out “be a better man than your father” in Greek when she started slurring and stumbling in Westfield?

    For some reason, I have this crazy feeling that’s what she was going to remember.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8

  38. Ben says

    What an absolutely incredible episode!

    As soon as I saw that the ‘previously on…’ sequence featured David Robert Jones I knew we’d be in for a great one; I mean the man can still stamp his authority all over an episode without even being in it!

    There were so many fantastic moments. I found the first 20 minutes or so to be much more sinister than any ‘horror’ film I’ve watched for a while. The episode, at times, was a little uncomfortable to watch, but that was because the idea of a whole town being subject to the horrors from the opening of ‘Jacksonville’ was a really terrifying prospect! I liked the fact that it was Peter’s genius that saved the day, suggesting that the writers in fact weren’t being overly generous giving him that astronomical IQ back in the Pilot.

    I wondered whether or not the Edina case actually happened in this timeline, since at first it wasn’t clear whether or not it was Olivia gradually assuming memories of the original reality or Walter losing his memories as a result of the universe-merger’s effects on people’s mental health. This was an intruiging mystery, and I was pleased when the final scene more or less confirmed that the former idea was correct.

    I’ve always thought that Peter couldn’t actually go ‘home’ to the original timeline because this IS his home, just a rewritten version of it. It seems like the two timelines are beginning to merge starting with Olivia, which is going to give her an intense time over the next few weeks with Nina’s mysterious project on her gathering pace as well!

    There’s no doubt that Jones’s motivations are going to be fascinating, especially since he apparently had no awareness of the existence of the original timeline. Add to that the presence of the Observers and you have, like Walter, the perfect cocktail (so to speak) for the end of a season.

    A few episodes ago I would’ve been reasonably happy for the series to end with this season (provided the resolution was satisfying) rather than be cancelled mid-season at some point in the future. But this episode has reminded me how much I love this show, and I really do hope it carries on for as long as the writers plan!

    Fingers crossed for season 5!

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 15

  39. J.P. says

    I don’t want to follow the trend and say it was a “perfect” episode… but yeah, it was a perfect episode. It reminded me so much of the past Fringe. Out of every episode this season, this one had the best “Fringe feel”. It’s hard to explain, but the entire atmosphere, the mood of the episode, was just like Fringe — especially the Fringe of seasons one and two. Of course, it wasn’t a traditional standalone, we still had a large development with the Machine, they haven’t forgotten about David Robert Jones or his plan at all, and of course Olivia regaining her memories.

    For some reason, I enjoyed not seeing Jones or the human shape shifters, and only slowly unravelling the mystery and pointing the finger at them after the fact, upon witnessing the effects of their actions. Very similar to episodes involving the original shape shifters in season two, such as “Jacksonville”, which was a fantastic story. We didn’t see Newton or the shape shifters at all (except in that brief photo, for the true fans here), yet their presence was felt because the Fringe event of the week was orchestrated by them. This was actually one of my favorite parts of the episode, because it was such a “classic Fringe” move.

    Peter’s growing effect on the characters is becoming more and more clear. A favorite scene of mine was in the beginning, with Fringe Division investigating the crime scene, and Walter does his thing — tampering with the evidence and then finding a clue, in true Walter fashion. It’s only because of Peter’s presence here that he’s slowly becoming closer and closer to the old Walter we all miss dearly. And near the end, when Peter suggests that he may finally go home soon, the look on Walter’s face says it all — he doesn’t want him to leave. What’s more tragic is that when and if Peter “returns home”, Walter will most likely revert back to the agoraphobic cynic that he was earlier.

    But, the Olivia material keeps pointing to the theory that this amberverse IS Peter’s home, albeit just “changed” because of his death as a boy. I think it’s very clear her memories are the result of Nina dosing her, as part of a larger grand plan with Jones involved in some way. Perhaps Jones was playing it cool in “Enemy of My Enemy”, and knew who Peter was all along? And now he and Nina have joined forces for some reason, maybe to reset the timeline? Or their just manipulating Olivia’s mind for something else entirely, I really don’t know and accept the fact that it’s probably pointless to guess such things before the episode airs that explains it all.

    So this was a great episode, from beginning to end. I can only hope the remaining episodes follow this one’s structure, thus making the last half of season four much closer in quality to the seasons past.

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 20

    • says

      Do you think that Peter will end up in psychotherapy after all is said and done ? Or will he come out unscathed. I guess he will cross that bridge when he comes to it . lol !

      Like: Thumb up 5

    • Maris says

      I agree with you, it’s good to feel this atmosphere again, I was missing that a lot!!!!
      I like Jones, he is that kind of villan that don’t need to be in site for you to know that he is the evil mand behind that all!!! I like that on him.
      See the changed that Walter is suffering with Peter presence is very good, especially in that episode, that for short moments we were able to see our Walter.
      Now see that Olivia is back, or kind of, was completed happiness in my heart, although I have to admit that his really freaks me out, and I really don’t now way!!!!!!
      This episode really, really was very good, and I’m very exited for next week!!!!!!!!!!

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    • T says

      “I think it’s very clear her memories are the result of Nina dosing her”

      You could be right…but I’m not quite so certain for 2 reasons:

      1) Walternate was able to implant Altlivia’s memories in Olivia’s brain and he knew nothing (at that time) about Cortexifan.

      2) September stated that even though Peter was erased, he was still bleeding through. His statement, along with what has happend after, seems to imply that the bleeding didn’t stop when Peter appeared in the lake. If that is true the the bleeding has become a flood-gate and Peter’s presence in this universe could be what is triggering Olivia’s memories.

      Don’t know. Too many questions. Hopefully we’ll get more answeres soon.

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  40. KLA says

    While I wait to do a rematch, one thing that kind of bugged me was Walter being able to fight off the guy in the diner so easily before Peter came to the rescue. I am sorry, but that guy was too big and strong to not have been able to crush poor Walter with one blow. Sheesh …..

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  41. Scully8 says

    I have a theory, it’s probably not original as someone else may have already offered it–I haven’t read all of the comments.

    Two things — what if ‘our’ Olivia got in Walter’s tank in the OTL to fuse her memory with Peter’s? Or, the cortexiphane injections has enabled her to remember the lives she’s lived in other timelines — i.e., like when Walter explained the dejavu concept in ‘the road not taken.’ If I remember correctly–I’m going to rewatch to confirm–Walter said Olivia might be more prone to remember her alternative existences (timelines not universes) because of the cortexiphane experiement. If that’s the case, she is ‘our’ Olivia, but just from a different timeline. I believe all of the characters are the original because they are from the same universe, but just a different timeline–one without Peter as a man. Does this make sense to anyone?

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  42. matt says

    I’m so happy! THAT WAS AMAZING, IT STOOD ALONE! IT FURTHERED THE PLOT! IT FELT LIKE A ZOMBIE FILM! SO GOOD! and I’m so glad the rest of the FRINGE centric world agrees! 10outta10 when I voted baby! I’M LOVIN IT! (ps screw mcdonalds)

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  43. newageaz says

    I guess I am the only one confused? I really enjoyed the episode, up until the ending. I thought that this season, so far, was about a different timeline. But after this episode, I don’t understand how this new timeline’s Olivia is blending with our Olivia (from a different timeline), while at the same time, we are being told through the story, that what is happening is the blending of universes. So, why isn’t this new timelines’ Olivia blending with Bolivia (form the alt-universe)?

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    • mrflamethunder says

      Bolivia in the Alt-verse was probably not in Alt-Westfield. Remember when Cliff said he got teaching job offer to somewhere out of Westfield (forgot exactly where; need to go rewatch), Cliff here was immune most probably because Alt-Cliff had taken the job offer and moved out of Alt-Westfield. As to Amber-Olivia blending with our Blue-Olivia, we do not know for sure if it’s related to the Westfield case. It may just be a coincidence, or it may have been a trigger to Olivia’s blending.

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      • MISSNETT says

        Walter talked about Olivia’s empathy. Maybe it was that empathy that triggered it. Most likely Altlivia wasn’t in Westfield in her universe so that’s why the timeline not the universe.

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      • ramona says

        I think that the Westfield we’ve watched with our 3 heroes was merging with the real Westfield of Peter’s original universe/timeline. Peter was not affected because he was here and not there. Walter was not affected because he would most likely still be grieving losing Peter and staying in his lab. Olivia was affected since any version of Olivia would be at Westfield investigating the Event. So the Real Olivia that we’ve known for 3 seasons has merged with this Olivia, giving her two distinct memories without sacrificing her identity. That is why her DNA did not double since she is still the same person, only with additional memories.

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    • nora says

      I think you are mixing up two things – in Westfield, the two UNIVERSES were merging, in the NEW timeline. What happened with Olivia is a completely different thing. They just happened at the same time (during the ep the writers wanted us to believe this, that the two process is the same, and keep us busy). Walter has just taken Altstrid’s advice – accept Peter as your son and be happy. Walternate and AltLiv were not in Westfield, so Olivia and Walter didn’t merge with their dopplegangers.
      Amberlivia blended with *Ourliv from the Old Timeline* – surely as a result of Nina injecting her with Cortexiphan. Maybe the medicine she gave her for her headaches accelerated the process, I don’t know. The effect just kicked in now, in Westfield. – At least this is my opinion.
      Theory: Is it what Nina wanted to achieve? Or is it just an unwanted sideffect of the Cortexiphan dosing? Maybe it (Nina’s dosing) has to do something with Olivia’s other abilities – I suspect telekinesis (OurLiv has that ability in the Old Timeline after she was treated with Cortexiphan), perhaps in the connection of the machine (she was able to shut it down in the OT, maybe she’s capable now for more), but that’s just a tip.

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      • Schwakamole says

        “The effect just kicked in now, in Westfield. – At least this is my opinion.” Actually, the effect kicked at some point prior to her waking up as evidenced by the dream she was having that morning. She woke up fairly flustered and surprised which tells us that she wasn’t the “original timeline” Olivia at that moment, but the “new timeline” Olivia who does not have those feelings for Peter and was thus surprised at herself and her dream. When the “effect” actually started, we don’t know for sure.

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        • nora says

          I know this, but I wanted to keep to the essentials in my comment because it was a reply to a question – and reflect to the fact, that the two thing ESSENTIALLY happened simultaniously. And most of all – I didn’t choose the best words, I can see now (my mother tongue is not english, so pleeease don’t hang me for it :) !) So – you’re right, the effect *kicked in* defenitely earlier than Westfield, but the first “real” symptoms occoured there (mentioning Edina, and if it wasn’t psychosomatic, as Walter said, then the shaking, slurring ect., too).

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  44. M says

    There’s such a great message behind this new development with Olivia’s memories and I wish I could elaborate better, but it’s really hard to put into words. Here we go:

    The million-dollar question is, what defines our identities? If Olivia and Altlivia are two different people because of their different personalities and experiences, then would the Amber Olivias be another two different people? If Olivia’s memory was erased and replaced with no memory of Peter, would she still have the same identity?

    I think the message here is we have to decide if Olivia, Altlivia, and these Amber Olivias are all the same person, or if they’ll all different people. That’s what Peter is struggling with.

    I think every version of Olivia put together composes a single identity, because given the same upbringing, they would have all made the same choices. Only their experiences set them apart.

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    • rosimili says

      I think the better question is what triggers alter universes? Did Peter’s death caused another universe (amber) to be born with its dependant alter-universe? If Peter opens a gate to return to blue universe, does that cause the same set of events that Walter set into motion by taking Peter from red universe?

      I am very curious to know what event cause red universe to be created?

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  45. Scully8 says

    Hey, did anyone notice how the camera focused on the bag of blood they used on the injuried guy. I was just re-watching the episode and there was a camera shot that slowly moved up the pole that was holding the blood to the bag and held for a second or two. Whose blood did they use? Remember Walter said he was O negative. I’m not sure if it means anything, but it just seemed odd.

    Like: Thumb up 3

    • JM says

      yeah when walter said his blood was o negative, i thought that was odd for different reasons, if i remember correctly in 3.11: reciprocity. They find peters blood at one of the crimescenes (although they dont know its his) and whatever blood type they say it is, i think it was A positive, but im uncertain, walter said that, that was his blood type aswell.

      My bad memory? plot contrivance/difference? i dont know. :L

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  46. nora says

    You’re right.

    “ASTRID: It’s me. We just found blood under Doctor Falcon’s fingernails.
    OLIVIA: So the killer is human?
    WALTER: Appears so. Type A positive. It’s fairly common. I’m A positive along with one-third of the population.”

    I also thought the focus on the blood bag was strange, but I didn’t do the connection. You’re both smart! :)

    Altough, it can only be a contrivance or a difference without particular meaning, as you said.

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  47. Anne in Van says

    Oh My! This episode was the best of the 4th season so far and I think among my favs of the whole show!
    I’ve been a bit disapointed by this season, still loving the show but not so excited. I used to be so impatient to see the next episode and for the first part of this season, not that much. But this one, Jeez!, at the end I called my best friend and we were just screaming over the phone: “oh and did you see that! and this! and when he did this! and said that!” I was almost jumping around and felt sooooo happy. And now definitely, I can’t wait for the next episode and the week is gonna be soooo long!

    I never stopped trusting the writers but I have to admit that I started worrying lately, telling myself “what if they lost track, what if they lost the soul of the show” but now I’m ashamed for being skeptical just one sec and I know why I trust them: they are just sooo geniusly genius!!

    I was so happy to have everything I love about Fringe in a single episode: the trio back (at least almost back), our Walter and his food obsession (who’s hungry?), Peter&Olivia (oh my God, this first scene!), a great case with great tension, wonderful acting and directing, many reminders to previous episodes, a significant headway in the mythology. It was really just perfect and I thank the writers and everyone on the show for this.

    Fringe is back and that feels gooooood!!! :)

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  48. g33k says

    First – Incredible episode, I think that’s all been said over and over above, so I’ll just write “EVERY COMMENT DITTO!!!!”. 😀

    Second – I have an outstanding questions/speculations that may or may not be answered in the next episode that airs, but that I’m left with at the end of this episode.

    If the thing that happened to the town was similar to what happened in Jacksonville, where the building came from one universe to another and got merged, then a subsequent building disappeared, then did the building at the end of Jacksonville and the town in this episode GO somewhere and get merged? As in, to another universe?

    In Jacksonville the first building that merged obviously came from the red universe, and went to the blue one. Did the town that disappeared from the amberverse get merged with the town in the current alt-verse we’ve been watching in S4? Or has it gone somewhere else? At the end of the episode they said they had found equipment (perhaps harmonic rods?) at the three points but it seems like Newton used them to bring things over (the bridge, the building) and the after-effect was for something to disappear. It seems liek the opposite with the town. I’m totally curious as to what DRJ is up to now!!! :-)

    I was expecting to hear Broyles at the end of the universe tell everyone that there was a report from the other side of a town merged with a copy of itself, especially since Peter would know of the effects of moving mass from one universe to another and would have had him check. The lady that killed herself in the bathroom had been talking about checking air quality. I guess we’ll find out for sure next episode.

    So it makes me wonder if we can expect a follow up episode from this one to deal with the consequences of the town’s disappearance.

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  49. Dylan says

    It was okay. There wasn’t actually much there in terms of the case-of-the-week. There was a lot being established with it, but nothing really done with what was established.

    A wasted opportunity.

    And with most of the scenes kept inside of a single room, hallway, or car interior, and with very few characters involved – can’t help but feel I am witnessing a big story executed in a small way. A lot of what was happening was described, rather than seen – and otherwise seen only briefly.

    I appreciated its feel of being a traditional Fringe episode; the whole team being together, but it might be refreshing to have cases investigated where the entire team isn’t together – but single characters (eg. Peter in Northwest Passage, Walter in The Equation, and to a degree there’s always Olivia in Bad Dreams – everyone’s there but Olivia is really the driving force of the investigation). It might just be nice to explore the professional side of the characters as individuals, rather than as members of the team (otherwise everyone falls into their respective place weekly – Olivia as the “Can you tell me what happened?” and “What does that mean?”, Peter as the “here’s a possibility” and “Olivia!”, Walter as the “Let me state a possibility that I’ll never follow up on” and “aha! I’ve figured out!”, and of course – if she gets any screentime – Astrid with the “What’s that Walter?” and any such line describing what Walter is doing.

    This is all still better than the first half of the season, but I’m still having trouble getting invested in the big picture. Right now, this all feels like the first half of season 2 – but with no season 1 before it.

    And I can’t help but feel bitter over the fact that show appears to be doing the whole “twist for twist’s sake” thing rather than organically revealing a twist that’s been building for weeks.

    6-7/10 for me.

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