FRINGE: 4.12 Welcome To Westfield — Sneak Peek


Take an early look at a scene from Friday’s “Welcome To Westfield” with this new sneak peek, right after the jump.



  1. Cody says

    HAHA! At first i thought that was a taser Peter handed to him. I bet he will spray himself with the spray.

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  2. Maris says

    This episode seems like very exciting!!!
    And it was a very good idea not give a weapon to Walter, a spray is already very dengerous for him!!!!

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  3. says

    Hmmm…it’s interesting that Peter seemed very cold and objective to Walter in this scene. And in Making Angels, when Olivia said that he would make a good partner, he said “Thank You” in a very off-handed non-committal sort of way. It’s interesting to see that he’s trying to distance himself from these people.

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    • M. F says

      I think he’s doing that for not created a bond to this version of the people that he love. In that case make sense his creating this type of limit, for his own sanity…

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    • says

      I noticed that too, and I’m having a scary feeling that things aren’t gonna get pretty easy for Peter when he finds out that this is his family. (Yes, I’m with the people who think we’re in the right timeline.).

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      • Maris says

        For Peter nothing is going to be easy … even though it is his real timeline or not, he will suffer… Poor Peter.

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