FRINGE: 4.12 Welcome To Westfield Review


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  1. earthbrah says

    Excellent episode!
    This was like what happened in “Jacksonville,” only with an entire town! I also really appreciated the relevance to the case in Edina that they worked in “Johari Window.”
    Also, LOVED it when Walter got on the high school intercom and summoned Peter and Olivia to the science lab. Beauty!

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  2. Lafra08 says

    So here we are – Mind blown! Amazed! Confused! Brilliant! Genius! This show really doesn´t stop FASCINATING! SCIFI at its Best! And those Relationships I don´t really know how to put it in words all the feelings I have! All that created by genius writers and producers and genius cast! These actors – the best cast EVER! So they managed – and I really don´t believe that I´m saying that – to get me FINALLY invested in Amber versions of OUR beloved characters ( I just can´t believe That – amazing job!) – at this point and after the last episode I felt so sorry for Newwalter that he is probably going to loose his son for the third time when Peter really goes home and I felt so sorry for Newlivia because having the momories of Our Olivia she will also be demaged!!! And now can Peter seeing this Other versions of his beloved people becoming just like his beloved Olivia and Walter really leave them behind just like that….?, it will break Newlivias and Newwalters hearts, my brain will explode….:)Maybe this is true that Peter is home already – it seems almost so! The Observers said the timeline has been rewritten, and than Peter Bishop is back! So I think in the current situation there is no other way the timelines must merge somehow for Peter to find his home – and it has already started -In the last scene Newlivia acted completely like our Beloved Olivia, like nothing really happend – I think Peters presence is slowly causing timeline rest to what we had in 1-3 seasons! So while happy that we are probably going to become our beloved chracters to some degree back I´m afraid that at first Peter is going to reject Newlivia because of the bad expierience with Faux in our timeline beeing fooled and not recognising the real Olivia and It will be very painful to watch – only to find out that this is truly HIS Olivia! So I can´t wait to find out how all this is gonna to play out! This is Fringe so you never know:)


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  3. Jay says

    Great episode! But I still am confused about how many universes we have seen. Is there 4? This universe appears the same as the one Peter wants to get back to, except they don’t know him. Also, the alternate universe seems the same as the previous alternate universe. So I’m thinking they are the same universe and Peter was simply wiped from the timeline. But with this incident in Westfield, he has been realized again and is back in the universe he remembers. But why would Robert David Jones do this? It seems more likely that he was just showing the power he had with that special ore/material. I’m a bit confused but as usual it was a great episode.

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  4. trancefreak says

    This was one of down right favorites. It was creepy, suspenseful, entertaining, scientific. I could go on but the plot lines and Liv remembering was finally getting this season 4 back on track to the Fringe I come to love.

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