FRINGE: 4.11 Making Angels Review


Update: Our Fringe review for 4.11 “Making Angels” has been posted over at our partner site


  1. earthbrah says

    Is anyone else wondering (after this episode) whether or not Peter’s getting “home” will somehow involve “the flattening of time”?

    This timeline is different, rewritten basically because September did not save Peter from the lake in ’85 as he did in the prime timeline. And in this episode we learned that he lost an object that night, an object that somehow enabled that professor to see past/present/future simultaneously.
    “He’ll be interested to know what happened to it.” So apparently September doesn’t know how he lost it??? Seems odd.

    A bit of a ramble here, but if Peter’s problem is time (or being in what he perceives to be the “wrong” stream of it), then wouldn’t it stand to reason that the solution to his problem is also time…?

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