FRINGE: 4.11 Making Angels — Promo Photos


We’ve updated our Fringe 4.11 gallery with the full set of promotional photos ahead of Friday’s “Making Angels.”


  1. says

    The picture with Peter entering the room has several rosary beads, what looks like an alter, candles, and a picture of President John F. Kennedy ???

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  2. JM says

    FRINGE lowatus confirmed to be: February 24th – March 23rd.

    Then all remaining episodes will air till the end of the season.

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    • James says

      I hope they publicise this when episode 4.14/4.15 air (not sure which one will be the last before the break), so the viewers hopefully stick when it returns again.

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  3. DadzBoyz says

    Season 4 Observation…
    We don’t know enough about what happened to Bell.
    We know that Fauxlivia came over here somehow in a switch. We don’t much more, like how the switch occurred, etc.
    If I recall correctly, the switch that we saw came when the team from this side went over to retreive Peter. If Peter didn’t exist, they would not have gone over. If they didn’t go over, Bell did not have to give his energy to get the team back to this side. No Bell using soul magnets to take over this Olivia. No process to retreive Olivia’s conciousness. Could Bell be alive and around somewhere???

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