FRINGE: 4.10 Forced Perspective


Olivia continues to cope with the ominous warning from the Observers, while Peter and the team track a girl with the mysterious ability to predict death in the all-new “Forced Perspective”.

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  1. JM says

    This was a 6 or a 7/10 episode for me (although i voted 7). It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing either. Definately a huge upgrade from the previous season 4 mythalones, but its a very skippable episode, and you only really need to see the last 4 minutes to know whats going on. The episode would have been better if the whole cast had be utiltised minus lincoln. That being said broyles/olivia scenes were very well done and they finally gave lance reddick something to do. The episode benefitted from a lack of overkilllincoln, but also had a LOT of olivia, and as she is not OUR olivia i still take issue with her carrying an episode. The guest actress who played the girl wasn’t great and peter and walter were once again sidelined this season which was unfortunate. It was a big step backwards in terms fof momentum from the previous 2 episodes but as i said before its a big step up from the beginning of season 4.

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  2. lizw65 says

    One of the better standalones, I thought, with a strong feeling of Season One, though it also brought to mind season 3’s “Stowaway” and the woman who fulfilled her purpose of saving multiple lives before dying herself.

    I found the actress who played Emily to be fairly creepy–very mature facial features coupled with an extremely childlike voice created a weird feeling of disconnect for me.

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  3. runthegamut says

    I agree with the forward momentum. What had built up over the last two episodes smacked into a wall with this one. (Dare I say, a Wallflower? It was a better episode than that, but only slightly.) I wasn’t pulled into the story at all, and in at least one case was totally pulled out of it, when Olivia visits Nina, and then gets a call from Emily to meet her at the park. Jump cut, there she is. Is MD still in NYC? Even if it is somehow in Boston this timeline, that was still jarring and unbelievable. And how did Bomb Guy get past security with the bomb on his person? I gave it a 5. I hope things pick up again next week.

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    • JM says

      A few people have now said (including ROCO) that this episode was almost as/as bad as wallflower, i have to disagree! i think saying an episode is even in the vacinity of the cesspit that was wallflower is the highest insult you can give to a fringe episode, while i agree this episode wasnt the greatest it was alright!

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      • runthegamut says

        No, it wasn’t AS bad, but still, it was very disappointing after two great episodes. It’s all a matter of comparison.

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      • Dylan says

        All i can say is that I won’t be watching either of the episodes again, that’s for sure.

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  4. FringeFriday says

    Well, I gotta say I loved the episode. Sure- I wanted DRJ background and stuff but still, the episode was great. The bond between parent and child (Emily and her father) is very unique – or in Olivia’s case- the closest thing to a parent.
    Pretty much blue in the episode, epic pictures in the bombed still scene!

    Olivia is still not trusting Peter, she denied meeting the Observer. Or are there other reasons? I mean Peter knows things about the Observers, he could help!

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    • lizw65 says

      Well, she knows he’s trying to get back to “his” Olivia–could be she doesn’t want to further upset him by telling him it’s all futile and he’s going to lose her anyway.

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  5. Red Balloon says

    I think it was a refreshing change of pace, I enjoyed New Olivia a lot!. She even made me forget of our Olivia. Anna continues to give impressive detail to her characters.

    I’m liking this new Broyles/Olivia relationship, he is still protective of his agents.

    I don’t know, but I think now that Peter is in the picture, they’re trying to make these characters (Olivia/Walter/Broyles/Astrid) become what the originals were in the first time line, and I’m buying it. Except for the fact that this Olivia doesn’t drink…I miss that Olivia/Whiskey relationship!

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  6. Dylan says

    finally! I was worried this site had disappeared for good.

    didn’t like this episode at all. It was bad enough to see small things like the bomber somehow getting through the court sensors whilst wearing a bomb, the girl’s father and everyone else positioning themselves exactly as they were depicted in the drawing at the end instead of trying something different (same goes for the girl), nobody just shooting the bomber in the back (ala ‘concentrate and ask again’) and just crowding around him, etc. but the overall forcefulness of the dialogue, the weakness of the plot (small idea just stretched out over 40 minutes – and definite echoes of ‘stowaway’), and some of the acting (that girl just couldn’t carry the weight of the material, and neither could the father), just didn’t help me like this episode.

    Not so much bad as very, very average. Felt more like a procedural for a channel such as CW than the fourth season of Fringe.

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    • JM says

      Lol i did not pick up on the court sensors at all! :/ fringe has had some pretty huge contrivances this season, like the infamous moment in wallflower when olivia says “this is taking too long” :L.

      And yes, unfortunately the tragically on the nose dialogue was back. The idea of talking down a bomber is clearly intent on comitting suicide (has planted a bomb to blow up the whole building and a back up of a bomb on his chest) by saying “i dont think you want to die today” was nothing short of hilariously ridiculous.

      I also found it quite funny that they made lincoln be the one to find the bomb just so he had achieved something in the episode :L!

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  7. J.P. says

    Well, we’re back!

    I’d like to first give a quick opinion on “Enemy of My Enemy” — I thought it was a better episode than “Back To Where You’ve Never Been”, and I enjoyed it more than any episode this season. It was great to see Peter take the forefront for TWO episodes in a row, and Jones is always delightful. Now… onto “Forced Perspective”…

    It’s become clear to me now that at least two thirds of “Peter’s season” have been and will be all about Olivia and Lincoln investigating cases of the week. Only the important mythological episodes — “Back To Where”, “Enemy of My Enemy” will have Peter involved in the capacity that he should. This episode had some nice Peter stuff, sure, but it was very much an Olivia and Lincoln episode.

    This episode had a huge “Ghost Network” vibe, which again makes me feel like I’m watching a slightly different version of season one. Perhaps the producers think making this season as a “love letter” to the show means they’ve got to recycle all the old stories and put a different twist on it. The Olivia-Nina material was good, but that only accounts for about six minutes of the entire episode. I enjoyed Peter and Walter working on the machine for thirty seconds, before they disappeared for a while…

    This wasn’t a good episode by any means, and it’s disappointing because we just came out of two very good episodes. It wasn’t horrible either, just average. Not one I’ll rewatch any time soon. I think this goes to show that Fringe is at its best when it deals with both emotional material, and furthering the story along. “Back To Where” and “Enemy” did that very nicely, so this is quite depressing.

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  8. JM says

    I have missed reading your comments!

    I dont think it was an olivia AND lincoln episode in this instance it was more just an olivia episode, lincoln was in it for like 4 short scenes, i laughed that they had to make him be the one to find the bomb so he had accomplished something, and even though the producers have stated he wont be pushed back due to peter, i believe that will be the case from the promo for next weeks episode and just the way storyline seems to be going, as it goes on they will have a tougher and tougher time to make him even the slighest bit relevant to the goings on (his inclusion on the universe deciding table in EOME was ridiculous!)

    4.11-4.14 are supposed to be amazing, so we should look forward to them, perhaps this was just another blip? but it wasnt THAT bad, weve had worse (wallflower *spit*)

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    • J.P. says

      @ JM

      I agree that it was much more Olivia-centered, but as you’ve said, the producers are just filling Lincoln wherever they can. I think they’ve realized that he’s got no real purpose on the show, and are struggling to come up with some material for him. Anyways, I agree that it was better than something like “Wallflower”, my biggest complaint is that this season of Fringe seems to be following a depressing pattern — one-two “great” episodes (And Those We’ve Left Behind, Back To Where You’ve Never Been, Enemy of My Enemy), before it reverts back to “average”, or even “below average” case of the week episodes (Wallflower, Forced Perspective).

      I’m very excited for what’s yet to come, and I can say that even if this episode bothered me, my hope’s been somewhat renewed.

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  9. matt says

    not bad not bad! but I wish they would pick something and stick with it. one week theyre after Jones and the previous week had observerness, why oh why, when there are these two important things, would FRINGE (division/show) be focusing on the future girl? shouldn’t some other dept deal with her and shouldn’t FRINGE be a little bit more concerned with the observers and with finding Jones/the Nina-Olivia cortexi-mystery? I think: yes. But, for what it was (which, if were honest, is filler) it was a great episode.

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    • matt says

      and I forgot to add that it looks like maybe (fingers crossed) September survived his gun shot wound and is still with us at the end of the episode?

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      • matt says

        ALSO, did anyone else think of/consider whether or not the scenes in Subjec 9 that didn’t line up were early visions of this rebooted timeline?

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        • runthegamut says

          Except that Peter didn’t even survive the cross-over in this timeline. He went down in the lake that very night. I think we just have to accept Subject 9 and all its contrivances. It was still a better episode than this one.

          As for September, it wasn’t obvious which observer that was at the end. I may have been New Guy we saw in 4.01.

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  10. says

    I thought that as a stand alone episode, this episode was OK. I would give it a 7 out of 10. I thought that it took too long to get the point across regarding how Olivia feels about the observer’s prophecy, but there was some good messages to take away from this episode. Despite Olivia’s firm stance on the fact that our future is never written, by the end of the episode, her opinion hasn’t really changed since she’s still unhinged by what the observer has said to her. Thus, very little change or forward movement was achieved plot-wise. I think that the biggest problem that I have with this episode is the fact that it felt like a rehash of Subject 9 and Wallflower. The case of the week had a special ability that ties with Olivia and her past with experimentation. Although I love the character of Olivia to pieces, I’ve seen this plot line before and it’s getting tiring. I hate how Olivia’s past with experimentation is starting to define her and also how Walter’s grief defines him (especially in the last episode. Although the scene between Elizabeth and Walter was amazing, I wanted to smack Walter on the head for letting his grief and guilt define him and his actions). Both Olivia and Walter as characters deserve so much better. With Peter, it’s different because he has never let his abduction define him and he has even turned his negative experience with abduction into a positive by using his position as a child of two worlds to bring the two worlds together. For Peter, he has never had a sign over his head, saying “Pity me because I was kidnapped when I was younger.” I think that’s why, sometimes, the character of Peter is more bearable than the characters of Olivia and Walter. I want them to start the process of deriving strength from their negative experiences. Maybe that’s what Peter is for this season…

    I definitely feel like this episode was filter, but they can’t make every episode like the last two which were probably challenging for the actors and the creative team. With a season of 22 episodes, there will be episodes that will be low-key and filter. This episode was definitely not as bad as Wallflower and it was a bit of a step back from the last two episodes, but hopefully the next episode will get us back on track.

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  11. Ben says

    This was a very disappointing episode for me, unfortunately. Like Emily it seemed unsure of its purpose: it wasn’t quite a standalone or a ‘mythalone.’ I would’ve liked it if it had turned out that the girl was some kind of half-observer, or had somehow heaerd their thoughts as they predicted events (à la Ghost Network), but the given explanation of her ‘picking up on future events as they rippled back through time’ was unsatisfying to say the least. Unlike others I didn’t have too much issue with her acting, just the character as a whole. It was hard to connect or sympathise with her, the family, or the worst suicide bomber in the world Duncan, which is sadly something which I’ve thought regularly after watching the procedural installments. The lack of mention for David Robert Jones was criminal, as even a single line mentioning him like they did with the Shapeshifter tech in the early episodes would’ve improved the sense of continuity.

    On the positive side there were some great moments from Olivia: in my opinion Anna Torv has been outstanding this season and has really helped me connect to this new iteration of ‘our’ Dunhamator (who is not really all that different from the original, when it comes down to it.) When she said ‘I love you’ to Nina at the end I was nearly sick, though! I also liked Peter’s contribution, and his suggestion that Walter hypnotise Emily to help her remember was a nice call-back to Season One.

    Anyways, I’m hoping this was a one-off blip like Wallflower, next week’s Astrid-centric episode should be very interesting, and hopefully it can return us to the central plot!

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  12. says

    I just want to also add something in regards to Peter’s conversation with Olivia. It’s highly ironic when he says that the observers have never been wrong since they’ve actually seen future events unfold: Peter is living proof that the observers objectives can be averted. Peter was suppose to have died as a child, but his death was averted with September’s help and Walter’s love for him. Peter was suppose to have been erased from time, but he was brought back into existence by September’s help again and Olivia’s love for him. So, Peter is the expert at averting death! :) Maybe Peter’s experiences show that September, by himself, cannot change the course of events surrounding Olivia’s death. Maybe he needs Peter’s help or Walter’s help. I think it will probably be Peter that will help him since that would explain why he decided to not erase Peter in the season premiere.

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  13. Red Balloon says

    Yes, I believe September will need all the help he can get.

    But regarding the Peter/Olivia conversation, Olivia asked him “if one of them said something about the future, could they be wrong?” and he just said “no, I don’t really see how they could” and I believe that’s true, if you put it this way, what an Observer has already witnessed has already happened at some point in time, although that doesn’t mean that a change can develop another future simultaneously.
    I think Peter did die ones, and the Observer returned to correct that outcome by saving him and developed another future (blueverse?). So we never got the chance to see the future when Peter died…(amberverse?).

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