FRINGE: 4.09 Enemy Of My Enemy Promotional Photos


Following on the from first image, moreย  photos for Friday’s “Enemy Of My Enemy” have been released. Check them out below.


  1. Red Balloon says

    Pic 6
    I looooove Altivia / Fauxlivia / Bolivia / Zorryvia looking like an action figure…
    I wanna a buy her!!!!, what’s the price???, and does she comes with a Linc???

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  2. LMH says

    Our Peter sure has grown up since s1 hasn’t he? So proud = )
    Love the Peter and Walternate exchanges as well. GO FRINGE! I’m ready for another awesome episode!

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  3. says

    In this combined amberverse, amblueverse is nรณt the good guys. Remember Nina? It will get worse…
    Amredverse are the good guys this time, just watch closely.
    Poor Peter doesn’t know it yet.
    รf Peter gets back to his own universe, again things will be upside down.
    But for now, he should stay away from the amblueverse.

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  4. RedVines says

    Where is RedLincoln (I think the one in the pics is AmberLincoln)? Could DRJ return be the cause of his absence?

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  5. Real1 says

    The beautiful thing about Fringe , that you don’t feel fed-up or boring ,always they are renewing the story , I can’t wait to see more .

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