FRINGE: 4.08 Back To Where You’ve Never Been — Ratings


The preliminary ratings are in for Fringe 4.08 “Back To Where You’ve Never Been” — but how do the numbers stack up?

Fringe returned with a disappointing 1.1 adults 18-49 in the preliminary ratings – tying its midseason finale.

Fringe Season 4 Ratings So Far:
4.08 — 2.88 million | 1.1 adults 18-49 (prelim)
4.07 — 2.88 million | 1.1 adults 18-49 (final)
4.06 — 3.03 million | 1.1 adults 18-49 (final)
4.05 — 3.21 million | 1.3 adults 18-49 (final)
4.04 — 3.14 million | 1.2 adults 18-49 (final)
4.03 — 3.18 million | 1.3 adults 18-49 (final)
4.02 — 3.05 million | 1.2 adults 18-49 (final)
4.01 — 3.5 million | 1.5 adults 18-49 (final)

Source: Masked Scheduler


  1. JM says

    I just cannot believe that rating, with all the trending etc. Perhaps its unrealistic to expect a ratings surge after a long hiatus, but after all the advertisement etc.
    One positive: it didnt go down in terms of viewers it in fact gained some from wallflower
    Another positive: we have 6 more episodes in a row now, maybe that stability in scheduling will increase the viewership
    Another thing: its clear a lot of our viewers are STILL dvr’ing and unfortunately i doubt that will change considering the shows time slot

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  2. Mancha says

    I guess my hoping for a 1.6 is a bit ‘over the top’. Santos de Dios! I mean come on! But seriously, we have to take into account that it’s a holiday weekend here in America… Since Monday is MLK day most people probably went out of town for the weekend… This could only be one of the contributing factors to the lower viewership/ratings.

    Hot topic don’t you think?

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    • Rick Terry says

      Not to discount MLK for all he did, but MLK day isn’t exactly one of those “go out of town” type holidays, in fact where I work they decided to drop it as a paid holiday and switch it out for the day after thanksgiving (AKA Black Friday). So you may be stretching a little to go there, but what do I know anyway? You might be right. So I’ll just say…

      “Yeah that’s the ticket…Yeah!”

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  3. Surun Tunne says

    to be honest, I’m happy that the numbers didn’t go down even further because of the hiatus…

    lol at the picture, looks like peter should have kept the glasses he was giving to lincoln^^

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  4. Oliver says

    #Fringe and #CrossTheLine were trending topic yesterday night and this morning in many countries. Is #1 in gomiso. The interest is out there. The problem is the outdated media they are using to broadcast the series. Move to another media where fans don’t need to watch live and where fans from other countries can support it. I’d be happy to pay to watch it online, and would get satisfied knowing that my money is going to the producers so they can make more great episodies.

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  5. Elizabeth Bishop says

    REALLY! what people were doing last night? My hands is still sore from tweting so much, what just happened? what can else can we do? It was an awesome episode. :(

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    • Sofia says

      We trend on twitter, we stay hours as #1 on Get Glue, our DVR numbers are always amazing. Why they don’t understand that nielsen boxes are obsolete?

      I tweet so much last night too…

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  6. debo0775 says

    As much as I want the ratings to improve, they’re not going to. All of the chatter on twitter/facebook/other locations is just from current watchers. It’s great to get word out about support, but that doesn’t bring in new watchers. I wish it did, but it’s just too difficult to pick up on a serial when you’re this deep.

    I’m starting to resign myself to the idea that this is probably the last season, so hopefully they go out with a bang – if last night was any indication of things to come, they’re about to put out some of their best episodes of the season as well as the series.

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  7. Alex says

    Does it make any difference that all ratings for the other shows on as the same time as Fringe also had ratings drops? That there are less people watching TV in general?
    I just don’t get why the ratings keep dropping.

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  8. Mike says

    That had to be the best episode EVER, it finally ties back to season 1 and has once again perked my watch it live crave for this show. If FOX drops it it will be a huge folly. Just because of some crappy ratings does not mean cancel in my mind. They have taken this show and put it on hiatus too many times to keep the ratings up. It also takes lots of time to do the cg work( why I think of the long times on hiatus.) fox has had many shows with tons of cg take lots of render time and lots of computer to do that. Maybe have finally got enough talent in their post department to handle all of the shows with cg finally and will see more constant runs like showtime 12 episodes then a year break. That would be better than an episode here and an episode there.

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  9. says

    I think it’s getting time to be realistic. This will be the finl season.
    My guess is that it will be a full season, so the ending for Fringe will be a proper one.
    Be prepared to say goodbye to our much beloved characters and hope for a great and suiting farewell.

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  10. June08 says

    Oh nooooooooooooo! I canno’t believe it. It is now obvious that the ratings have nothing to do with the quality of the episodes or even holidays or whatever other excuse we can find :(

    We have reached the bottom and now only the hardcore fans are watching, it seems…

    Will it be enough to get a fifth season?

    I want to believe in hope :)

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  11. Underseer says

    Wikipedia claims a 2.89 million viewership, so if that’s right it’s actually up slightly from the previous episode. But sadly a small spike is to be expected for a midseason premier I think.

    Nevertheless it could have been worse and this may just be a positive sign. I hope so.

    I suspect the next 3 or 4 episodes will be crucial in indicating if the numbers will stabilize or plummet to the bottom like the Titanic. But again, Fox has indicated even the current numbers are insufficient.

    And while the show may be expensive, I think that Fox’s running costs as a network force them to have unrealistic expectations of a show’s ratings after its first season. For other outlets 2.9 million viewers would be fantastic.

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  12. JOHN K says

    What FOX needs to to is have an all-“Fringe” night. J.J. and Company need to come up with a ‘catch-up’ show to allow those who have no clue to get one. ABC had no problem with showing several ‘catch-up’ shows for “Lost” and even started showing previous week episodes (annotated with ‘pop-up’ facts and insights) before the new show that week. Certainly allowed me to better understand what was going on (since I did not watch the show from the beginning). Case in point: I work in Music/Video retail, and suggest “Fringe” whenever I can! A lady came in about 6 months ago, looking for a new fantasy/sci-fi series to get into, and I suggested “Fringe”. Her response was, “Oh, no. I tried watching the first season. It was like a rip-off of the “X Files”. I stopped watching it.” So I asked her if she knew what “Fringe” was really about? And she said “No”, so I told her it was about a mad scientist who discovers a parallel universe alongside our own, blah, blah, “Peter”, blah, blah, blah. And she decided to try the first season again, ON MY WORD. She came back about a week later to BUY SEASON TWO!! She told me, now that she understood the BIG PICTURE, the show made more sense and now she LOVES IT!! Bought Season Three a few weeks later and can’t wait for Season Four on DVD!! (she works and likes to watch it at her own pace) WE NEED A CATCH-UP EPISODE FOR THOSE PEOPLE!!

    Additonally, I LOVE Gordon Ramsay, but his “Kitchen Nightmares” has turned into an utter SNOOZE! (As Simon Cowell might say, “It’s like watching a karaoke cabaret performance on a cruise ship!”) And I watched a bit of Friday’s brand new lead in to our “Fringe” 4.08 — could it NOT be any more dull?!! I am surprised that 1.1 Nielson viewers made it through until 9 PM!!… Gordon’s other shows are great, but “Nightmares” has grown awful. FOX should show reruns of “Terra Nova” on Fridays and make it THEIR SCI-FI NIGHT!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE someone who knows someone at FOX, suggest the ‘catch-up’ idea and the ‘Sci-Fi’ idea. I have NOT been this worked up about a TV program, well, since 1969, when (as a youngster!) I wrote a nasty letter to NBC about a TV show they were cancelling — you might’ve heard of it. I know J.J. has… “Star Trek”…

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    • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

      What we need is an Alcatraz/Fringe night, Alcatraz is the most anticipated new show this season and it would surely bump Fringe up and make people watch. But it’s as if the powers that be have just given up…

      Nurturing Fringe would have been a better decision than bankrolling Terra Nova.

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  13. Joe Jones says

    What do you expect with the way that Fox has handled this show, the hiatus, the night with a rerun. I am dvr’ing and watching when I have nothing better to do. If Fox doesn’t think it is a big deal to take a hiatus and give us a rerun when we could’ve had a new episode then I don’t feel like putting any more effort into the show either.

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