FRINGE Episode 4.07 New Sneak Peeks


We have new sneak peeks for tomorrow’s Fringe midseason finale – “Wallflower”.


  1. Sofia says

    Please writes, don’t give to Lincoln, the Peter’s lines for Olivia. He says this to her in Jacksonville. I do like parallels, but there’s certain things that needs to be untouchable

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    • scully8 says

      He is adorable, but not for Olivia — for that very reason. He seems to be a lot like Olivia and don’t you think it’s more interesting to be with somebody a bit different than yourself.

      Here’s the deal, if Olivia and Lincoln get together, which I think is going to happen (much to my chagrin), I think she’ll know something is missing, but won’t admit it to herself or act on it right away. We all know that Peter and Olivia will end up together; whether it’s with this one or his original Olivia. We’ll just have to wait it out, as painful as it will be. :-(

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  2. LMH says

    The way that I view the characters in this alt-timeline are as essentially different people–for me, this is a completely different Olivia. Honestly, I think this Lincoln is a better fit for her anyway. Our Peter and this Olivia don’t make sense, and that Lincoln would say something similar to Peter is one of those fun Fringe parallels, and frankly, what someone says when they meet someone that really surprises them or interests them. Peter clearly wants to get the heck out of dodge anyway, so I don’t see what the big deal is. I like this Olivia, but she’s not the one I want either! ; )

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  3. ArcadeX9 says

    Sorry for my poor english in advanced!

    You know, smart people don’t make a mistake twice. I think I was wrong I thought JW & JP are smart producers. Now I think they didn’t teach their lessons from last season’s mistakes or maybe they just like that Fringe loses its fans every week. It’s like they don’t like their show anymore.

    In the last 3 seasons they gave to us this idea over and over again that Peter & Olivia have a special connection together and even JP in an interview called Olivia as “The love of Peter’s life!”. And now suddenly in new season they introduced a romantic relationship between Lincoln & Olivia that formed just in a month! Are they kidding us! It seems they have messed with us in the last 3 season! Are they sure Olivia is THE LOVE OF PETER’S LIFE! I thought that one of the important things about Peter is that he has a special bound with Olivia (something that they threw at us in episodes like “The Last Sam Wiess” or “The Ability”). As they said in interviews the show will not get back to the original time line and I strongly believe that Peter is somehow stuck in this timeline from now on so here we are to watch another lame love triangle story :(. And for those who says that this Olivia is not our beloved Olivia and she is a different person. I don’t think that’s quiet the case. I think she is very similar to our Olivia in personality and so if she could have fallen for Lincoln in 1 month, this could happen for our Olivia too. And we know that’s impossible to happen for our Olivia so I think this is a lame and unreal love story for the new Olivia as much as it could be for the original Olivia. (I don’t care about Lincoln and I believe that he is just a redundant boring character recently added to Fringe that I have to suffer his waste present if I want to continue watching the show). So I’m sorry that I’m saying this but it appears that producers are so desperate for new ideas to continue the show that they decided to use another lame stupid love triangle story in this season again.

    When Peter came back in episode 4 I said to myself that’s good at least after 4 episode we can have one of the original characters again and so fringe is at least partially back but now I’m thinking that if Peter don’t have that special bound with Olivia anymore so he is not the Peter I’ve came to love during the first two seasons. So I believe that from the start of this season we don’t see any of our beloved original characters so this show is not Fringe for me anymore and it is just a new boring show that I don’t like to watch anymore.

    I’m sorry that I was being rude but after 3 years investing my time to watch Fringe now I feel betrayed by the new road that the show has been taken.

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    • Fringeee says

      Sorry for the long post:

      “As they said in interviews the show will not get back to the original time line”
      What interviews have you been watching?
      The producers said millions of times that they aren’t going to erase the 3 seasons we’ve been invested on…
      And on a recent interview they’ve insisted that Peter and Olivia are, well, fated.

      “they introduced a romantic relationship between Lincoln & Olivia”
      I’m not sure they’ve done that (yet?) as much as I’m sure that they may, PERHAPS, introduce a romantic relationship between AMBERLincoln & AMBEROlivia. Which, and although I don’t want Fringe to go soapy, I’ll be okay with BTW because I don’t believe it would have a real focus.
      Remember, this Olivia might be so similar to our Olivia, but they’re NOT the same person, they’ll never be. You’ve said it yourself, the’re different and any dissimilarities, as neglected as they might appear should be enough proof that two ‘souls’ aren’t the same.

      “so if she could have fallen for Lincoln in 1 month, this could happen for our Olivia too.”

      Actually, that’s the only huge difference I see between her and our Olivia. I think this Olivia CAN fall for Lincoln, but I hardly think it’s the case for OUR Olivia.
      On a side not, I believe this was the point of deciding to explore this Olivia’s personality a bit more (And spending a couple of ep that some fans have probably found frustrating); she’s been raised by Nina, and never had Peter in her life, that made her more emotionally open for me, and more capable of NOT ‘keeping people at arms length’.

      Anyway, I don’t think Peter would have any real issues with Lincoln having a relationship with this Olivia, because he consciously knows that she’s not the women he fell in love with (And he learned that the hardest way possible last year).

      FRINGE has opened a big door in S4, about time paradoxes/anomalies. Shows that go down that road don’t usually impress me, but for Fringe, it is really being done in a good way, and the reason why the story is slowly developing is because the writers need to suppress any possible confusion for viewers. (as the producers have said more than once)
      Things might appear confusing, issues might seem impossible to resolve, but it’s still early to assume that the writers have created this world because they have nothing else to do, I don’t wanna be rude but I don’t see anything plausible beyond these kind of assumptions, otherwise why would they decide to create new ‘COLD’ versions of our beloved characters? I don’t think that even a stupid show producer would go creating new characters (different in a bad way if you wish) just because they want the story to go on; a show seeks a specific audience down its very first episodes by creating the types of characters that ‘specific audience’ would love. Characters and relationships are essential in Fringe’s case, and they’ve already promised that those old relationships will pay off.

      I don’t feel betrayed at all because S4 hasn’t finished yet, hell, we haven’t even seen the complete first arc. And although I’m not a shipper, let me tell you that, creating a show like Fringe is very satisfying for me to call its producers: smart.
      I understand your feelings I’m not asking you anything more than to be patient, it’s been only 6 episodes, and I think it’s safe to assume that our love birds ‘Olivia and Peter’ will end up together, eventually.

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      • starg8fans says

        Very well put, I agree with you 100%. I’m quite thrilled about this season so far, it’s new, it’s interesting, it’s Fringe re-inventing itself and breaking new ground. And I have faith enough in the producers to expect them to bring this story arc to a satisfying conclusion. As you said, we’re barely a quarter into the season, it’s too early to make assumptions or to dismiss everything out of hand. I for one can’t wait to see how Walternate and the Observers are going to play out. They have been noticeably absent, and I expect them to make an entrance with a bang at some point, turning everything on its head. That’s why I love this show so much, it continues to surprise and amaze me, and I much prefer this to having the status quo played out ad nauseam. I mean, if Peter had just climbed out of the machine at the end of S3, where would the show have gone? Happy ever after? Where’s the fun in that?

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  4. shidey17 says

    Just hold on to the park scene from last week’s episode. Remember what Peter said. “It took me three years to get you. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

    Or something like that. Pardon the potential misquote.


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  5. James says

    Can’t believe no one has mentioned that Nina and Olivia scene.

    Amazing. She called her “Olive”.

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    • CreepyGroovy says

      Yep. Beware the Ides of Nina, Olivia. You can’t trust that woman, in any timeline, in any universe, in any iteration.

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      • lizw65 says

        A few people seem to think that this scene suggests Olivia is a shapeshifter. What do you guys think? Would the showrunners do that?

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        • CreepyGroovy says

          I am thinking if so, it would have some really lovely parallels with some of the bigger overarching themes of Fringe in general – what it means to be human, what is empathy, how strong is love and family in the face of “destiny” etc. A pretty time-honored sci-fi leitmotif, but one that always resonates nonetheless. If the showrunners did that, it would be ballsy, but I’d put 100% faith in them that they could pull it off. Who knows, though? What do you think?

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  6. scully8 says

    You have got to be kidding me!!! Although I thought this was the direction they were going, I hoped the would not. My feelings are not necessarily about Peter and Olivia, as I think they will ultimately end up together. I’m just tired of the producers insisting that Olivia fall for all of her partners. It’s like all women have to be in a relationship. I’m hoping that she doesn’t recipicate, however I think based on her conversation with Nina (about her feelings being stunted)they’re going down that path. :-)

    I also think Peter may encourage Lincoln to pursue Olivia based on an interview I read with Josh. Makes me sad, but Fringe is more than their relationship . . .

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    • Sofia says

      “I also think Peter may encourage Lincoln to pursue Olivia”
      OMG I hope we’re wrong. I know that Peter is a rational man but he can’t be so cool with this.

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      • scully8 says

        I hope not, but the producers love to place ostacles in front of our favorite couple.

        I do believe this more mature Peter will, if not encourage, be supportive of a Lincoln and Olivia hook up; he’s just that cool (in a good way) this season. I really like him and honestly, I believe ‘this’ Olivia will have to concisouly hold back her growing feelings for Peter–Lincoln ain’t no match for our PETER! :-)

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    • shidey17 says

      Good point, Scully. Olivia is otherwise a great role model…but I hadn’t thought about the falling for her partners thing…

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      • scully8 says

        Shidey17, thanks for seeing my point. I will say that it is possible that Olivia always falls for her partners (single partners; remember Charlie was married, plus the John Scott situation) is because with her job, she only meets fellow agents . . .

        Nonetheless, I just don’t want her to become the ‘girlfriend’ character, instead of the strong, smart, kick-ass F.B.I. agent who is important to the survival of the universes. :-)

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  7. Mancha says

    Well I watched the second sneek peek and I think what Lincoln is saying is a red herring. The writers are just toying with us…

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    • trina says

      I agree. I’m hoping that what comes after Lincoln says, “I’ve never met anyone like her before…” he sees Peter look down and he tells him, “Well, you’ve made quite an impression on her too.” :)

      I want Olivia and Lincoln to have a bro-sis relationship. I want to see Fringe explore different kinds of relationships. Since we’ve already got a father-son, a romantic one, why not have a bro-sis one? :)

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  8. lafra08 says

    I also donยดt like the idea of Lincoln and Olivia together:( but on the other hand as the producers said Peter and Olivia are destinied,fated for each other they are soulmates so I know in the end they will be together but my only concern is: when this season?, please not in 4.21 because this will be not a good pay off for all these obstacles Peter and Olivia had to overcome in order to be together, please let them be finally happy for at least a half of a season!!!!!:)My shipper heart would be so happy:)
    For now I guess Peter think this is not his Olivia and last season he learned a lesson with Fauxlivia so he could be supportive for the possible Olivia Lincoln relationship but I susspect it will make him also a little bit jealous and will be hard for him seeing Olivia even if this is an another version of his beloved woman and future wife flirting with Linc! it could be intressting to see how he react to it and I would say in the sneak peek above he was actually a little bit jealous :) We donยดt know if Peter is to stay in amberverse or if he will come back to the blueverse or if all the amberverse characters are actually our beloved characters only changed because the timeline has been rewritten but I have a feeling that Amberlivia will also fall for Peter – this is written in the stars:)
    And for Linc is this not his fate to actually have a crash on Olivia but never really get her(this is what it was with Altlinc and Faux)………..
    And I really miss OUR Walter and this also beautifuly built Peter Walter relationship! I miss Our BLUEverse…………….

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  9. K.B. says

    What I want to know is when is Olivia’s powers to see things as being from “over there” going to kick in? I thought she was to be the warrior that could see the shapeshifters for what they are. They haven’t used it in the original time line except to see which building would sucked across. Another thing, wouldn’t their exporting of shapeshifters to our world screw up the matter balance?

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  10. tammy says

    What I love is that they are making connections that even I forgot about. Like what was with Nina’s obsession with Olivia back in the first season? Always asking her to work for MD and all that….now it seems that maybe the connection in this timeline and her acting motherly towards our olivia in the first few episodes…make sense.
    Also the destiny for Olivia and Lincoln might actually be real in this timeline…just as real as it seems in the redverse. Peter and Olivia are only meant to be in our timeline…but it seems like when all other decisions are made without Peter in the mix…Lincoln is the man. I dont find it frustrating, I find it a relief because that justifies their pending relationship in the redverse…so that way Peter can stay with our Olivia.
    But honestly, if this were any other show, I’d give up by now because how many nicknames can we come up with for different versions of the same characters? Its giving me a headache.

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  11. ERICH says

    Ok so now Peter is like Sam from Quantum Leap and he’s trying to get back home. I can take the new Olivia and Lincoln hooking up as long as they eventually get back to where we belong.

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