FRINGE: Episode 4.07 Sneak Peek


Here’s a sneak peek at Friday’s Fringe — “Wallflower”.



    • scully8 says

      I agree. I usually watch the sneak peeks multiple times, but since it doesn’t feature Peter and does feature Lincoln, one viewing is enough for me. :-)

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  1. anzetse maloba says

    I Agree With Roco, Lee Just Feels Like A Third Wheel. I Am Sorry But Not Just Buying Him As Olive’s Partner.

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    • JM says

      Do you mean “im just not buying him as olivias partner” as in hes not a good enough character or do u mean “im just not buying him as olivias partner” as in theres something more to their relationship?

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    • Ari says

      I’m haven’t been following the boards lately, so I might be the lone Lincoln supporter :)

      I like him because I like his character in the red universe, and I’m curious to see how this Lincoln and this/our Olivia get on when Peter isn’t around. It’s a fun character exploration. But I do agree with you that Peter has been missed and (especially as the exploration of his storyline equals a movement forward for the audience – answering questions we’ve had since the Spring) scenes without Peter are kind of just taking up space at the moment.

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  2. Stephanie says

    Im glad im not the only one who isnt really enjoying Lincoln Lee this season. I agree with Ari that his character was much better in the red universe, but i dont really enjoy him being Olivia’s partner!

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  3. Erich says

    I like Lincoln but I don’t want him romantically linked to Olivia. I’d like to see him go to the red universe to work with them and try to figure things out that will help the blue universe.

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