FRINGE: 4.03 Alone In The World — Ratings


The preliminary ratings are in for Fringe 4.03 “Alone In The World” — but how did the episode do?

Fringe went up a tenth from a 1.2 last week to a 1.3 in the all-important adults 18-49 demo. The episode was watched by  3.24 million humans, 47 mad robots and one Molebaby.

Source: EW

Season 4 Ratings So Far:
4.03 — 3.2 million | 1.3 adults 18-49 (prelim)
4.02 — 3.05 million | 1.2 adults 18-49 (final)
4.01 — 3.5 million | 1.5 adults 18-49 (final)


  1. Malinda says

    I feel sorry for anyone not watching Fringe right now. They’re missing out big time. Yes, the pace can be (appropriately) slow, but that just makes the payoffs all the sweeter. The last couple of minute of Alone in the World were INCREDIBLE — and they wouldnt have been half as amazing if they had come in the first episode of the season.

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  2. Loren says

    Fringe is a show that has such a terrific build up to it’s story arcs. Like someone above mentioned, the payoffs are so good that we must watch as the story develops. In other words “good things come to those who wait”.
    Glad to see the ratings didn’t go down. Stability at his point is important but more so is audience growth.

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  3. TenisonJr says

    One thing I’m not sure everyone noticed: This week preliminars were best than previous week finals!

    Man, what happened to the audience :D? Thank you LORD *0*! Hope it’ll keep increasing in the next weeks.

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  4. ramona says

    I’ve been wondering if Peter is communicating with Olivia. Maybe he could only do it in her dreams when she’s more open emotionally. I don’t think Peter will be back soon, but at least both Walter and Olivia now know he is real. Now they need to figure out is who is he.

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  5. Schwakamole says

    Roco, I sort of wish you wouldn’t even post the ratings. Those of us who love it will never stop watching it so the ratings are going to have a base of us. Which I firmly believe is enough for Fox to keep it on the air since nothing else is probably guaranteed that much of a ratings each week. And by posting them, it seems that everyone just rides the huge rollercoaster.

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    • mlj102 says

      It’s true that I think the less than ideal ratings tend to send some fans into a panic unnecessarily. But that said, I think it’s important for fans to acknowledge the ratings for what they are. There’s really no avoiding the ongoing question of “will Fringe be renewed” and simply ignoring the ratings isn’t going to change anything. Ignorance won’t stop the speculation surrounding the future of Fringe. Whether you’re a die hard fan who will continue to watch Fringe faithfully every week, or you’re the kind who will instantly expect the worst from a minor fall in ratings, there’s no point in ignoring the ratings. I prefer to be informed so I can have a general idea of how things are going and what I can expect.

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      • FlashWriter says

        I totally agree. I still am mystified, however, as to why we can’t buy the eps on iTunes or It took me 3 weeks to see 4/1 because I was changing cable companies and the new cable decided to go down 30 minutes before Fringe came on. It took them 4 days to fix it. So, I ended up creaking through the episode that finally showed up on (ABC does this best, I think. The FOX thing gets all screwed up in the comercial breaks. One time I had the last frame of the commercial and only the sound from the show–terrible experience.) But, still, I just don’t understand what the problem is…are they trying to FORCE us to DVR or watch it live? Never heard of that strategy before…

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  6. kidentropia says

    Is there a way we, as fans, can organize and write a letter to both the Fox execs and Wyman/Pinkner to BEG for a self/non-cancellation deal, the way Lindelof and Cuse did with Lost in 2007? Seriously; this season has been building up beautifully; it´d be a storytelling crime not to secure a mutually agreed-upon ending point for the series.

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    • says

      Once again: Fringe don’t need ‘to be saved’. Fringe is doing just fine.
      Just get people to watch it. Preferably live, or else on DVR. That’s all.
      It’s very simple. Get the Fringe word out: to friends, family, co-workers, schoolfriends, relations, and so on.

      This year is going to be awesome and i pity all of those who are missing out on a damn great mythical show in it’s prime runnings.
      Don’t be sad about things (ratings) you can’t change. Just be like Walter and keep thinking creatively to get Fringe into the full 8 seasons i for one hope it will run :)

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  7. Mike Mike says

    This has been the best episode of this season. Hope the writers give us Peter soon and don’t make this into an “all season tease fest.” That would suck.

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  8. lardedar says

    8 seasons!? Oh my. I don’t think the ratings would jusitfy another 4 seasons and I don’t want Fringe to drag on unnecessarily. I do firmly believe however that if the current ratings are maintained throughout this season, FOX will order a final 5th season.

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  9. Mike Mike says

    I was talking “Fringe” at work yesterday and a friend of mine made a good point. It is good that Fringe is on Friday. The ratings are as big of a deal on Friday because Friday is something of a “wash” day. That may actually save Friends from getting cancelled.

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