FRINGE: 4.01 Neither Here Nor There — Review


Heads-up: I’ve reviewed Fringe 4.01 “Neither Here Nor There” over at our partner site Seriable — you can find it here.


  1. Nick says

    Love your review. I think you hit it right on the money. I also want to point out that another awesome show (Breaking Bad) had a rather slow season premiere as well. Probably the worst of its run so far. And the overall season has turned out quite amazing, so premieres alone dont render the fate. Which is a good thing. From the looks of things from next week, I think it will kick into high gear. I mean seriously…just from that description alone, I get the impression that even the stand a lone episodes this year will be amazing.

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  2. says

    Thanks for the thought provoking review Roco.
    Was it worth the wait for season 4? Definitely.
    We now get to see what life for the Fringe team would have been like if Peter never existed. Reminds me of George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life, and how one man’s life touched everyone else’s. Does this mean that September is his guardian angel?
    Looking forward to the ripple effect and more Peter apparitions.

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  3. says

    I think Roco took the same measured approach in his review as he felt the writers had taken with NHTH. With three seasons of history and fresh prespective on the start of season 4, I truly don’t worry about what is store for the rest of the year.

    There was a lot to tackle in this episode and though there was a “case of the week” feel to the S4 opener: I don’t think that should be seen as a bad thing. Our team is comprised of FBi agents after all. They need to be participating in their “day jobs” while still investigating the mysteries of Fringe. Whether is MOTW or COTW, the writers and producers have improved greatly on their ability to balance the 2. The cases always tie back into the overall story. The most exciting part about this new timeline is that long time fans get to enjoy finding all the past season callbacks. I for one, am going to enjoy that aspect of the season all the more.

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  4. scully8 says

    As I was reading other reviews, something came to me about the importance of Lincoln besides the producers liking the character and actor. I think he is going to be ‘Subject 9’–an upcoming episode. Why?
    1. Alt-Lincoln recognised the cortexiphane kid from the episode “Dreams” (Nick) when he saw him on the bridge in “Over There Pt. 1” — just before the girl fried Alt-Lincoln. A-Lincoln: “Nick . . .”
    2. In this season’s premiere, Lincoln said to Olivia in context to the importance of his partner in his life “I had a family, something I didn’t think I’d every have” — like Oliva . . . emotionally damaged
    3. In an interview, Seth said “Prime Lincoln doesn’t know how powerful he is. One might think he means confident (a statement Seth said in another interview; I think trying to clean up the spoiler). I think Lincoln has some kind of superior intution.

    Please forgive any grammatical mistakes. I just needed to get this down. I wasn’t sure where else to post this.

    Roco: Loved your review!

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  5. Schwakamole says

    Great review Roco! As far as I am concerned, you can go down every little rabbit hole in every scene of every show. :) I totally enjoy your take on things, even when I don’t agree, and so many times you point out things that I never would have connected.

    That said, I am on the side of Walternate not being the big daddy of the new human shapeshifters. I’m sort of leaning towards them, as a species, going rogue. Many times last season we had scenes where people thought they were very less-than (vacuum cleaners). They were considered second class citizens. Prime time for a revolt. They are machines who store data and learn so it makes sense that they would figure out a way, using all the different “pattern” sciences that they helped put into practice, to evolve into self-replicating organisms with an agenda all their own. When that shifter’s fingernail grew back he was excited as though he had made a personal breakthrough. It would be an awesome way to force the two universes to join together to defeat a new enemy who may be intent on killing off all the humans in both universes.

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  6. Sanj says

    Why assume Walternate is behind the new shapeshifters? That’s just too easy. I’m betting we’ve got a third party behind them this time. What about William Bell in this new timeline? Maybe the alter-Bell didn’t die in that car crash. And if Peter never existed, why would OUR Bell have hopped universes to the point where he couldn’t have anymore?

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  7. giorgio - Greece says

    Watching the first episode of season 4, some things we thought would be meaningless if Peter never existed, were answered.

    For instance, we all thought that if Peter never existed, then that alone eliminates the reason why Walter went to the other side and, if Walter never crossed over, then why did the AU start collapsing, etc.

    BUT in this first episode of S4, Walter said that sometimes people die twice. Which, for me, means that he did cross over to the other universe to save the other Peter, only thing is, he didn’t. Peter in this new time line, just didn’t make it.

    Also, Walter was unable to save Olivia’s partner in this time line, while John Scott did make it in S1. See my point?

    So, for me that is, when the Observers said that Peter never existed, what they meant was, he never existed *as an adult*.

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  8. bonnie scotland says

    I thought your review was interesting, but I thought the ep was really slow and lacklustre. I hope we spend more time on the established characters rather than the dull LL..the alt version as much more interesting.

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  9. karen ryberg says

    I was disappointed in this first episode of the new season. I have promoted
    it to friends, and have a feeling that if it was my first time watching, I would
    not tune in again. It did not have any depth…just a random wierd case to
    solve. There were glimpses of the Fringe I have come to love…the depth of
    the people….the pull between the two sides. It’s all just Blah now. I will
    continue to watch because I have loved the show…my favorite…just hope it
    gets better or it will be cancelled.

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