Fringe 3.16 Os Ratings

Fringe scored a preliminary 1.5  adults 18-49 and 3.8 million viewers – holding steady in the demo from the previous episodeTo be updated with the broadcast final rating.

Head past the jump for the Fringe season 3 ratings so far.

Fringe Season 3 Ratings So Far

  • 3.16 “Os″ – 1.5 adults 18-49 |  3.8 million viewers (prelim)
  • 3.15 “Subject 13″ – 1.5 adults 18-49 | 4.0 million viewers (final)
  • 3.14 “6B” – 1.5 adults 18-49 | 4.017 million viewers (final)
  • 3.13 “Immortality” – 1.4 adults 18-49 | 3.7 million viewers (final)
  • 3.12 “Concentrate And Ask Again” – 1.6 adults 18-49 | 4.3 million viewers (final)
  • 3.11 “Reciprocity” – 1.9 adults 18-49 | 4.53 million viewers (final)
  • 3.10 “The Firefly” – 1.9 adults 18-49 | 4.9 million viewers (final)
  • 3.09 “Marionette” – 1.7 adults 18-49 | 4.738 million viewers (final)
  • 3.08 “Entrada” – 1.8 adults 18-49 | 5.130 million viewers (final)
  • 3.07 “The Abducted” – 1.9 adults 18-49 | 4.846 million viewers (final)
  • 3.06 “6955kHz” – 1.7 adults 18-49 | 4.835 million viewers (final)
  • 3.05 “Amber 31422″ – 1.8 adults 18-49 | 4.804 million viewers (final)
  • 3.04: “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?” – 2.0 adults 18-49 | 5.27 million viewers (final)
  • 3.03: “The Plateau” –  2.0 adults 18-49 | 5.19 million viewers (final)
  • 3.02: “The Box” – 1.9 adults 18-49 | 5.237 million viewers (final)
  • 3.01: “Olivia” – 2.2 adults 18-49 | 5.83 million viewers (final)

3.16 ratings via: EW

Thanks to lena for the heads-up.


  1. LBJ says

    I’m not sure how official this is, but I did hear that they’re saying a 1.5 would be enough for renewal… really hoping it’s true…

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  2. kidentropia says

    TPTB said in an interview they had enough material for about 8 seasons, but were aiming for a 5-6 season overall story. i guess if season 3 ends with an average of 1.5-1.6 million viewers, then maybe we´ll really get a 4th and 5th season! good news, indeed.

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  3. Dylan says

    If Fringe survives and gets a fourth season, I think the producers need to follow in LOST’s footsteps and declare an end date.

    Five seasons, in my opinion, is the best number. Like LOST, they could ensure with Fox that they’ll have those seasons, via contract.

    I think that’d be the best way.

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    • kidentropia says

      so say we all!!! two more seasons; 12-16 episodes each. american television should change their season standards, at least for genre show like fringe. i mean, i´m all for a more-merrier philosophy, but from a merely storywise point of view, a shorter season approach makes a lot more sense than the 22-24 episode tradition. seasons 4 and 5 of Lost told two great story arcs in 14-16 episodes, respectively and, when you think about it, Lost always had a narratively more complex story to tell than Fringe.
      So, Akiva, Jeff and Joel: secure an end date. Learn from Darlton

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    • Mochi says

      I totally agree with Dylan! I have always thought a show hits its stride in Season 3 or 4, so I’d love five seasons with an end date!

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    • alexis says

      i agree, 5 is the magic number! and they should settle for 5 seasons now!!!

      as for the number of episodes, i would rather have about 20 in each season, but if deciding on 14-16 is the way to ensure 5 seasons, the that’s fine!

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    • says

      Agree Dylan, would be nice to guarantee a 4/5 season. And like Lost we’d know and build up to the true final episode, making it an event instead of fans pondering if we’ll get resolve.

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  4. real1 says

    I am hoping that they will say s4 and s5 , and after seeing s5ep10 we can discuss if there will be s6 and s7 😉

    YES s4 and s5 at least .

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  5. AnTo says

    Well there was a major newsitem and the way Fox programs fringe, I think these live figures are better then I thpught.
    I read some where that episode 17 and 18 are going to have major competition from some sportsevent, so must we conclude that Fox is throwing Fringe away?

    On a good note: Terra Nova has been postponed again , now the premiere will be in the autumn, does not look good, critics call it a dinosoap.And Alcatraz only got 12 episodes.

    May be someone at Fox did some sums and has come to the conclusion that 1 Terra Nova 12 episode season equals 5 complete Fringe seasons, especially with this small cast, and doing double, in Anna’s case triple or more parts. And agent Dunham only gets to wear one coat and suit these days, so no money spent there either.
    And they shoot each episode in 8 days or less, and still it looks like mini-movies.

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  6. Jenn says

    Does anyone else feel sorry for Josh Jackson? Now Anna gets to play THREE characters, and he’s still stuck at one!

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    • real1 says

      Why to fee sorry ? .. his character is unique and centered , his role i very sensible , and i think he is doing very good , NO to compare any one on Fringe , they are all a unite family and they are all doing Fringe . IMO

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    • RoughDiamonds says

      Nope. I very much like that he is the one “constant” so to speak. I actually think this give him the more difficult job. Others like Olivia and Walter have used their alternates as mirrors/windows to work through their emotional and moral questions/dilemmas. Since Peter does not have this, I think it will make decisions he will face so much more challenging.

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      • AnTo says

        Actually peter has 6 persons to use as some sort of a mirror:
        Two Olivia’s, two Walters, two Elisabeths.

        And how is being infected by machines constant>

        Olivia is very much on her own going through her own questions/dilemmas, the only part fauxlivia played in that, was that she had peter before her, and that the writers made that aspect important.

        I think the real journey for Olivia, will begin after the Bell period.
        I think Bell is her father, so she will have to trace her roots, as we have never seen her mother on this side, I am not even sure if Marilyn on the other side is her mother there. See the photographs and the bell in episode 3.01.

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    • kidentropia says

      not entirely sure when an official announcement could be made, but i believe by the end of this season we should have at least some indication as of the future of the series by TPTB.

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  7. Cherioki says

    Even since the first season, you can argue that there have been 6 to 8 irrelevant standalone episodes, even this season, there are putting in a pointless standalone episode and mixing it with some story development just to get to 22. If Fringe were to have a couple more seasons of 13-16 episodes each, focusing on heavy mythology as well as mythalones where the case ties in with the myth, I can see Fringe being wrapped up nicely.

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    • Annette says

      I absolutely love this show. I watch it live with the commercials, that’s how much I am committed to contributing to the ratings. Having said that, I do prefer the shows that incorporate the fringe events.

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  8. Erich Elster says

    I hate the way ratings are done. Who has these nielson boxes? I’m never home when the show is on and don’t have dvr but I watch Fringe online and with “free on demand” (cablevision). I hope that’s counted with them.

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  9. says

    Number of viewers is down, from 4.0 to 3.8, that’s not good. But as long as it stays on 1.5 for the remainder of this season, Fringe will survive enough to get another season and into syndication.

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  10. Jenn says

    Yeah, I’m confused about the Nielson ratings, too. I always thought they counted everything online and on Dish since it’s plugged in to the phone line. But then I found out they only use random homes. I’m also on a blog for How I Met Your Mother, and according to the Nielson ratings, the average viewer is 44 years old. There’s no way! Absolutely no way that’s true. They must be sampling older homes with the boxes. So how do you know if your viewership is contributing to the numbers?

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  11. mlj102 says

    I have to say, I’m rather surprised by a lot of these comments, suggesting we only have 4 or 5 seasons, and that they should be cut down to “condensed” seasons with only 15 or so episodes. I just don’t understand the point of that and I don’t see why anyone would prefer that over normal length seasons.

    I don’t think shorter seasons would solve the problem of some episodes being more relevant than others or that it would mean more focused mythology. No matter how many episodes there are, or how focused on the mythology they are, there will still be episodes that are phenomenal, and there will still be episodes that are rather disappointing. So the way I see it, I want as many episodes as I can get in a season, as that will ultimately lead to a greater number of really liked episodes. But it seems like people believe that, in an average 22 episode season, there are about 15 really fantastic episodes, while the other 7 are just average. So their proposed solution is to cut down to 15 episodes, which would just eliminate the average episodes. But I don’t think it works that way. In my opinion, if you cut back to 15 episodes, you’re still going to end up with average episodes. The difference is, you’ll have less episodes to work with, so you’ll end up with about 11 really great episodes and 4 average episodes. So in the end, you’re actually missing out on some really great episodes because there are less episodes as a whole. I will take as many episodes as I can possibly get.

    As for the number of seasons I am hoping for, I don’t really care if it’s 4 or 8 or somewhere in between, just so long as they’re able to tell the whole story. I don’t want the story to end prematurely, but I also don’t want them to try to drag it out so much that everyone agrees that it should have ended one or two seasons earlier. I hate when shows try to drag it out when it’s clearly past its prime. I just want Fringe to be able to tell the full story, no matter how long that takes. And I would love for them to be able to set an end date. I actually hope that they would be able to make arrangements with FOX to set an end date after this season, though I’m trying not to count on it just in case it doesn’t happen. Knowing the end date I think is better for everyone involved in a show like this.

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